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  1. AegisAmaranth

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9

    So... nothing on yet. More buttfixing, less bugfixing...
  2. AegisAmaranth

    Warframe Prime Time #232: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I would have honestly, rather have seen profit-taker, phase 1. In an attempt to get [Deadly Efficiency] for example... Now that, would be some amazing prime time. ❤️
  3. AegisAmaranth

    Missing Datamass Spawn in Profit-Taker Phase 1 Stage 2

    Gotten tired of Zendesk doing nothing. So now the video I held hidden, goes public. I think it's high time, to fix this.
  4. AegisAmaranth

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Question: Will we ever get a place to submit our EE.logs and metadata screenshots, in a ticket? Because our hard work keeps being destroyed with the same copy-pasted text: While our post IS on the forum, WITH ticket number added in it. Kind of depressing if you spend hours, to help root out bugs, And one Ctrl-V response makes sure, bugs stay present for years to come. We want to see Warframe flourish. Some employees want it to remain riddled with bugs... (Profit taker phase 1 is STILL bugged, thanks to some of those people) Edit With special thanks to certain individuals at Zendesk So uhm... do we see a fix for this soon, or within 5 years from now? Sorry, just .... no more... ❤️
  5. AegisAmaranth

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    With year-old bugs, remaining unsolved. Because the power of Ctrl-V messages was too powerful. Begone, bugfixer! We shall slayeth thee! And all EE.logs and metadata, was no more. fin.
  6. This has been a mistery several times. Animals are being called, yet never show up. Doesn't matter how far and wide you look, there is no trace to be found. Now I experienced the issue with my own eyes. Looking for the animals, I see them hop towards me from the other side. Their pathing, however, makes them run underwater (I have seen other animals do the same - i.e. Virmink). The difference with the other occurences is, that these walk too deep underwater. Thus hitting that 'respawn to the topside' area (masked object marking that border), which teleports players, or kills enemies. What happened to these pobbers? I know not. But they certainly where gone from sight, completely. Did they despawn, die or teleport somewhere far away? Can't say for sure. But this is how it happens, when your animal refuses to appear, after 30 minutes waiting (given, they don't sit in place, due to rocks messing their AI pathing) They most likely have hit those respawn spots, in an underwater area (lakes/tip-toe streams included). Ticket: Uhm, there is no ticket.... The EE.log and metadata screenshot would be thrown away anyway. So, dear DE. If you require the EE.log and metadata screenshots, feel free to ask (I am now holding folders with copies on my hard drive). I'll send them over, no problem. I am just through with providing the files required, and getting a Ctrl-V message, with my data being thrown away. Telling me to post on the forums... I guess this current post is not on the forums... Could use a talk with zendesk professionality... Apologies, just being honest here. Too much, it's just too much.
  7. AegisAmaranth

    Corpus Siege (Grineer Sabotage) on Thon

    Sadly enough, this bug still exists to this very day. Now a year later, we can only ask for the attention to this issue again. While doing the Sabotage version of invasions, chances are, the blast door is located back in the starting ship. There is no way to get back there, since you had to use the launchpods, for breaching to opposing team's hull. Everything goes fine, coolant cells extracted, re-insterted, hacked and blown up. Then Lotus mentions the blast door... But... it's pointing toward the pod we just used, to get here... If you go and explore, there is even a locked door. This is the one that should hold the hacking station. But as there is no way to get into this room, people are froced once more, to forfeit. I believe I had giving valuable Metadata screens, and an EE.log, MONTHS ago... But those just got dropped, like it's hot. Like any helpful files. Well, I have the EE.log and metadata on my hard-drive now instead. Should you ever feel the need to look into these... ahhh who am I kidding? Course that's never going to happen. This bug section is 'monitored daily' after all. Winning formula...... .... ..... ..... .....
  8. AegisAmaranth

    Sentinel Sanctuary mod bug

    Yep, experienced this bug a lot too. Mentioned it long time ago even, but I guess good EE.logs and metadata can't compare to the 'daily monitored' forum. *Winks at Zendesk* So yeah, months, or years later, the bug is still there. This one was submitted 4 months ago even. Update Literally, no joke. This is the exact next mission. XD Also, note how it can link to several revive spots, at the same time. (Revived same person twice)
  9. AegisAmaranth

    Missing Datamass Spawn in Profit-Taker Phase 1 Stage 2

    Can only agree. This bug triggers more than 50% of the time. Only today, have I been able to find some way to get around it. But it involves; flying to the other camp. Getting enemies to beam down here Take the datamass they drop Return to the originally marked camp Find out, that it's panel now isn't active Fly back to the other camp Stand in front of this panel Fly back to the original camp Now the panel works, and you can proceed... Quite a workaround, and not worth the hassle. This quest is murder. Especially because people just want the archwing mod (me included). Deadly effeciency... This quest is quite efficient at being deadly allright. And for all the suffering this mission puts the player through... It's one to never replay, once you finally get that mod (after 7 years, cos gotta love the odds of having the rare drop, and it's allways just another strain mod...). Not something to brag about, when you want to mention how great Warframe is. This one is a slow killer. It's easily detectable too within the first few seconds. No enemies are being beamed down? = bugged. For only these enemies, have the datamass. After weeks of dull grinding, you start seeing the matrix...
  10. AegisAmaranth

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Thank you so very much. Orb mother being stuck was a huge painful moment. Many thanks, and a happy newyear ❤️
  11. AegisAmaranth

    Pylon placement

    Dashed up to one very high mushroom. Only to discover this one too, was dangling from below. Quite the pain, these ones. Even with punch through, this could use some tweaking nontheless. Got lucky on landing on the pylon itself this time. Then merely used my amp to finish it off. I mean, we shouldn't brush this off as; 'there's ways to get beyond the issue' While the issue just remains, and we get to work around this for months on end. It could use a fix, removing any oddities like this. Edit** Made ticket with EE.log and metadata screen, to aid DE in finding a solution. Ticket: #1569763
  12. AegisAmaranth

    (Another) Archwing Thread

    I am very pleased to know, not being the only one with similar thoughts. Archwing is one the modes I actually enjoy. But there's so many things, which make it remain in the shadows. The only endless archwing mission, is even a pretty annoying one (Interception... *shudders*). Not if you have the tools, but it's still... it could use a better mission type. (And is indeed hard for players who don't have the mods) As for example, an escort mission. Where enemies scale, per civilian ship, that you are guiding through grineer airspace (just to give an example) Stopping enemy waves that want to reach a destination, which would be their target for destruction or other plans they have. Any mode basically, that brings in enemies, in a nice pacing, so leveling for archwing does not become a chore. Which perfectly segways me, to the next issue. As I usually pick Salacia - Neptune, to level my wings and weapons after a forma. But when you are having an affinity booster, and only 1 level is being added, you know something is off. And the answer to that is pretty simple; Too many lone rangers. You probably have met these players allready. They activate the sattelite, then rush forward into enemy lines. (Pretty rude if you ask me.) This results in the people who stay behind; that effectively guard the sattelite; are robbed of potential experience. And it's quite the poison, to see almost every run, turn out that way. Very rarely do I get a team, that actually stays within everyone's affinity radius. I even wanted to see if some of them would get the picture, and followed 3 maddening Fluctus spammers on their rampage. Otherwise, no experience. And off course, as I've witnessed plenty of times; The sattelite is unguarded, and almost gets destroyed. Had I not pointed it out to them, I guess the blood-red haze in their eyes, still would have prevented them from noticing a thing. So you'd think, they get the picture, after it survives with 400 hp left... Nope... Next satellite; more extreme "experience for us only"-action! So my point being. Archwing missions could use an affinity range boost. Maybe 3x or even 5x that of normal missions. After all, archwings can easily travel quite the distance away from one another, in no time. So an increased affinity range would be more friendly towards players doing their actual task; defending the satellite. Every now and then, you meet Rambo. But the others don't have to suffer for it. The idea of a mix between archwing and ground-based is also something I have been thinking of. Imagine being in open space, and having the ability to land on meteorites. Many things could then be done there, like hacking a station or inflitrating a base. If you have ever played the original Prey (Year 2006 - not the black monster/gloo-breaking-the-levels-gun one), it showscases ingenious level design. Landing a hijacked ship on a small meteor, that has it's own little gravity system. We'd be able to land, and then walk 360 degrees over it's surface. Engaging an archwing whenever we want, at which point gravity no longer has it's effect. Smoothening the gameplay, without having to converge on a 'liftoff' area. It may be big dreams, and a lot of work. But it would blow so much more life, into archwing missions. Further thoughts: As I was doing some more archwing missions, it hit me; Reviving fallen allies, can be such a pain sometimes. You try to revive them, but zoom past, way too fast. Then there follows a struggle to gently approach them. But not too slow, nor too fast, or you'll miss that teammate again. And while this is going on, the possibility is high, that you're being shot at, at the same time. Now with an Amesha, that is easily solved. But people flying an Itzal or other wing, have more tendencies to be sitting ducks. So, how could we improve on this? Well, I allways see my sentinel name, but it is just a phantom. Helios, who cannot scan, because he's not there. But his name is... as if almost to say... 'equipped'? Getting to Astral Autopsy in a moment... So maybe, there could be archwing-type sentinels instead (or have existing ones be usable). These take over duties like, a larger vacuum (Itzal is THE archwing of choice, for mod/resource (i.e.: gryptographic alu)- grinding in space combat) So other wings, can enjoy a wider pickup radius too, without having to hug the walls. Another precept then would be, to abort all other actions the sentinel has, to revive a fallen teammate. This process does not consume your sentinel (unlike sacrifice, because this is an ally being revived). But instead takes longer than a regular revive, and ignores all it's other abilities (item vacuum, shield restore, scans etc...) As this sentinel is now 'occuppied'. It helps you focus on combat, and buys some time, to help your own sentinel, to revive an ally faster. Anyway, it's just a thought. So that leaves me to why I mentioned, a sentinel doing scans earlier. We have Astral Autopsy, right? Yes, and it would be nice, if it finally worked again. Because after having felled dozens of shield-hellion dargyn eximi, my codex still has them at 2/3 scans. The only way I got the other 2, was by sheer luck; Spotting one in the corner of your eye, leaving all satellites unprotected (interception - go ahead and capture those points, grineer!), Because you are forced to arm your scanner, and try to get a snapshot of that buzzing bugger ('hold still for a moment... Gah! Nooo! Stop moving!'). If they don't disappear behind an asteroid, or a Dreg comes licking your face, that is. So a space-sentinel-helios hybrid, with many handy precepts, would be a nice addition. These would then be welcome, in higher scaling missions. Post-update: As I was reading through everything again, it may be an easier solution, than first imagined. Gravimag... But then a different item, working the other way around; Giving a reactored sentinel, through installment of a segment, the ability to aid in space combat.
  13. We all know the issue, we've all been there a thousand times: - Grinding numbly for that 1, desired item. Among a table of items, which we have enough of allready. Now this can go anywhere. From relics, to blueprints, parts, components... You name it. Now there would be a way, to make life, more enjoyable for everyone. And some might naysay the idea, as it would hurt the 'market'? I guess? But not really? Since most of these items are non-tradeable anyway. But I'm speaking of a mod, which IS tradeable. Though, honestly... Who would want to go through this example, just for a chance at a handful of plat? Ticket: #1567506 So yes. TL;DR Nobody would go through this suffering, once they finally have the mod in question. Maybe some would. But I'm allready having PTSD from this one, and haven't got the mod yet... So there's that. As for the solution now (A thought at least): There could be an implementation, to reduce the painstakingly overlengthy grind for 1 item, among a table of 9 or more. A 'wishlist' system, you might call it. How does this work? Basically, you get to actually choose, which item you are grinding for. And by doing so, your odds to receive the desired reward, is increased. While odds for all other rewards are severely diminished. And often, can even turn out into no reward, as to prevent abuse. So then, how does this actually work? Will this not make people be able to grind for a rare mod, a thousand times? You know, pure grofit? No... As this sytem also keeps track, of how many you actually own. What this comes down to; Is that this wishlist system is totally optional. Toggle it on, for a desired item. Toggle it back off, to get the normal drop system again. It also checks how much you own. So, if for example, you are grinding for days on end, just to have a [Deadly Efficiency] mod (see example + road of torture above)... It checks to see how much you own. With 0 of this mod owned, AND the wishlist in effect, saying; 'I want this mod specifically'... It will give a huge drop in % for all the other 8 items (with a chance to get nothing) But boosts the drop rate for this mod by 70% all of a sudden. If you where unlucky, the wishlist system, then narrows your bad rng further down, and turns it to 75% for the next run (with a cap of 90%) Effectively keeping track of how many *incomprehensive gibberish* attempts you have been through allready. (I still remember the 40+ runs for Harrow's part during evacuation - and now no longer want to come near this mission type, if possible.) Because this is where your mind is being driven to; aversion for a mission type, due to deadbeat grinding. And don't get me started on getting Broken War blades/hilt (just for collector's sake even >.< ). So chances are high, that you get nothing. But your days of suffering might finally end, (and you get that [Deadly Efficiency] mod for example). The moment you got 1 or more owned (based on ammount, the rates drop drastically), this wishlist systems now suddenly gives you 30% certainty to get the mod, or no reward at all instead. So if you own 3 in total, your chances become like 2%, and it's no longer needed, to mark your desired item as... 'wishlisted'. Hence, removing the chance for abusal grinding. This system would be for anyone, who just desires their hardly needed item. And gives no chance to be exploited, for profit's sake. If need be, the codex could be used to mark any 'wishlisted' items, and have their effect, client-based. Any unowned mods can easily be filtered as 'wanted' vs 'allready have 5464641 of those'
  14. Ticket: #1567415 After having returned from a fight with Orb mother, an ally fires his Ignis in the elevator, as we transition back to Fortuna. Having finished my daily bug-squashing, I grab Ivara for some life-preserving. To keep the balance. As I choose my setup, it dawns on me. That ignis firing sound is still audible. As we entered, someone was holding that attack button, and now it's effect, is lingering on, on my client. I go back to the elevator, doors open. And indeed, the audio became louder as I approached. But also the smoke effect, is constantly emitting it's particles. I go topside again, and the effect is still not gone. Only after returning, yet once more, downward, does the audio stop playing. But the smoke effect...? That one still remained persistent. Only by returning to your orbiter, can this visual be removed. Cetus gate transition, might be a candidate, for similar results. Depending on how reproducible the bug is.
  15. Ticket #1567389 Experiencing the exact same bug. Profit-taker Orb. I join a game, allready in progress. (so can't say which phase she is in) After taking off her shields, getting some spider legs, and eventually damaging her enough, to go into the next stadium of invulnerability, Profit-taker Orb mother, refuses to launch her 'energy restore' tubes (pylons), that we would need to take out. Instead, she sits there, and launches various attacks whilst invulnerable. Her pods never come out from the head, nor do any show up (thus, not a visual bug either) over time. She instead, stays in this state. Laughing at the little dollies around her with a; 'what now, huh?'-smirk. *imagines Orb mother flexing eyebrows up and down - if any* One person leaves (who suffered ability bug). Then the host leaves. After the host migration, she skips her shield-pods-step. And instead goes immediately back, to a normal fight. The 'replacement' host thinks; '*censor* it, I'm out of here'. And treats me on another lovely host migration screen. After all that madness, I can finally focus on a restored fight, and bring down the Orb mother.