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  1. From what I understand Railjack mods (bulkhead, hull weave, etc.) can currently be traded on the PC. Can the components (shield array, engine, reactor) also be traded? I'm on the console and eagerly awaiting this option. Thanks.
  2. I was experiencing this same issue a few days ago but a quick exit from the kiosk and then back would clear it up. Tonight the issue has gotten much worse with no quick fix. When checking avionics in the dry dock all but 1 of my "cards" is gone, tucked back away in the pile with the unused 'cards'. My capacity is also reset to 0, even though I have a +49 reactor installed. This has happened to me twice this evening and the only thing I have been doing is selecting dry dock in the fast travel menu once the rail jack has returned from a mission then checking on my railjack at the kiosk.
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