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  1. So uhm. When are we going to see dual kamas prime being unvaulted? Love
  2. Ouch. Good stab (nightwave changes). Yes, I don't have friends. As i'm the most horrible person you can think of. And I be damned. Even convinced of it (legit, seriously). Justice, where justice is due. On a sidenote, will we see dual kamas be unvaulted somewhere in the future? Those blades have been at ludicrously high prices for quite some time now. Anyway, thanks for the fixes. Love you all.
  3. Ticket: #1819038 Gas City: Remastered - Unidentified Blocking Object (in hallway)
  4. Is there any chance we might see a, room relocating feature, in the future? This one has been hindering our growth for quite some time now. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1085520-dojo-saving-room-decoration-layouts/ With empyrean coming, it would be really nice to re-map our dojo layout, without having to destroy completely furbished halls. Not to mention, destroying some legacy dojo rooms. Still hoping and longing for something that'll help us out. Much love
  5. Ticket: #1782737 Ropalolyst: post-defeat mapholes, in destroyed arena.
  6. Ticket: #1776608 Gas city: remastered - Collection of mapholes
  7. I am hoping the, 'gild a modular weapon' achievement, will no longer be present as well. It is pretty pointless to craft one, level it, then gild... Just to sell it again, or have it fill weapon slots. There are definately more intuitive challenges. I have full faith in the team. It also crawls a bit into the forma one slightly. Imagine you have everything forma'd and ready. You'd be forced to polarize your naramon, into a naramon, for example. Just to complete the achievement. Loving the mentioned changes most definately, allready.
  8. Ticket: #1714558 Enemy spawning out of bounds
  9. We would love to enter one of these contests, sometime in the future. But we ain't getting nowhere, as long as we keep struggling with these issues... Godspeed, and best of luck, to all participating clans.
  10. So, after having read, all the positive feedback from people. Concerning arbitrations. None of those where taken into account. mm-hmm... At least many thanks for the fixes.
  11. Now that chapter 5 is unlocked. Can we get an update on what his rates are now? (And for the love of our Lotus. Those silver mods... Wolf should be appearing with a laugh, not a howl. Because he's clearly mocking us all with those.)
  12. Ticket: #1705821 Plains Of Eidolon: Remastered - Out of bounds (+stuck / bugged movement)
  13. It is indeed horrendous how sawgaws react lately. Firing a tranq dart at them, suddenly makes them rubberband to a nearby spot instead. Other times, the dart obviously lands. But flies right through. Here is a video, displaying their erratic and infuriating behaviour. But not just Sawgaws. Condroc and mergoo, also like to act weird. Both need to be shot while still in the air, to prevent them from circling around endlessly. And it's quite lovely, to fire 30 darts at 1 condroc, in an attempt to get a lucky hit at last. Furthermore Many of the birds, just love to sink inside the floor, should you use an ability. A sleep ability..., and they just, fall right through. Leaving guaranteed 'good' to 'bad' captures. Which gives the same result, when using the tranq rifle instead. As 1 dart is enough to get the others spooked. Making them become, less than perfect captures automatically.
  14. I was afraid this one would return. Now I have 2... Why am I keeping on to these? To deliver something of evidence, so you could see how much of a terrible challenge, this is. Having my modular weapons all crafted, and designed the way I want them. It becomes pretty pointless, to craft one... just for the nightwave achievement. There's no difficulty in this. Instead, it forces the player to waste resources. Not that I have to worry about those either. Point is, that this task feels forced. Our hand is moved, and we do not have the freedom of choice anymore all of a sudden. Unless we choose, not to do the task. Which is counter-intuitive to the whole nightwave achievement implementation. It is forced, convoluted, and tedious. Certainly there can be some better idea than these. On a sidenote, this goes for the forma one as well. Is it not better when and how, someone chooses to use their forma? Instead of having to use them only, just that week? Keeping people from using forma on a weapon, because... maybe next week, that one challenge might return? It feels like an awful way to push people, to buy some forma from the market (should they have ran out). Which again... Robs the player, of their free will.
  15. Ticket: #1700639 Archwing - Galilea/Salacia: Mapholes
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