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  1. There is still a possibility to make a work around, like I said I see Custom Razorflys before any of this.
  2. Or recoding Razorwing dependent from Archwing but I don't see that happening unless it has already been done (I don't remember). Maybe a work around would be easier than that, who knows. I do see Custom Razorflys being more likely. Pretty sure they don't care about them either though, as for something that's a "main" part of her kit they didn't even include them on the deluxe skin. That would be like not making Nezha's ring part of the deluxe.
  3. Not even saying that they need to be out, just have the effects apply/proc in her Razorwing form. No other frame has this hard of a restriction that I know of. You can't use any of your other weapons, Companion mods are completely ignored, it's a drain ability (limiting energy regeneration methods), it's single target, and you generally lose mobility unless you use an augment. (An augment that limits builds. Ex. I can't just use it to fly around casting ability's because if I drop strength -something that no other ability really benefits from- I lose out on killing power because of weapon limitations.)
  4. This was something I wanted to try when this mod set was released but no mater how you do it, it does not seem to work with Titania's Razorwing. If her razorflys were moddable or Companion mods actually applies while in Razorwing, then you could do this as well. (another problem with her Razorwing) (Changing this would also allow you to bring Vacuum/Fetch on your Razorflys/Companion, which means they could remove the innate vacuum from Razorwing. Something a set group of people have been wanting ever since the innate vacuum was added.) I don't feel like making something like thit on the 7th Page of another post. I find this thread is sort of to be 1 sided as it is, but that may just be me. If I do make a Thread I can put a link here. I figured you would be able to relate to this as it seems to be one of your main complaints with anything anyone post on these forums regarding Titania. (Besides the complain that they are not adding any synergy in your eyes.) Sidenote: In this post I was referring to Lantern, I understand that the suggestion to add it to Spellbind as an augment would just be Sayrn with more work. That is why I suggested moving the applying status to the AoE dmg of lantern as it seems to fit it more than spellbind.
  5. Actually, all I am doing is building off someone else idea, which was basically Equinox's Rest combined with Saryn's spores. The first one could possibly be used as an nuke -with a total AoE of 16m at base (30.4m without Overextended) The second idea on the other hand, has 5m AoE at base, 9.5m without Overextended, and 14m with every range mod. If you consider this a Nuke, you might as well start asking for Melee weapons to be nerfed. I never said it was a Strong synergy: Again I have ideas to add synergy that are not DMG based (wow shocker, right?) but:
  6. "Hey, you did not make X work with Y so your idea is stupid." If I wanted to talk about the whole set I would make my own Thread, not try to shut down ideas other people have. Yes, there are "better" options. But that does not mean that it is a bad Idea.
  7. I feel like this could be incorporated into her kit. Maybe on Lantern? Proc Status on the lantern and it stores the procs, releasing them on explosion or any status applied to the Lantern would be applied to any enemy in the damage area of lantern. 🤷‍♂️ This would fit her too as her Dex Pixia are status weapons -which would add "some" synergy.
  8. If you are talking about Base Effect (floating enemies) you should look at your build before complaining about the range. If you are tanking Range in favor of Duration this is the side effect, as it is on all frames. And if this is the case her 1 will only really server as Status Immunity or fuel for Razorwing Blitz to you, as it will generally only effect the target you are aiming at. To proc it on yourself you have to be aiming it within the radius of your frame -which at base is 5m. Considering you can fly around this makes reapplying Spellbind's status immunity a pain if you tend to fly around in her 4 a lot.
  9. This is something I have also thought about but I don't think there is any way not to (look like Equinox), would have to just bite the bullet. It's not like they don't use concepts on other frames though. I think it would come down to if DE is ok with free flight -which I would really like to see. Otherwise I don't see them adding in an ability change with her form change.
  10. And I see nothing wrong with this. As I said: It's just comments like this "simulate archwing weapons, allowing us not to resort to normal archwing weapons." make it sound like you only care about the Archwing aspect of things. I love the Dex Pixia but I could see them more inline with Exalted Blade. Removing them from Razorwing and having her Exalted weapons be their own ability.
  11. So it would still float enemies and give status immunity but with the added effect of whenever Enemies under the effect of spellbind are attacked they would send out a healing plus? I would assume you want the health multiplier that comes with WoL to not apply? Would be nice. Could also see it as an augment.
  12. This makes it sound like you want Titania to be "Archwing Frame" which does not fit her at all. The only reason she has this ability in the first place is logically because "She is a fairy. Fairies are small and fly around". It is not meant to be Archwing, it is meant to be a "fairy form". This defeats the whole concept of the frame. If she was able to only use archguns/melee I would consider it a slap in the face. If you are going to let her use archguns/melee why stop there? I see no logical reason to not allow her to use any weapon she pleases to at that point.
  13. This is problem with the overall synergy of her kit than a problem with Razorwing. Simply changing it so you can use Equipped weapons while in Razorwing will not fix any of these problems. If they are designed in a way to use melee/pistols why restrict them to a set weapon with their corresponding abilities? This is the same thing you are wanting from Titania's Razorwing. The only reason this seems odd is because their kits actually synergizes with their Last Abilities.
  14. I agree with this whole heartedly. The only reason I have continued to use Titania is for the mobility that her 4 brings to the table. Only thing I really have a problem with is the statement "I think everyone who thinks RW is good is playing Titania for less than 50 hours." is bold of you to assume. It gives flight as well. Peacemaker without aimbot would just be exalted pistols. Hysteria without invulnerability would just be exalted claws. Why should mesa be locked into using 1 set weapon for Peacemaker? Why should Valkyr be locked into one set weapon that is melee? Both of these have their restrictions for reasons. Whether Titania should follow these restrictions or not is more than likely a "balancing" issue.(Whether I agree with it or not.)
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