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  1. Here's a good summary.
  2. You still have the a-holes who put a dummy WTB to their text just to bypass people's filters. It should be a bannable offense.
  3. The augment actually makes it a decent nuke for farming defense.
  4. Bioware had over 6 years to develop Anthem, they have only themselves to blame for spending most of that time with their thumbs up their asses.
  5. Has there ever been a game touted as '[some other game] killer' that actually managed to do that? Also, it's rather hilarious how people still want to blame Activision on Destiny's shortcomings. By most accounts, Activision was actually pretty hands-off with the entire thing and the bad decisions were on Bungie.
  6. You can just post your message to the respective channel and then go see the other one.
  7. Umm, what? If you want to buy something, you go see the WTS chat and vice versa.
  8. I've been only playing for 2 years so I don't have anything super rare or exclusive: - Two Stalker noggles - Burning Ember noggle (can't remember where that one is from) - Teshin bust and Orokin tea set (from Sacrifice promo) EDIT: The Ember noggle was from Strata reconstruction event, I think?
  9. There's no set time limit for invasions, it depends on how many people complete them. Tenno.tools estimates are usually pretty accurate, however.
  10. We can't help you here, you should contact support. It's been quite a long time so I wouldn't hold my hopes too high but it's still worth a shot.
  11. It gets them money, it helps keeping the drop tables manageable and also balances the trading economy (without vaultings, old Primes would be essentially worthless because of the supply greatly outweighing the demand)
  12. Wait, Ubi went and turned Ghost Recon into a f*cking looter-shooter? And I thought what EA did to Command and Conquer was bad...
  13. Zephyr, Tiberon and Kronen
  14. What warframe would you put in room 101 and why? I'd probably go with Revenant as well. He's a total mess. What warframe ability would you put in room and why 101 Limbo's 4 because I actually want to play the damn game What would you like to bring back to warframe from room 101 and why? I'd like them to give that IPS rework another go, it's like they completely gave up with it after their initial suggestion was panned. What in real life would you put in room 101 and why? Outrage culture
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