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  1. God damn slam jam mashups made me go look for this again I always found the opening theme to be pretty funny. The last thing I was expecting when I first started playing DD was a J-Rock opening lol
  2. Mostly use this color scheme on most my frames. Black with the saturated hot pink and a lighter pink from the Valentine Day palette, but this one's just using the saturated pink
  3. My friend and I found the Saryn, Volt, Ember and Frost mods to be pretty powerful if you build around power strength, which you probably will considering these frames. We noticed about a 2x increase in weapon damage when using 'em. But yeah, I guess a few of them a really situational or lackluster. Well, we tried out the Venom Dose and Shock Trooper, at least.
  4. The original post didn't come off as bragging, but a post or two that came after did. But yeah, I really see no point in this thread. You could have simply told your friends, clan, alliance, etc., about this and it would have easily spread given time. There were plenty of spots in-game that were just like that before players felt the need to take credit for them. Anyway, I still enjoy the game even if I am one of those "people churning out 10k kills a week then complaining about drop rates on things and how its a grind etc". Please don't jump to conclusion about whether I enjoy the gam
  5. Wait, why're you bragging about all your plat, creds, mods, etc..? Once a spot gets made public on pc, especially on these forums, it will be nerfed almost immediately. You PS4 and XB1 players still don't have rep caps which allows you to make creds even easier. Isn't that what you were saying in that last thread? Repeatedly buying something from the Syndicates and selling that thing? The restores, was it? You guys still have the this luxury. Also, why the hell do kills matter? It's not like this is an event or anything. No need to brag about such a thing. The main reason Cerebus is popula
  6. I usually bring my trusty Huras along with me. I'll sometimes bring a Wyrm Prime with a stinger though.
  7. Wait, what? What am I supposed to be looking at? The argument between you and the other guy about staying with the group? If so, I agree with the other guy. It's less stressful and way easier on oxygen when you're together. Spawns also don't go crazy all over the place. Traveling from one room to the next as a group is the best way to go. I guess he could have asked a bit a differently though. Looks like your other teammate did ask you to stay too.
  8. Oh poop. Don't get my hopes up when I see that reply count go up T_T Lol Thanks though!
  9. Hey guys. I'd like to trade my: Vaykor Marelok for Synoid Gammacor or Sancti Castanas Rakta Ballistica for either Sancti Castanas or those other Dual Cestra(Don't remember what they're called lol) Thanks!
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