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  1. When you are MR 2 and make comments like this with no way to reproduce the problem you are just taking the focus from the real problems at hand and wasting the devs time when this is most certainly a problem with your set up config hardware software and not something more then 0.1% of people are dealing with posts like this are making me sic play the game learn the game and find out why you are doing it don,t *@##$ for a patch
  2. still no fix for random unmodded state when entering or exiting objects in railjack effecting guns, melee, warframes, archwings, archguns and archmelee. going in and out of the object can fix this but when there is a bug that you get stuck with no archwing or black screen or grey screen or just failing to load some part of the transition and locking you in to a location for the rest of the mission this workaround more often then not gets the player stuck or if host forced to abort.
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