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  1. Why does my kavat now have colision in my orbiter hes stopping me from going up and down the ramp to the navigation??
  2. Can we get the quantity of owned parts back on top face level were there rarity is Speaking Just of the Extraction Reward screen as some times its picking what you don,t have that makes the choice. Now you have to mouse over every one to find out how many you own in a timed window. This is just made worse for newer players that don,t know the names of all of the items and are not keeping track of what items they still need along the same lines knowing if its for an item you have built would not hurt but that might be asking to much. All i want if like the old extraction window had showing rarity bye color and quantity owned in the top left. Please DE
  3. and thats still slow and this is number 2 the 50-75
  4. so how was this done please elaborate will they not spawn after the reward screen or is it once we start extract timer or is it when we step on to extract because i would like to know how its functioning as it would suck to be camping extract in a survival and not get a field boss spawn from it or in the 1 min exterminates were you stand on extract for 1 min for the rest of the party any way would it be better to wait off for the boss to spawn if the cut offs on timer start?
  5. i don't know when but at some point even readying peoples comments on these things has gotten bad they got rid of the EXPLOIT now they need to nerf the fight its to hard wait it wouldent have bin so hard if you had learned to do the fight the way it was intended from the start instead of using what every one KNEW WAS AND EXPLOIT then *@##$ing when its fix like dear god really you people are starting to sound like north Korea they took away my toys get out the nukes and yes Im pitch forking the pitch forkers here i dont ender stand the side you people come from i want to cheat the system and when the cheats gone i *@##$ till i get another one quit QQing and learn to play the game as intended instead of looking for EXPLOITS every one is just lucky DE is so laxed because alot of other DEVS would mass ban any one using and exploit like the one that was just fix BTW
  6. you know i really hope there is more then just grinding random spawns for 250k in rep because the road map you gave me dosent go past 50k max with the dailys and its leaving me wounder am i suppost to grind 27 hours worth of missions yes 3 guys at 50 so 150 every 5 mins is 27.77 hours of in mission time for the 250k need to get to the 300k for the last reward. So am i missing some thing or is this what was intended and i just need to start no lifing for my weekly rewards now and how long is a series a week a month when DE feels like it feed bake would be nice so we can figure out how much work per day we need to be putting in or from the way it looks now BINGE NOW or never make it.
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