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  1. I was also going around the cliffs instead of the lure and still nothing like bruh
  2. another 27 hours and none there's no way my rng is this bad
  3. In the past there was a limited time way to get your pc account to console however never the other way around, I've always wondered why that was.
  4. I've been farming vulpaphyla's for the past 32 hours and not one cresent vulpaphyla has spawned am I getting really bad rng or is the spawning system broken in some way
  5. thank you this helped worked like a charm, that's a stupid mechanic
  6. I was capturing the ones with the echo lure and all of the predasite's worked and the sly vulpaphyla worked fine but the other two vulpaphyla didn't
  7. The Panzer and Crescent Vulpaphyla are broken even if you capture them it does not say you can make it as a companion the sly Vulpaphyla can be obtained but the other two cannot be obtained
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