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  1. I feel strange about this cause if I remember it right, just right before the Deimos Arcana Update (29.5), Equinox's Mend still can heal defense objective, is it me who is experiencing that Mend is no longer able to heal defense objective? Also, there seems no such mention in removal of healing defense objective in the 29.5 update patchnote.
  2. I know there is a regulations that owning multiple account and interact in game is breaking the rules and might result in ban, but is it ok to send things to second account such as giving cosmetics and some primed set to a new account? Platinum in early game is pretty hard to get, and cosmetics usually require platinum to get them. I don't know is it a bannable offense to send things to another account that is not for getting extra limited resources(like platinum discount, sortie rewards, standing items).
  3. After the new Deimos Arcana Update (29.5), I realized I can no longer heal the defense objective with Equinox's Mend Is it only me can't heal defense objective? If it is not only me, is this removal not a bug?
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