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  1. On 2/6/2017 at 4:27 PM, Krhymez said:

    I hope so, The whole "breaks lore".... does not make sense... BECAUSE, they write the lore. The Snipetron could have been used by a certain corpus that decided to be a "ranger" or something. A unit that was using bullets because it was "special".

    So... you're saying is that Prodman had a brother?



    The legend continues 

  2. 21 minutes ago, (PS4)BlitzKeir said:

    We know. The same issue existed with void keys. DE eventually had to make a hard stance of not supporting keysharing. However, since cooperation is an essential and intended part of relic cracking (especially with the new endless relic system), there is no longer an excuse not to implement some system to assure that people won't screw you over.

    A kick button is not the solution. That is like saving a third-world country's populace from its oppressive dictatorship by arming them with nukes.

    But I do agree that DE needs to find some way to address this.

    No, I know that issues like that have never been addressed, really. It's just that this thread has been done to death, with the same 2 sides of: It'll be abused vs. We need it 

    Can't say I've seen anyone bring up a decent way of how to deal with those situations ever. 

    And for the PS4 bug, I think it'd be best to flat out fix it instead of slapping a bandaid on it. First time hearing of it since I'm PC, so my bad that I couldn't really empathize with how you PS4 or console players were feeling about that. 


  3. A while ago, I was in a Archwing mission trying to level up my weapon with the 2x exp in a mobile defense, I had gotten my melee up to level 20 or so and primary to lvl 9 or so, but I died due to that collision damage bug that's been around for a long while now.

    Upon dying, I got that "Would you like to revive" screen along with the experience cost it'd take, which was 18k out of 180k exp or so, so of course I chose to revived. But then I killed an enemy and noticed how my weapon exp on both weps had reset completely while my archwing exp hadn't



    So I continued killing a few more enemies while continuing to extract to see if it was just some kind of UI bug, but noticed that even in the mission result screen that all the exp was gone. >_>

    Checked my arsenal as well and both weps are lv 1 and 3


    I was playing on Salacia, Neptune if that matters 

  4. Steam says 4k hours for me, but in-game is 1.6~1.7k. I think I have a few friends on my in-game friends list that have a couple thousand hours though

    Steam counts the time you're not doing anything in-game like chatting and trading, and even counts the time when the launcher is open. 

  5. Alone or duo is easier. If you do duo, don't care if the other person gets downed, it's not worth the risk to waste time on reviving them, and it'll be easier to have him chase you while the other person is down and trying to revive himself. Try to make him charge into or near a pumpkin, smash it and run in the fire for a while and let him chase you in it while he's on that sort of short cooldown(?) from his abilities, then bullet jump to the next pumpkin. 


    Oh, and if you're not good at the movement system and can't get to him in a short period... well, I can't help you there 


  6. No clue really lol

    I dislike using invisibility as Loki despite it being essential to his survival, so I guess I'm a tad bit different from other Loki players? Even though there are elemental weaknesses against factions, I prefer using Corrosive+Cold against...everything, paired up with status builds on my weapons; well, that's if it's viable for a status build, of course. I just love how useful cold status procs are, and they've saved my life countless times. Oh, and as a Loki, I feel like I'm one of the only ones to even use Decoy nowadays :v Just throw it in a group of infested or such to group them up, or Disarm+Decoy to bunch enemies up while I shoot through them with seeker or any other punchthrough mod on. 

    Oh, and compared to how most players level up with interception, survival or defense, I prefer playing spy missions to level up lol


    I also love using those very niche weapons like Miter, Mutalist Cernos, Torid, Pyrana, Kohmak, etc., basically the weps no one likes using since there's something better. I swear, people underestimate Miter and it's my damn baby. 

    Anyway, I guess my post really isn't about my "playstyle" so my bad, or I guess it isn't really unique anyway 



    • The Embolist has received the PBR treatment! 


    Okay, but can we get a slight buff or something first? It's fallen so far over the years, and ever since that whole change to these continuous fire weps like Ignis and Embolist, it only got worse. The augment mod has always been pretty disappointing as well since the reload speed was fast enough anyway. 


    I mean, or just lower the MR requirement then since this thing hasn't performed as an MR 8 wep in a long while. 


    Anyway, purty cool update. Gonna check out those enemies 

  7. 3 hours ago, droko55 said:

    re:zero since the anime ended is that it? because there are 3 different manga that have been all included in the anime is the ending in the anime the ending of the story if so....

    what do u think will happen after the ending?

    The anime should've adapted all the currently published LN volumes thus far, and while the WN does have loads more content, Season 2 will probably have to wait until more volumes of the LN are released. The author may add, change or cut content like many other WN-to-LN transitions. Anyway...give or take a few years until season 2


    In the meantime, I guess we do have the Re:Zero spin-off-ish VN coming out early next year, slightly longer for us if and when an English Publisher picks it up

  8. I was thinking about this the other day lol


    "Oh crap, there was once a stamina bar, huh?"

    Good riddance that got taken out. Sorta goofy when you think how these alien-like suits of energy and stuff and junk are easily tired out by sprinting a few meters. 


    Only thing I missed are wall running up and back flips...


  9. Oh o_o Well, that's different. Friend and I would find this specific vent in that one large circular room, and we'd always be able to jump through it to get out of the map. Not sure if it's since then been fixed or removed 


    Then there's still the freak accident of sliding doors pushing you off the map or into the wall

  10. Well, just got this message from a user after attempting to do a sortie


    So, it went sorta like this.

    I entered sorties #2 of today, a Saryn joined along. I waited about a minute at the start since it seemed he/she was afk for that time. He/she started moving and so I proceeded to start capping the points, then he she says:


    User- "I will not help you in a fail attempt at this" or something along those lines, which struck me as sort of rude

    Me- "k"

    User- "Maybe if had 2 more players(and some other stuff that I forgot)"

    Me- "In that case, I guess I might as well leave to solo to cap the points faster. Bye. Gl" I mean, there was sorta no point in staying there if he/she wasn't going to help.


    Part way into me doing the sortie, he/she sends me those message and blocks me immediately so that I won't get a word in. I understand people can't easily find players, but I really dislike when people sit for minutes on end at the beginning of sorties waiting for players who may never even join. I know lotsa people would be against such a thing, but maybe we could get something to counter-act that? Say, if you sit in the spawn/entry point for more than 3 minutes, enemies start flooding the room regardless of you alarming them or not. I'd rather players get their teams set-up beforehand instead of wasting time like that. Dunno, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to implement. Anyway, we were both MR 21 so we could've handled it easily if he/she decided to help since the challenge to the sortie wasn't that difficult.


    I never makes threads about these things, but my god the players can really get under my skin at times 

  11. 16 minutes ago, Dragonofdarkness13 said:

    Because you do like 500 damage to Enemies that have 50,000 Shields at level 100 Because they set Polarize to do Set damage ... the one thing it was meant to do .. it CAN'T DO


    Okay, so pretty much a spam 2 machine is gone, and it was replaced with a better set of powers that actually synergize well with each other. Besides, it's far too early for players to be yelling "nerf" when it's only been a few hours since the update and there hasn't been much testing. So far, she's loads more fun and versatile, especially magnetize since it acts as both a shield and deals a great amount of damage. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, DragonEmbers224 said:

    well mag has effectively been nerfed, a bit upset and a lot of this update however the volt rework actually wasn't that bad, it was done fairly well




    How so? Have you actually tried her since after this patch? People whined about Nova's changes back then, when in fact, it was loads better and more versatile than how M.Prime used to be. 

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