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  1. Yeah, because that's really original. We have more than enough edgydark WH40K-wannabes to go around but there's nothing quite like Warframe. EDIT: I would also like to remind you that the game went to the big league roughly at the same time they started to move away from the original style (among with some other big changes) so whatever they did, it was obviously a winning move. Whether or not you happen to like it is absolutely irrelevant.
  2. I've only bought Nidus. I ran Salvage a few times and already came to hate it, then I took a look at the drop rates and decided that I'd rather just grind Relics and buy the damn thing.
  3. Remember when the BotS update came and it took several days before you could even semi-reliably finish a run without the gamemode either getting bugged or your game crashing, sometimes taking your entire PC down with instead of just a clean CTD? THAT was a bad update.
  4. This. Remove starting plat, instead give new players 4 frame slots and 10 weapon slots. Right now the starting plat just confuses people and too many newbies end up spending it on something stupid.
  5. Not much the forums can do to help you. The servers are probably under heavy load because of the new update, it will most likely settle down soon.
  6. Pr1A


    Newbs have so many other things they should be spending their plat on instead of frames and weapons.
  7. I've never heard of DE taking down non-profit stuff (quite the opposite, actually: they often showcase fan art, music etc. on their streams) so it should be fine.
  8. Probably not any time soon. There's many older Primes that have never been unvaulted (unless if you count Twitch promos as unvaulting)
  9. That was an astounding display of incompetence from both Sony and BioMalware. On this day and age you have have memory protection and all sorts of other fancy stuff to ensure that a poorly coded app can't mess with anything else but somehow they managed to do just that.
  10. Argonak Rivens are rather hard to price. It's a decent weapon with good dispo but it's largely overshadowed by the likes of Tiberon Prime. It still has its fans, though (I personally love my Rivened Argonak) so I think you could get 150-250p.
  11. Something like that shouldn't be possible unless their consoles have some insane security flaws.
  12. You forget "Watch this 40min clickbait rant video by some youtuber because I am incapable of forming and expressing my own opinions"
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