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  1. hhhmmm how bout they hook up those pods to those Orokin machine creatures like a brood mother? @keikogi
  2. hhhmmm haven't thought of that, it's possible they could do it biologically (asexually) though I'm liking the idea they took the pods and equipment that made them and just been using those.
  3. They are devils and demons (purge extra hard) Natah being the one that corrupted the Tenno and made them fall from grace.
  4. Ok everyone there is a new section called Possible plot points, achievements, etc (that are not cannon at the moment). For this I will be accepting suggestions to put in here from all of you guys so if you wanted to suggest something let me know and it might end up here or in canon for The Orchid!
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orokin The wiki says these were virtues the Orokin held with the utmost importance, also you find mods for these drifts to "Orokin" vaults
  6. Hey congrats @NecrisC it's a dope idea so I'm glad it got noticed.
  7. Also @(PS4)IIFrost_GhostII here's your Angel Faced Vor, may he provide salvation in the Void.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it @(PS4)IIFrost_GhostII you have a good night.
  9. I should probably have a section for relationships to other factions and characters XD
  10. I'd think they'd view the Stalker as like a angel like how they view Tenno as Fallen Angels
  11. hhhmmm that could work but then how would fissure missions for corrupted continue to happen?
  12. That is a good idea, I could imagine The Orchid entering the Void to try and take the Janus key from Vor.
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