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  1. Suddenly, there is no noise. The little shop filled with an uneasy silence. Not even a whisper could be heard. Then a stomping noise rang out. The mysterious figure shambled inside. Blood soaked its body, particularly around a puckered scar on its leg. It was the Nidus. The Nidus detects the trio, and recognizes Nana. A soft, menacing growl could be heard emanating from it. Sharp, infected bone shards eject from its knuckles and feet. The Nidus then launches itself at a extreme speed towards the survivors.
  2. Currently started up my own rp. If your interested pls post in the Plaguewalkers OOC Thread
  3. Joshua was hardly conscious. After the brutal beating, he could hardly think straight. He knew he needed to escape, but how? Could he survive going back to his campsite, despite losing blood quickly? Worse, due to his wounds, could he be infected? Joshua did not bother to worry. Grimly, he thought to himself, you don’t have to worry if your dead. Joshua slowly rose and regained his balance. Carefully, he started to walk, using a nearby piece of scrap at a crutch. He just started to move effectively when he detected a faint light. Joshua wished to be prepared for the worse. His hand inched towards his magnum. If he was going to be attacked soon, he would protect himself more effectively.
  4. For Gamer4Christ The Atlas is enraged, furious that you ruined its head carapace. Rocklike pultrusions began to grow out of its back, arms, and fists. Screaming in pain, the atlas begins to mutate. Because of the pain, it falls over on its back. The Valkyrs become hysterical, furious that one of their own was killed. Their remaining armor becomes hard as titanium, and their claws even longer. One shrieks in rage, the other bides their time, waiting for the perfect moment. For Arunafeltz. you hear a weak voice coming from the back of the room. The voice is too silent and labored to identify any words. Soon, He source of the voice begins to attempt movement, only to fail with a gasp of pain. You also see the fight in the main room of the store. You see the tennocyte infected man, lobbing off an attacking Valkyr’s head. A spray of blood partially covering the walls.
  5. For arunafeltz The hammer breaks the infected’s legs, causing the infected to fall to the ground. Blood spourts out of the crushed limb,covering the head of the hammer. The Nidus screeches in pain, hungering for vengeance. It looks at you, and creates a crude imitation of a smile. It slams its hand down, onto the ground. Horrifyingly, a trail of tennocyte spikes protruding from the ground, racing towards you. for Gamer4Christ. Your shuikens hit the Valkyrs, melting their carapace. However, this does not deter them. One valkyr lunges after you, managing to slice you chest. The Atlas arrives, wishing for a violent brawl. The smell of blood awakens its growing rage. It silently walks up behind you, and prepares itself to unleash a powerful punch. It throws its massive blow aiming for your back.
  6. (For Gamer4Christ) Surprisingly, three infected died messily. Blood spattered across the walls. The smell was strong, attracting the attention of an Atlas (warframe). You can hear it’s heavy footsteps coming closer. Also, more infected stagger our of the janatorial closet. Their are three of them, and they are of the same mutation of Valkyr. The Valkyrs search for you, and found their target. Claws slide out of their hands, preparing for a festival of blood. Unleashing a warcry, they charge at you. (For Arunafeltz) As you are running through the remains of the highway, their are little groups of the infected that can be seen. Too much noise, and you will be targeted. In the distance, you can see the helicopter remains, and the slaughter of fools. The fire of the helicopter is still burning. You could hear cries of the scared victims. suddenly, a infected appears a distance away from you and it sees you. It is a Nidus. It needs to only touch to infect. It screeches and rushes towards you.
  7. Joshua could hear the infected coming. The sound of their feet pounding the ground grew continuously louder. The shrieks of the tortured souls chasing him. The infected seem to be calling his name, demanding that Joshua join them in their misery, or to serve as sustenance for themselves. This only encouraged Joshua to run even faster. His heart was pulsating with dread, terrified of what was pursuing him. I need to find somewhere to hide, he thought to himself. He quickly looked, trying to find safety in any of the buildings. He searched and found a small grocery store with its doors open. Joshua dashed inside of it, slammed the doors shut, and hid himself inside a janitorial closet. He silenced his breathing, hoping he found a safe haven. Joshua heard their footsteps, agonizingly close. He grimaced as the infected stepped towards the closet. He froze in terror as he watched the infected slowly pry the door open.
  8. OOC: nether, they are both of equal distance. It’s a matter of which you would rather have. (please post questions about the roleplay in the OOC thread.) IC: Joshua gazed both ways wandering which road that he should use. He hated choices similar to this. He knew both roads led to the helicopter, but at what cost? What could lie unseen on both roads? He sighed to himself,”Well, it’s better to deal with the smaller ones than possibly fighting a huge infected.” Joshua gathered his few possessions, loaded his M14 and his magnum. Preparing himself for what might lie ahead, he started to jog anxiously towards the helicopter. Unsurprisingly, he hoped that he would not encounter any infected, and arrive at his destination safely.
  9. ( If you wish to join, please post your request in the Plaguewalkers OOC thread.) Chapter one: Hellbound It starts before the main events of dark sector. Your story begins in one of Larisa’s cities. Due to the crowded nature of the city you are in, the tennocyte infection has spread rapidly. Not a man, woman, or child was spared from its vile grasp. Many who did not succumb to the infection died. The only survivors were those who had luck on their side. You are hiding from the infection, trying to preserve your bullets, when you hear a strange noise coming from the sky. You look up, and you see a military helicopter fly above. Hope begins to glimmer inside of you, wondering if salvation is possible. Then suddenly, an infected mutant flies to the helicopter, and viciously attacks it. The helicopter plunges from the sky, bring unfortunate soldiers with it to its demise. Its crash could be heard across the city, louder than the screeches of the infected. There must be supplies in the helicopter, so finding the helicopter’s remains is very important. There are two ways to get to the crash site. 1. A road which has been overrun by the infected. 2. A highway which seems to be empty, although loud thumping noises can be heard
  10. I would like to see Bob Ross, Morgan Freeman, and Failsafe (d2) voicepacks
  11. I wonder if there is going to be more people joining in?
  12. Don’t worry about the real life weapons. I have a few in mind that are from other games that might show up. 😂
  13. I’m going to post my OC here. You might see him in the Roleplay Character name: Sabernus Joshua Rathmüssen gender: male job: engineer (weapons) personality: silent at first, but becomes increasingly extrovertive to friends. bio: Due to his weak immune system, Joshua rarely contacted people outside of his family’s home. He wished to see the outdoors, but knew he could not, lest he catch a sickness. Using available parts inside his family’s home, Joshua created a robot he could wirelessly control from his room. His family soon found the robot, roaming around their neighborhood, which gave them an excellent idea. They decided for Joshua to learn robotics. After many years, Joshua showed excellence in robotics. At 22, he earned a degree in engineering. To his family’s horror, Joshua also expressed interests in weaponry, which earned him a job at a weapons facility, while also earning him his family’s scorn. Joshua became an important part of the facility, which, due to promotions, gave him access to resources to construct experimental weapons. He was going to show the fruits of his new weapon plans when he encountered the tennocyte infection. the facility was soon overrun with the afflicted. Joshua barely escaped with his life, and somehow remained to be pure of the disease. Now running for his life away from the infection, Joshua uses his intelligence to evade and kill infected that cross his path. unique traits: weak immune system, very intelligent, and a knack for robotics. Appearance: red hair, lanky, brown eyes, scars scattered across his body, and tall. wears a gas mask, a torn trench coat, and hiking pants uses : pocket knife, a magnum, and a M14.
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