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  1. even though the accounts wont go negative or get punished, I would play it safe and wait to see what happens at the end, the way im doing it myself is not spending plat/trading or buying to get more plat, nor am I going to rank the weapons or frames until I see what they end up doing I may be playing it safe all for nothing but regardless, y'know?
  2. got 4k plat added here, 89 days of cred boost and 96 days of affinity boost, kinda worried about this lol haven't noticed anything else off and I'm hoping the only things wrong are the 90 day boosts and plat that got added also looks like i randomly got the hydroid prime armor set as i don't recall having gotten that back when i bought the hydroid access ages ago, but i could have easily forgotten i had the set
  3. Title, and as usual its not a problem relating to my internet. It happens any time something has to load, such as when you load up which instances are open for social areas, when you claim a foundry item, when you purchase an item, even when I change my appearance or a weapon I would really like to know if anyone else is having this issue, or even if DE knows about this issue and is working on a fix, or if there is a way to fix it, as it makes playing the game very annoying and it gets tiring to deal with, since it makes me wait for a bit to continue whatever it was I was doing
  4. an odd fix that kinda prevents it a little is if I'm in a squad with someone, was in a squad with a UK friend (don't know if location would've made any difference) and it wasnt 'nnn' on nearly everything i did, but i obviously cant be in a squad 24/7 365, not to mention im not the biggest fan of squad play lol, not that my preference would really matter here
  5. The 'network not responding' bug is back again, right as Baro makes his bi-weekly appearance, rendering relic cracking a gigantic pain to do Same as last time, not internet related, and happens every time something has to 'load', i.e. claiming foundry items, picking an instance for a relay/social space, changing a weapon/frame, etc etc How many other people are getting this issue again? and does anyone have a fix? i very highly doubt reinstalling would make a difference, and restarting the console doesn't work, and this time there is no console update, which is what apparently fixed it
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