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  1. Not true, recently my lich was "fuming" but I still had to play like 4 missions before he finally showed up.
  2. Yeah, we really need some way to guarantee a lich encounter. Nothing is more frustrating than playing an umpteenth mission after having already figured out the requiem combination and the damn thing still doesn't show up.
  3. Just look at how much flak Empyrean got for not launching with a proper solo option. Players clearly don't want to be forced to party up, and your suggestion would piss off a lot of people.
  4. Well you are suggesting unique items for those who play with a party. I don't want to be forced to play with others just to get some unique stuff.
  5. What's wrong with not wanting to stay together? And what about us solo players?
  6. As far as primaries go, shotguns are in a good place. Assault rifles, on the other hand...
  7. I often sell my stuff for much cheaper than the "true" value when I just want to get plat fast. I'm not anal about getting the absolute best possible price out of everything.
  8. Don't worry, he can't do s*it. People have reported me (or at least threatened to) for ridiculous reasons dozens of times and nothing has ever happened.
  9. Try warframe.market
  10. Well, they've said multiple times that Primed Chamber would return on way or another. The real question is why it took them so damn long, though. The mod is kinda s*it and absolutely not 3k ducks unless you really want to complete your mod collection.
  11. Same. I guess I'm turning into a boomer since I just can't find the motivation to delve into super wide and complex games anymore. Hell, I don't think I could handle WF if I started it now.
  12. Yeah but almost no one uses it. I played for weeks without even knowing that it exists until I ran into some screaming kid. Kept it disabled ever since.
  13. The second requiem needs just as much murmurs as the first, only the third needs more.
  14. I'd imagine the latency would be absolutely horrendous for a fast-paced game like this.
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