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  1. People are so funny since they saw they can get one umbral forma. Those endless debates "what will be the best to use it on" like their whole warframe universe will turn upside down. And i'm like....there will be more anyway so i put it where i feel like and that's it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯ so easy to just not overthink simple things
  2. Maybe this challenge applies more for people who are still in a middle of making their arsenal but i guess the challenge part of this quest is to find something to forma judging by most comments. Since this week is the last one for me and i already got all 30 rewards i will just ignore this challenge. It is that easy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Can confirm. Happened to me right now at Saturn invasion mission three times in a row. Hilarious.
  4. For me she will be meaningless anyway due to same condition the garuda/barruk/hildryn have. Lack of story and meaning behind this frame. Another frame based randomly on some theme or ingame object. I would rather wait longer to get a nice quest and badass frame, not just another MR toy to play with for 30 ranks and then go back to old ones because they have more meaning. Maybe other players are happy to have new frame every 3 weeks or so but i will personaly just ignore them anyway.
  5. Her three , first abilities are just useless mostly because of how the game is played which is super fast, running, rolling, bullet jumping to the objective. Other than in stationary missions she is not much of a use. Her 4th is just - super damage time, flat and basic. As oppose to Revenant (who actually has a story quest and signature weapon) i will defend comparing Wisp to him simply because Revenant arsenal is actually fast and easy to use in many situations starting from basic shield, life steal through fast phasing forward and ending up on having your small army and all this is fast to use and achieve, not like deploying a freaking pot plants and gathering them or wondering if your circle is filled okay (just unnecessary confusion). Wisp for me doesn't bring anything new or useful to the table, neither she will fit my fast gameplay. And also as they said in devstream why frames are lacking the lore is my another problem. Making a frame which is just inspired by a random in-game item won't make me like it more or want to dig in and master it. I would really rather wait more time and get a frame that has some more meaning and story behind it rather than just a pretty picture. Garuda, Barruk, Hildryn, Wisp are the frames i never picked up for this very reason. I treat them as MR booster because they don't represent any story or reason of their existence so i naturally ignore them.
  6. Yes please, he is my favourite! Posters are not enough
  7. So we encounter the same issue we had when Fortuna conservation came out. I could barely hear my lure because of swarm of Dargyns, ships and grinner yelling "ku*va" at nothing since i obviously went on Loki. They need to fix badly because it is kinda ridiculous that i have to take Ivara to fish in peace....Cannot they add some camouflage item that would make any frame not take any kind of aggro and be invisible but make us unable to fight while wearing it. Yes, we want to fish and hunt in peace!
  8. I fully agree with those ways and i think the seeding one needs to cost much more vitus essence. There is literally no charm to just keep their RNG but also add ways to use those points, currencies we are getting aka arbitration or simaris. What is the point of having more than 100 vitus essence and literally all the other drops from arbitration if i have nothing to do with it and with length of arbitration mission it is just frustrating to end up with just bunch of endos after 60 excavation digs or 1 hour of survival. If i knew i have a chance but also i do not get all essence for nothing i would be more happy to spend the time in those missions but now after a week of grinding i'm just done and i choose to forget there is something like ephemeras in this game. And looking that is just cosmetic it is not like we gonna ruin something with it. So keep the RNG and add also purchasable option for currencies mission they drop from. More happy players.
  9. Imo they shouldn't be tradeable but there also shouldn't exist a korean grind style like the seeding one. I did commit whole week and i was doing only arbitration with either 2 C rolls or i had luck to run 20 and 30 digs at excavation or did sit tight for 60 mins in survivals. I did earn more than 100 vitus essence that i have nothing to do with - i bought everything, i got all mods from missions. At the start i was full of optimism and had reason to run arbitrations but at this point i puke with them and i need to take it down a notch. I just don't understand why bloody is easily purchasable, exploiter drops two of them and is just faster and less boring to do and then we get to seeding one that needs from u at least 30-1 hour per mission just for a slight tiny chance while keep on getting tons and tons of endos. I would feel more motivated if i could just buy those steps by other means same as bloody ones so u don't only depend on RNG but at the same time u gather big amount of currency from certain place and just buy it like for example 100 vitus essence for seeding steps or exploiter orb toroids for her ephemera drops. So in this case if u get lucky it is great and if u did commit hours and hours and still nothing you can reward yourself and just use all that currency u got while trying to get it. This would be less frustrating and just reward playing, not boring grind. So as is mentioned in topic below i would love this to be changed:
  10. I agree fully and i add my pinch of salt. If they wanted make this event 4 stages why not 4 different tasks at least. Also i don't understand the reason of putting the: "abandoning objective". Right now we have wolf of saturn and even if i can secure the defense for the glorious jar i just cannot go 100m away for literally 20 seconds to get my fugitives meanwhile. And the drill took so long that i could dream of getting them. That event is like: "sit there and don't dare to move away for the next bunch of minutes". Boring and flat design. Feels like a chore, not event for community and no wonder people just want to be done with it fast. Also melee: we need triggered block back, otherwise the current design just doesn't fit what is in the game. It doesn't go along with some stances making them impossible to use (combos using block button) and we can throw rage out of the window. And some weapons do work better without stance sadly. Keep the swapping weapon changes and leaping on enemies but give us the normal block back at least.
  11. What i mean here is for example in case of Redeemer. Before i could hold block and tap slower the attack button to continuously use 1st part of combo which is basic shot. Now i cannot perform this since i cannot hold block when i want to. Unless i missed something.
  12. I personally dislike a lot the auto-block on melee. If i use a frame that is based on Rage mod then i do not want to block all the time and also some combo weapons work best with having block pressed on, like Redeemer Prime. Also all that mysterious stuff doesn't really explain much to me as to what to do. I see a big list on navigation but no direct information. Are we suppose to just roam around Orb Vallis and scan data or is there anything more? What are Thermia Fructures? Is it something different from data scan? Where can i encounter them? I logged off to look for more direct information on this because other than random scans i have no idea what to expect and where to start. I would appreciate more input on informative part of the event and also nice to see fresh events.
  13. Clan name: Burly Pige0ns Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Your Clan role: Warlord (It is 2 people clan, me and my boyfriend) Here are screenshots of our dojo: https://imgur.com/a/DYTr8cR We are 2 people clan and always have been in gaming world. There is not much to show but there is also nothing to lose :) . Our Main room is a cocktail bar including a big structure of our clan logo which is proud, bravely looking rooster. Although pigeon is included in our name i do love all kinds of birds and rooster is perfect symbol of an warrior. Bar includes also a beautiful hanging green garden with water pouring regularly from the ceiling. The rooster guards his precious icy egg 😄 And beside bar are also some vultures ready to attack aggressive customers :) beside sofas u can see ready cans of beer for thirsty customers. We also have a small gaming room including a mini modern motorcycle structure and a gaming console with a comfy sofa. Hallway areas have gates to prevent visitors to entering closed areas Our special maintenance room which is on -1 floor is built in mind to make area dark and interesting to explore by adding small and several entrances not always leading u forward and creating more claustrophobic feeling. Third room is still in progress but we will be continuing to fill more and more. Thank you and good luck to everybody!
  14. Now that is awesome surprise. Thank You DE!
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