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  1. ????. I don't care much for the gender thing it not importance to the game but what harm are you talking about?
  2. Mate,,our complain make them buff it, i can tell this gif is after buff because the crits. IT COULDN'T DO THIS BEFORE. beside this post is outdated. I have a new, more retarded thing they did to complain about. A.K.A Zorix NEFT.
  3. I can't tell if you are trolling are actually having a stroke.
  4. This is not true since Wukong clone, Umbra sentience and Train Man Voban exist. "Win button" already exist like Mesa . It already have a ammo cap and 130 aim angle. My problem with it now is that it compete with your gun. if it defend your flank than it would have a use but it have tinny duration She is clearly design to be a more staying in one place frame cause having turret, dispenser, CC mine and an ability that alow you to go out of your camp without being shot dead. It just she have too many "but" in her kit. P.S it is a win button cause you can spam it to clear low lv trash without aiming It only give you stuff when you are near and spending resourses. It a fine support power since Trinnity exist. I litterally said and give an idea to make it Hard CC enemies since buffing it make it too simular to Voban. WDYM Her whole kit have negative part. it just very sistuational as a suvival ability since it send you backward. If they give it a secondary effect to revive you every 90s. since it doesn't offer much in normal gameplay since her shield nade is so good at keeping you alive.
  5. What the point of getting the new content if it just worse old content.. imo the reason the Tombfinger is pick as the best because it is base on a good weapon, The Stahlta. The Rattleguts just need some damage buff to make it equal to the secondary. The Catchmoon is actually fine if they give it headshoot multi. it have the same DPS as Arca plasmor. Shotgun mod are just terrible compare to any other mod execpt multi shot. Conclusion: Unnessersary neft are bad. These weapon need riven to even be equal to normal gun.
  6. I remember the day where it was my go to weapon, i have 6 million kill and 11.4% usaged on that thing before they neft it. That because other game don't change overtime this game will have more to offer and if you don't like the derection it heading you will get mad at it. You may not treat it as jilted lover.because you don't have the same passion. Name me a game that give the same kind of experience as Warframe. And yes people are getting mad and leaving, have you seen the player number?
  7. Why even neft the kit gun, they all under perform compare to their conter part (normal weapon) even their secondary.. -The Gaze is worse than the Amprex -The Catchmoon worse than the Arcaplasmor -The Raltalguts is actually fine. -The Tombfinger is worse than Stahlta WHICH CAME OUT IN THE SAME UPDATE, and it require 4-5 forma as well as getting neft. That why most people are mad. they didn't even buff the catchmoon damage.
  8. The Tennocon 2018. SO much hype and hopefullness for all the new thing to come. Definitly the most hype i have ever been for an update. .....Before all the broken promises, except Fortuna of course.
  9. The hammer appear in every animation and won't be sheathed IDK if it just mine but it happen on every frame and load out unless you disable the weapon i appearence
  10. Any plan on buffing BlunderBuss. Point Strike is 150%, Pistol Gambit 120%. You buff True Steel to 120% why not blunderBuss.
  11. Idk man building your entire build around it so it can kill lv 50 doesn't sound good. And That all it does. Damage. It doesn't debuff or cc or support. So it has to do good damage. Or just build strength for shield nade and shoot them with your gun. But QoL would be nice to like a faster animation or 360 aim or more duration . it does seem like they disappear as you spam them out. DE overly neft everything in this update The kit gun are bad except the tomb finger, all the riven are tiny as 0.5, the Stalpha is really good and the other weapons are fine.
  12. The turret is terribly design: it damages is decent on low level but no scaling so it worthless against anything higher than 50. It have an ammo system as well as low duration so if it can reach high damage after 20 shot it doesn't have the fire rate to shoot them all in the tiny duration, There a very simple fix. Just Make it modded and give it a decent duration like 10s and remove all the dumb gimmick.
  13. QoL changes? The ability mechanic.seem find to me. The only thing see that make it under power is that it doesn't scale with level as well as not having any gimmick like only shoot an enemies once but mark them for increased damage, it not a bad ability just doesn't scale well.
  14. It is weird how the lore said she have time controlling power but her kit only have one time base power which only effect herself unlike what we see in the quest.
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