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  1. It's a game, and of course I want and need it and so do other players! I'm starring at the Riven menu in modding to figure which ones I want to Transmute with Kuva more and more and more. It's SO annoying, I can't decide what to delete and I can't do sorties without deleting mods I don't want to delete. IMO Keepers: 27 just for all the iniate abilities in the faction weapons without mods (Ratka, Vaykor, Telos, Synoid, Secura, Sancti, just for the added bonuses for the factions on those weapons) 28. Sweeper (Next couple are riven mods for sentinel weapons can't even be farmed anymore) 29. Deconstructor 30. Vulklok 31. Burst Rifle 32. Laser Rifle 33. Stinger 34. Artrax 35. Deth Machine Rifle 35. Zenistar (AoE control) 36. Zenith (gotta shoot through those walls) 37. Sigma & Octantis (how many logons?) 38. 11 Zaws 49. 4 kit guns 53. Skana (For Prisma Skana and + the Faction Mod, I use on Gara for +Wall damage) 54. Furis (healing) 55. Panthera (disarm) 56. Lanka (duh) 56. Spectra 57. Kunai (With Syndicate mod and a fun weapon) 58. Dual Cleavers (soo good and +Syndicate mod) 59. Sobek (Syndicate mod and +shotgun mods are rarer) 60. Supra (Love this gun, and +Syndicate mod) 61. Pyrana (pellets good for smaller doses of large amounts of damage aka Lephantis) 62. Vectis (My favorite sniper) 63. Zhuge (My favorite bow, about to be primed) 64. Arca Plasmor 65. Energis 66. Boar 67. Kohm (for farming with Nekros) 68. Opticor (mine has +fire rate which is, oh my, on Vandal variant) 69. Atterax (for Nekros farming) 70. Lesion 71. Hirudo (healing punches) 72. Gram 73. Redeemer 74. Pox (my favorite secondary) 75. Paracesis (lvl40) 76. Nikana (NOT dragon) 77. Hystrix (for Orb Mother, x4 elements) 78. Lenz 79. Baza (soo silent) 80. Hema (healing primary) 81. Euphona 82. Atomos (Fav ignis secondary) 83. Braton (for Braton Vandal) 84. Lato (for Lato Vandal) 85. Sicarus 86. Ignis 87. Rubico 88. Phantasma (woah cc) 89. Staticor 90. Amphrex Okay... there's 90. Here are the one's that couldn't make the list for Rivens: Scoliac Sibear (freezy slams, magnetic spams) Angstrum (big BOOM!) Tysis (armor stripping) Skiajati (Nikana 2.0ish) Torid (love) Synapse (love) Tonbo Sarpa (auto gunblade that wasn't primed first and some said it stripped armor better at one point in time) Flux Glaive Galatine Dread Akstilleto Wolf Sledge Glaxion Stradavar Arca Triton Vulkar (For and with Syndicate mod) Acrid (For and with Syndicate mod) Grinlok (For and with Syndicate mod) Embolist (For and with Syndicate mod) Mire (For and with Syndicate mod) Miter (For and with Syndicate mod) Bolto (For and with Syndicate mod) Kestrel (For and with Syndicate mod) Obex (For and with Syndicate mod) Burston (For and with Syndicate mod) Jaw sword (For and with Syndicate mod) Silva & Aegis (For and with Syndicate mod) Viper (For and with Syndicate mod) So, if you just go for all of that.... There is a NEED for expansion.
  2. I encounter the same thing every couple days when I get a new riven from Sortie. It's annoying because I have to figure out what to do with extra rivens every dang time.
  3. I literally change weapons like everyday for certain builds I have created. So, yes 90 is not enough. Also, It's for the sake to re-roll stats and test out new builds, I sometimes have two of one riven mod to re-roll until I get a better stats mod then delete the one that is lower MR req. If you think about it that way then I only have 45 riven mod slots, lol. Also depending what you are fighting I bring different weapons to all kind of different missions/events. I hadn't used the Pyrana in like 5 months until the Plague Star came back around then I was right back on that gun with it's incredible riven. I'm not going to break down a great riven to a great rifle/shotgun/melee/pistol/archgun/zaw just because I hadn't used it in awhile. If you think about what enemy is weak against what elements in the game and the limitations of the best guns for that given situation then it makes more sense to expand the Riven capacity. I mean there's 14 different damage types in the game (although void not applied to Rivens), and like 5 different types of weapons plus their variants you can use. I just would like to maximize my possibilities in any given situation, especially if it's limited by mission parameters such as something like 'Melee Only' one on the Ambulas Assassination sortie or some crap like that.
  4. Just got my 650 logon choices (check SS below): With 363ish weapons in the game and counting a few every 2 months or so, you would think there would be an increase of more Riven Mod Slots added to the game. There are only 90 Riven Mod slots available. Even if DE added 30 or so for the scaling weapon amount base, that would be wonderful. Getting to the point where I don't want to break down/trade my favorite riven mods in order to test and play with new ones. Thanks.
  5. This thread dead yet? hah.
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