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  1. Maybe because you can already choose if you want to use vacuum or not with those frames. Titania's Vacuum was forced (no option to turn it off) which is why there was complaints.
  2. Would just like a way to toggle off the flapping.
  3. She still has the Bullet Jump enhancement..... just with the added bonus of getting health regen on ability casts Octavia's Passive is tied to ability cast.
  4. I love to use the Mesa idle animation whenever I use the deluxe skin so the floating really throws it off, looks amazing on all the other skins though.
  5. It doesn't proc blast though....
  6. Please let us use the Cicada Prime Archwing skin on Titania Prime. Basically make it like an alt-helmet but for her wings. Side note: Let us Hide her Exalted weapons when holstered.
  7. Just thought I would let you know that they are keeping the personal buff and only removing the "trampoline" 🙂
  8. Correction: This is what they SHOULD have done, what they did was made it innate. Not giving players the option to use it or not because why have options in a game with a modding system.
  9. Can we get a buff to the IPS mods then? I understand why it was changes but it hurts builds that used IPS, aka Slash.
  10. @zhellon I am saying that there is really no reason not to allow it, I just don't really care if they do or not.
  11. Only have 2 gripes with Spellbind, one of which they are already implementing. It should disarm enemies instead of making then drop their weapons. That is it, maybe float in place as well, but this would not really bug me as much if they were disarmed. Being able to go "no you can't do anything for x seconds" is really nice. Removing her exalted weapons is not the thing people care about, It is having the option to use normal weapons. As long as this does not make it into 2 abilities it would be overall beneficial to her without really changer how she currently works. I personally don't care but I see no real downsides. 🙂 Same
  12. Pretty sure they said the Titania changes would be in the next Mainline. They may be coming with it (I hope).
  13. This is one way to fix it, but is still feel like being able to mod then is more interesting. (as well as fixing another problem and adding more utility to them.) If this was to happen there needs to be a way to toggle them, hell there needs to be a way to toggle them in general. Aggro pull is nice, but it can be a hindrance sometimes. The main reason people are talking about her is because of her prime, if they are going to change her in any way this is when they will do it.
  14. She already can. "Titania's kills during Razorwing will restore health to Razorflies." Though this requires YOU to get the kill and the Razorfiles not being dead already. Could have also added that if don't have all your Razorflies that it will respawn 1 after so many kills, but this won't fix the underlining problem. They just die too quick in higher level missions to be useful (if you are not constantly going in and out of Razorwing).
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