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  1. OK, fine i forgive you twitch 2.0. you win.. now i wished they were umbra forma in repeat LOL...
  2. hi DE, your twitch drop 2.0 friend messed up again today. first 3 days was fine. but last day, kaboom.. they gave me mag noggle and dax glpyh again..where is my today's unity? can i xchange?
  3. indeed. I have this same problem as well.. unlike what DE mentioned we can claim the loot ANYTIME next time if we didnt claim after watching or afk. the loot will still be in the drop box.. NO, that ain't happening. I've watched the whole hour yesterday and received 100% message but just didnt claim it due to hurrying to work. last night when login twitch my loot cadenza helmet was missing from drop box. it was there before i logoff to work. i made sure of it. check my twitch log if possible. i was login during that time for more than 1hr. it's like twitch make a rollback. no ingame ma
  4. hi DE, your twitch 2.0 is broken. doesnt work. why everything had to be click feast.. pls revert to 1.0 where dropwill be auto inject into game.. i still cant claim it yet.. pls help. thanks
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