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  1. If I remember correctly, wasn't this Eidolon supposed to be FAR bigger than even the hydrolyst, or was the scale being skewed? If what I remember was right, then I'm extremely underwhelmed atleast on the size, I was expecting a behemoth of a boss that would take up so much space and we would need to use our archwings to take them down.
  2. About the 1000 ducats being too much, it's really not. I remember completing the quest for the Paracesis and going to check how many ducats i had and realized I only had 60 ductas, so I decided to dedicate a few hours to farming fissure survivals and defenses. Lo and behold I was done within 2 hours of starting my farm. While I did get lucky and get some rarer parts, a majority of my ducats came from 15 ducat sells. Don't say something takes too long if you haven't even bothered trying it
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