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  1. Right. I have the mastery sigil on PC nothing on Console. https://imgur.com/a/NWNpixn
  2. Another issue with last update and is back, AGAIN, is the Necromechs are now losing gained Affinity within open world missions. I leveled my mech to 30 left Orb Vallis and the mech was back to level 6. Really!? This is starting to becoming tiresome with these things and wasted time. I am almost ready to just forget these things all together and you have a new one coming out soon with the next major mainline and this seems to be a continued issue. Please stop breaking affinity gain.
  3. Secondary note. On top of the no loadout slots, no riven slots, busted hood ornament the TRUE MASTER sigil you are supposed to get that marks the next leveling sequence which you receive on PC for completion is also missing and the LEGACY MASTERY SIGIL now only shows the new metallic one that is supposed to replace this is not even there as an option. Looks like the entire MR30 thing is FUBAR and a hot mess on consoles and needs immediate attention.
  4. Same issue my friend and didn't get the riven slots either. At least I got the umbral forma and the hood ornament that you can't see on the liset prime because reasons......I am sure it looks nice underneath the cockpit window and bump at the front of the ship. My calculation it puts the decoration some where near the foundry maybe even the arsenal but I can't tell exactly because you can only see the very tip of the actual ornament.
  5. Rewards for MR30 completion mainly the loadout slots and riv mid slots are not being issued or even available i was at maxed slots at 35 no other slots have been added my riv max still shows 150. Also side note the hood ornament for the orbiter is jacked up on liset prime it is hidden behind the cockpit bump and needs to be looked at.
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