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  1. I'm confused because the wiki made it seem that the Botanist mod comes with the Oxylus sentinel, but it's not equipped or in my inventory. Am I missing something?
  2. After all the runs of Phase 2, I have many of the other rewards in the uncommon and rare category but no Atmos systems. By definition this is a problem: an uncommon drop is FAR more rare than a "rare" drop. That makes no logical sense. Enough people have complained about this that I don't think it's fair to give me the ol' lecture about statistics, save your breath.
  3. Update: after leveling up the pistol the issue resolved itself.
  4. I have an Aklato riven that add critical damage and toxin, seems great. The only problem is it doesn't work with any other mod for some reason. If I place another mod in front of it, the riven stat increase disappears. If I place any mod before it, the added mod has no effect. Basically it either cancels out or gets canceled out by other mods. This doesn't look like a feature and I'd appreciate a fix.
  5. After watching some reviews of Warframe weapons (and just playing the game) it becomes clear that some weapons that can be found in the Tenno arsenal are truly bland. Examples include the Falcor and Stubba, which both have pretty typical stats and no special quirks to speak of. Normally this would be a criticism of the developers but this fact actually kind of reflects reality. There are many examples of firearms that are functionally and aesthetically not that different. The big thing that separates many real world weapons is purpose and history: what situation it was made for, who made
  6. Putting time into the story and characters of Warframe will, in my opinion, help solidify the game's lasting value and keep the fans interested. Also, providing material for more lore based discussions online could help broaden Warframe's audience by exposing new potential players to the game. There's already some great stuff going as far as characters and lore but I just wanted to say don't forget about that part in the midst of introducing so many new features and toys to play with. Story is in a way a game's "soul" and what makes it memorable. 😁
  7. Today I maxed out Quills standing, then did a few Ostron bounties and maxed them out. Since I still needed more Eidolon Wisps I decided to keep doing the bounties for the rewards and noticed that I was only getting the bad drops (like endo, relics), and then soon no rewards at all. I switch over to do a Fortuna bounty only to find I still get the same bad drops AND I get no standing for it because it says I've hit my daily cap, but I hadn't done any bounties in Fortuna yet and still had full standing cap for Solaris. I don't know if it's intended that repeating bounties give you little or
  8. Host disconnects have been a very low priority problem for a long time but here's the kicker to top things off: host disconnects not only steal all your time and effort, but they don't even give your consumables back. It is so insulting that the screen says you failed the mission, you get nothing, AND you'll never see your energy restores/baits/etc again. It's emotional abuse, but I keep coming back to the pain for the thrill I get from Warframe. Can we please at least get refunded for items used during the mission?
  9. Aklato acritox (1 reroll): 144.1% crit damage, 142.5% toxin damage Kuva chakkhurr crita-armpha (1 reroll): 94.9% crit chance, 29.6% magazine capacity, 52.4% heat Atterax acrinent (unrolled): 111.4% crit chance on slide attack, 89.6% crit damage For aklato riven its 100p, Chakkhurr riven is 280p, and Atterax riven is 250p. Thanks and please consider. :)
  10. I was playing in a public squad when suddenly my character animations broke and I was stuck in the T-pose while walking/bullet jumping/rolling. It was funny at first but it wouldn't let me use any attack only movement. I figured out it could be fixed by going to the menu and back.
  11. If they somehow existed I'm sure a lot of you would like an arcane that makes you better at fighting for the cool factor, but I would want arcanes that just make life better. Here's a few that I would like to have IRL (note: it's more fitting if the effects are balanced somehow, like they are in game): -Upon receiving emotional damage; +100% stress resistance for 3 hours -Upon getting 8 hours of sleep for the night; +20% to any money earned for the following day -Receive 10% reduction to climate discomfort for every cup of water consumed, lasts for 24 hours In this
  12. That first picture looks like it's from a level on Neptune with the round grineer doors.
  13. In the wise words of Strongbad, "too much of a good thing is an awesome thing. But too much of an awesome thing is...umm...really, really dumb and bad."
  14. Good points! I guess it is a bit of a stretch to tie all these ideas into a single frame. I think the latchable surface is a neat idea that could work well as a node that can grappled to or from with a lock on mechanic. Would give a safer vantage point for missions with close combat enemies and provide a bonus/synergize with mods like Proton Jet. You're right that many maps wouldn't allow a very smooth gravity-shift like mechanic, but maybe you could deploy multiple surfaces to quickly jump between. The aerial launch mechanic would probably have to be for another frame, perhaps combi
  15. Hi, I just wanted to share a fun idea I had for a unique stealth type frame revolving around the theme of sabotage and zero point energy (reference to the gravity gun from hl2). What I think sets this frame concept apart is the interesting mobility mechanic and the idea of a stealth frame that doesn't rely on invisibility. I got the inspiration both from a crazy rocket-jumping soldier and from a certain arachnid themed superhero. The specific abilities I thought of just from playing the game, especially dealing with challenges posed by stealth missions: the annoyance of navigating some data ca
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