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  1. honestly, i have two thinks about this change: 1) the most correct to do is not add at the launch but wait at this patch or another 2/3 patch before to add the new operator suit. 2) for do a temporary fix is do the possibility to enable or not the new meshes change. obviously, this two things is my think. i wish for this job is don't serve much working for fix it and obviously, i trust in the great work you do allways^^
  2. at that i think with you: many people they stay the milestone day for take a specific weapon (the zenistar for example) and now you can do the possibility to trade with play and plus you do lucky to take it that in the choice at another 2 weapons or another item. but in the same moment for me i do most correct make yes the choise but not in all milestone redeem but any 50 that. take an example: i'm arrive at the 350 milestone day before of this change i take an sigil, an orokin catalyst and the credit boost all of that in one pack. in that moment for me is not important an sigil that I can't even sell and never use. so i do most correct take the choice in the 50s milestone days. with that you stay exclusive the milestone and the veteran They will not see lower the importance they have had to stand behind those goals that have made them to what they are now. In addition, it will give the youngest to choose between the aesthetics and/or want to go ahead and get one day to the same levels of veterans. that is for me the motivation to taking you right and in the same time take my think at this change. Sorry for the possible English grammatical errors
  3. another bug: all the codex cna not more show an preview ofr the segment chepalon not complete and the complete segment has not more the wiki down the picture.
  4. i don't know you of the staff can reply at this question but in the future quest we really scrifice or the tenno or the warframe? i really wish have a reply because i'm really afraid of the future quest. i do a hard work for heavy a strong rhino and i sweated for complete last week "the war with him" quest so i'm really afraid. If even a few developer only for reply me only take me calm i understanding adn stay calm but really i'm really afraid for this future quest. i know is for introduce the umbra warframes but this quest is really scary me for the work i do for my main warframe and for have my tenno. sorry for the possible disorder and thank you for your attention and reply^^ see you in game tenno p.s. sorry for my rust english but is long time ago i not write english so precisely XD i wish you understanding my question.
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