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  1. That is exactly what happened, and most of the people whining had never even done dedicated multi loot frame power farming, and those that DID never did it for mods, they did it for resources. Which is still a joke, loot frames with 4 charmkats, lol what grind? Its complaining to complain because welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
  2. My dude, if this was in any way a legitimate "form" of running it would exist in modern day marathon running or the Olympics. Get over your dumb weeb fantasy.
  3. People talking about redline being useless and how kinetic plating is bad are terrible at theorycraft and dont understand how gauss is meant to be played. Redline removes the need to mod for attack speed on melee and makes your melee stronger. His 2 works just fine if you arent just sitting still shooting enemies for 14 seconds under sustained fire. I took gauss to an arb last night, zero issues, went to round 12 no problems even in sight, left because everyone was ready to be done. Guess needs minor QoL tweaks, hes a perfectly good frame.
  4. Rev is also an invincible frame, who has % damage options for hard targets. Your hate is irrational gears, dunno where the hate-boner comes from.
  5. Imagine thinking rev is worse than a frame like ember or hydroid, wild.
  6. It's funny how I've totally sussed out this isn't about giving volt additional fx on his 2, that was just your in to complain about the new frame being faster than volt. Because you seem to have A LOT more responses being mad about people talking about how volt isnt about speed and gauss is. You didnt even comment on my take on adding effects to volts 2 lol
  7. They are not "almost identical". Gauss outuns full power strength volt WITHOUT volts buff applied to him, with it you start to not even be able to see due to the field of view constriction. There is video evidence of this being done on the orb vallis, the gauss even waits to give the volt a head start and then after he STILL passes him, he waits AGAIN, and still beats him. Also, as for the the in inside tile sets thing, gauss can still maneuver faster, because he doesnt have volts insane momentum. If you use controlled bursts of gauss' 1 in tight quarters and full sprint with it in long straight stretches, hes better at that than volt is too. I'm sorry all the volt mains that play him for speed are having their temper tantrums because a faster frame is out, but thats just the facts. Volt is still better for tridolon and for ESO farm.
  8. You could not be more wrong lol, even at 337% power strength, volt gets left in the dust by gauss using his 1. On point of the topic, I'd be fine with them adding an electricity effect eminating from your warframe under volts 2, dont see the harm in it.
  9. Spoken like someone who definitely failed to realize the vandal is the superior version of the opticor.
  10. You're right bud, DE nefariously nerfed the frame that's used for his shields for tridolon and 4 for eso clearing, and sometimes people meme a 315% powstr. for starchart for movespeed, to boost the sales for gauss. But they didnt put it in the patch notes because remember, NEFARIOUS. Or, in the real world, they changed his animations and you're conflating the difference in appearance with a nerf. At worst whatever loss in speed there MAY be would be a bug at best and fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
  11. If I understand this correctly, it seems DE made Volt's dumb as S#&$ "slippy feet" animation go away and he doesn't "ice slide" everywhere with high speed anymore. It's just a visual change but people are conspiracy theorists and think they nerfed volts speed for gauss launch. (They didnt)
  12. Both of these are AMAZING suggestions that would really bring gauss' kit together, excellent thematic match and it could solve his ability damage problem.
  13. Redline empowered 3>hold 3. The ability tip section says this shreds armor. It shreds such an insignificant amount that it may as well not. If I'm going to rush into range of heavy gunners, napalm, etc, stop moving to double cast my 3, it needs to remove ALL of their armor. Saryn can remove entire maps ENTIRE armor in seconds with her spore ticks, giving this to gauss isnt going to break anything. Gauss' ability damage is 100% useless at high levels, even the slamming from his 1 while kinetic plating active making them deal slash and slash procs dont matter when the ability has 800 base damage and you're fighting enemies with tens to hundreds of thousands of hp. Please consider giving gauss a real way to do damage with his kit, hes a selfish frame in that he doesn't bring anything to the team outside of small aoe CC at best, and his own damage. Maybe massively increase the damage his 1 with kinetic plating does, and also make it so you can apply that damage just by bowling over the enemies. Even better, allow his 1 to stack with melee mods, ala landslide. Bottom line is right now gauss feels badass to play but he hits for pillow fight damage.
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