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  1. Curious about this, I watched Tennocon on Angry Joe's Twitch stream and I did not receive any of the items that were supposed to be given out to people who watched/participated in the event. Is there a place I can go to submit a ticket for this? We were told this would be resolved by the end of this week and yet I see nothing in the patch notes indicating this or anything of the sort? Can we get a little insight here please!!
  2. Where is Nightgwave? I could really use something to do...sigh...
  3. BTW when you select different ways to holster your melee weapons,like dual swords on the hips or a staff on lower back etc, the new way does not apply once you exit the appearance menu. This has happened to me on several frames now. Please investigate. Thanks
  4. This has been the norm since they released POE and yet, even with ALL the comments regarding this particular issue, they've done nothing to explain why they're doing this or better yet change the releases to fall with day cycles.
  5. Digital Extemes buttwork division hard at work/
  6. Pretty sure theirs a bug with Mesa's 4! IT's not engaging all available enemies. IT seems to be happening when doing relic runs. When the rift spawns enemies it only tracks 3/4 of them.
  7. Will the PoE be getting new content this year? (2019) Also, will legacy tile sets be updated?
  8. Is Mesa Prime still on schedule torelease today?
  9. This was over 400mb's? Seems like a rather large patch for so very little. Still, any hotfix is an appreciated one so thanks! :)
  10. Why is it taking so long to fix the atrocious spawn rates in Arbitrition? I get that Fortuna is front and center but...
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