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  1. I really appreciate the change of removing the ragdoll effect of slam attacks; it's always been annoying trying to close in on an enemy with it only to knock them away. I had already mentioned this in a previous post, but i would also love to see the addition of a mechanic where, while you are in midair and aiming directly at an enemy below you, you can hold down the melee key to slam directly into them, knock them to the ground, and preform a ground finisher. This would be similar to how you can preform a standing melee finisher on an un-alerted enemy by holding the melee key. Ground finishers can only be preformed on enemies that have been knocked to the ground, and the best way to knock an enemy to the ground (besides the blast status effect) is a slam attack, so it seems like it would make sense to smoothly combine the two. Overall amazing work DE, i'm really looking forward to trying things out after the update!
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