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  1. The Hotfixes are nice but... pretty much all of the augments are useless. Khoras whipclaw already does enough damage. You probably would've had to do at least an hour of Survivial T4 to notice the effects of the augment. As a Gara player I would say that healing 3hp/sec doesn't make much sense. It would encourage Gara players to cast Splinter Storm on allies but, oh wait, it's a pain in the butt to do so because enemies can still be affected by it. Sure they're more vulnerable but there is still the problem that it only affect a single enemy while Mass Vitrify makes multiple enemies even more vulnerable and unable to move. Either Splinter Storm doesn't affect enemies anymore or it receives an AoE. Seriously I would cast it way more often on allies if I would be able to. As for Wukong - Octavia exists therefore his new augment will see no use. Speaking of Octavia - nobody will sacrafice 9 capacity and a mod slot just to be able control where their resonator is going.
  2. As one of the (probably) few Gara players I am kinda disappointed that this is the only thing she got. Not knowing Splinter Storms damage is probably the last thing I could care for. The fact that it's nearly useless to use against enemies is the problem I have. It does what Mass Vitrify does with multiple enemies, to a single one. Besides that being nearly useless, it makes casting Splinter Storm on yourself and your allies far more annoying than necessary. As it stands Mass Vitrify is not as inpenetrable of a barrier as it's (hopefully) supposed to be. Some enemies can stick their weapons through the barrier and shoot what's on the other side, enemies getting cover pass through the barrier and can just jump through it when jumping from an elevated surface (This is very noticeable on Hydron/Helene). I could take a guess why those things happen but I still hope that they can be fixed. Besides all of that - nice that we have new Amp to play around with but new decoration for the dojo just means that I will have to pump more plastids into decorations placed by my clan mates. ^^ And, well, it's nice to not have those black squares
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