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  1. x ベイポス コンドルドロップシプップ o ベイポス コンドルドロップシップ
  2. First, please forgive me that this is a machine translation and so contains unusual context. I now feel strongly that the spawn rate of the wolf (and stalker) is influenced by the conclave rating(also the impact on the drop quality). Apart from the conclave rating, I have also begun to feel that the mastery rank also has a significant impact. Now I'm trying to intentionally increase his spawn rate by aiming at the newly added mask. Looking back to the past, it was efficient for people who wanted similar rewards to form a squad on the Recruit channel, and it made we happy (for example, head to Eidolon for Energize) But, now I feel that MR is related to the spawn rate of Wolf, and I quit it because there were many members who exceeded MR20 (I am MR27). From then on, I went to the Public and mainly to Hydoron with a low MODded Frame and a single weapon to defeat the Wolf, and I met the him several times as expected. However, I feel that this method is harmful. For efficiency I get out of the squad in around 5 minutes (5w for Hydoron). I also changed the settings to avoid becoming unhosted (Ping Limit 100). In a nutshell, I leave the squad in 5 minutes and make a host migration to the Tennos who chose to continue. Repeat this again and again. I feel very apologetic this action and I can easily imagine remained Tennos getting frustrated. I have a lower probability than I met Wolf, but I also met Tenno who left the squad to know me. My subject is from here. At least I enjoy playing thinking about how to beat a solid Wolf fast, but I really hope some sort of adjustment will entertain a lot of Tenno. It's very difficult to create content that can be enjoyed by both veterans and beginners at the same time, but I sincerely hope that many Tennos can enjoy it.🐧
  3. - found same post I hope somebody in the staff will find this issue. 🐧
  4. YAY POOP! ....... ................. ...................... .................
  5. i can't login now. also can't click any square.
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