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  1. Put in game name on Playstation 4 with MR and Favorite Frame here. A member of the leadership will be with you shortly. Thank you and have a nice day! Gorilla Unit
  2. Can we get an official time table on how long series one will run. I was doing my math running this last night. Once you do a full set of weekly missions plus the 2 dailies, you are only going to get to level 4, if you complete them in one evening like i did. With that being said the following day if true to the current layout will only allow for 2 additional dailies missions at 1k rep each, times 6 because the first day is included in the 38k from doing all of the resets only runs you 50k MAX per week and you need over 300k to get to the rank 30 meaning one month is only per series is only going to garner you enough standing to reach level 200k which is only level 20, leaving the actually COVETED items completely out of reach and that is IF you do them EVERY day and week. In order to reach rank 30 you would need at least 6 weeks of alerts, daily, weekly and elite challenges to get to it ONE time. So how is possible to prestige this if it takes that long? Are these going to be like prime unvaultings where they go for 90 days or so? We do not have enough information here and would like to know because if that is the case then in order to actually obtain the decent items you are going TO HAVE TO do this EVERY single day. There is no way around this. Can we get an official statement on this please or an updated counter/timer in the game to see when these series/seasons expire? At least get some detail on the actually full list and methods to accumulate standing with "3 Dogs" sister from the void.
  3. Do we know where the relics are going to drop for this? Since the vault is open now and it can't be on Fortuna, since consoles do not have that update where are the drops going to happen? Last time it was the Void, then before that is was PoE, are these drops going to be to tied to Arbitration? Please say they aren't.
  4. Same here. Watch Kao last night from start which was around 1600 to about 0030, got 2 drops a credit drop and a Helmet BP. Then watched Backyardis for another 7 hours, got a firework. So that was a MASSIVE chunk of time you are talking like 14 hours or so and got 3 drops!? This morning, watched Iflyyn for 4 hours, watched DK for 2, now watching TP for over an hour, ZERO drops. Not entirely sure what is going on but something is clearly not working. People are claiming to have gotten near 20 drops. That is NOT a "chance" That is pretty much from start to finish a drop every hour while other have NONE or only have a few. Also, there needs to be a lot of transparency on the drop chances and rates at which these items are dropping. 15 items and based on just the forums and even in chats on twitch everyone is just getting credits (which no one needs let us be honest here) and fireworks (yippee fun). So just going by all the drops people have received when you say "COMMON" it pretty much looks like 70% credits 20% fireworks and the remaining 13 items share the last 10% of a "chance" if you get actually get a drop to get something. Someone needs to clarify A LOT about these drops. When you say a "chance to get a drop" do you mean there is a likelihood that while you watch a stream for an hour you MAY get something. If that is the case we need to know what the chance is that you will actually get a drop while you are watching a steam. Is it 1:10 is 1:500, etc. what is "the chance" if there is even one. If there isn't then you need to state that for every hour you watch the stream you WILL receive one of the 15 items. Then after you clarify that situation, then you need to give us some clarification on what the drop rates are for the 15 items that you a "dropping" to players. Because right now it is a hot mess of credits and fireworks for almost everyone. The process should have and could have been simplified to be one dropped item per hour. That way you get people watching partners or gameplay for 15 hours. You are asking a LOT of your fan base to put faith into a system where they watch your partners in hopes to get a drop which they have no idea if they will even get and if they do get it, the chances of the item they are going to get and even then, those people end up with 16/20 of the same thing. For 20 hours of viewership to get almost 80% credit drop is ridiculous. That is a surefire way to piss off the base. Here invest 30, 40, 50 hours of viewership and get a bunch of credits that still can never touch the amount from 1 drill on hiercon after a daily log in. Need to do better here and clean up this mess. Players sense blood in the water and they are going to go on a feeding frenzy and be turned off by this event that is supposed to be a joyous occasion for you and the player base. Streamers are getting killed by viewers on the drop stuff and it is NOT their fault, you have got to correct this and soon. Editted: i wanted to be fully transparent so people can see what I am talking about. Here you can clearly see the top messages are the only 3 drops I have received and you can see the time stamps. This system is broken. https://imgur.com/a/Fju28uP
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