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  1. The issue of nullifiers for me is that they are too common. I feel that the nullies (that shuts down every power) appears too frequently and should be treated more as a mini boss, like the nox. Instead comba/scrambus should be more prevalent, or the same as regular nullies, since they only shutdown specific types of powers (perception, buff-debuff, mobility, and damage according to the wiki), and you can shoot through their bubbles, and maybe modify their stats a little to balance out their frequency. IDK, im fine with how nulifiers are doing their job, my issues with how they are have already been voiced by other people.
  2. I should make it clear that i understand the comments (and future comments,) saying "not possible because [x]", but im saying ignoring all the technical issues, what would be possible.
  3. I dont mean the warframe or weapon mods, i mean adding custom quests, frames, weapons, whatever. What if DE suddenly went "warframe now has mod support", ignoring all the technical issues. What would the modding landscape look like. I my self would get a mod that would make ember at least usable at the mid-high level.
  4. Can there be another way to obtain wolf cred (or whatever cred is going to be used) or at least make it the first tier reward since some of the cred rewards are the reason for doing the challenges.
  5. I just did a infested survival arbitration with oberon and with renewal on and the armor buff active and full health, but then i instantly died and my body goes flying into the air as if i got hit by a bombard.
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