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  1. (Sry for the late post) Naradin was having a terrible time. The bullets spraying, blood flying, and the humongous explosion that should have killed them. This mission was not what he expected. He had enough of this, for his patience was running short. He shoved his akvasto into their holsters. He had a terrible idea, hopefully it would work. Since the explosion from the outside could not kill the beast of a grineer, perhaps an explosion from the inside could finish the job. Naradin drew his Lenz, furious at the futility of his and his team’s actions to kill the monstrosity. He nocked an arrow and drew, hoping he was not out an idiot for making this decision. Finally, He aimed the bow at the Rak. Naradin makes anger stewed. Naradin needed to do something to release it. He decided to say four words. “Oi Rak!” yelled Naradin, “P*** Off!” He released the arrow.
  2. Beta Naradin steps back, surprised. The power of Rak's was shocking. Normally, this wouldn't faze Naradin, but the target was successfully defending itself from the Tenno. The only time Rak seemed to be weak is when the electricity of the Castanas shocked his armor. Naradin needed to find a weak point in the Grineer's armor quickly before the mechanical beast went on the offensive. Suddenly, an idea came into Naradin's head. He brought along vials of acid. Despite popular belief, acid would to melt the armor. Thankfully though, it would corrode the metal. Naradin speedily holstered his Akvasto, and drew his Lenz. He then gingerly plucked an arrow out of his quiver. After this, he reached into one of his pockets and pulled out the vials. If he was careful, Naradin could bind the vials to the arrow, thereby allowing Naradin the chance to devastate Rak's armor. "Hey," Naradin called out, "Does anyone have string or tape?"
  3. Listen please. I know it is frustrating you were retconned from the rp. It is very irritating. I understand your frustration if you were kicked without warning. However, if you did receive a warning and ignored it, then it is your fault you got kicked. I don’t mean to be rude, but that is the truth.
  4. Dragon challenge= Resident evil: warframe edition
  5. Limbo looks like he came to bargain.
  6. The bloodbath was glorious. The viscera splatter on the wall attested to the power of the Lenz and the merciless attitude of a criminal. Naradin could not help but grin, tasting the sweet taste of vengeance. Naradin listened to the message. Finally Rak was found, although he questioned why would Delta Squad would make contact with the Grineer. Naradin did not comment. He simply stowed his Lenz and drew his akvasto. Then he began sprinting, endeavoring to follow and keep up with the Tenno.
  7. Mmm, yes come to the dark side. join Bungie.net Offtopic. brought to you by the Ambassador of Bungie.net offtopic
  8. This is going to be interesting. An arbiter tenno working with a mercenary that has worked (and might still) with the criminal underworld... This is going to be be very fun.
  9. Moths are just fluffy butterflies. brought to you by the Ambassador of Bungie.net
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