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  1. I don't think reworking the combat is needed, if anything it's just slapping a big stylized letter on the side of the screen and making it go from D to SSS depending on how often a player repeats the same action or how they mix it up. Now, having it affect gameplay would be a different story.
  2. Okay so I was playing ESO to level stuff up, and I was using unmoded Talons which, when detonated, would launch enemies into the air and I started trying to melee them mid-flight and it made me wonder. What would a Devil May Cry inspired style ranking system be like in Warframe. Often, the most efficient method for killing enemies isn't the most stylish or fun. Using a Saryn or Equinox's 4 is obviously far more efficient than trying to use the full range of mobility, melee, shooting and abilities combined. What would happen if we had a style meter, ranging from D to SSS, which filled up b
  3. Finally got my own Necramech. Sadly only have Vitality so far so I can't comment on a lot of the mod balance and such. -MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE LET US USE NECRAMECHS IN ALL MISSIONS, NOT JUST OPEN WORLD: This is by far the single most important improvement that can be made for Necramechs to prevent them from being forgotten and abandoned. That being said, here's more feedback. -AMMO REGENERATION NEEDS TO SCALE TO MAGAZINE SIZE: An Imperator Vandal or Mausolon takes too much time to regen ammo and often leaves the Necramech unable to contribute to a fight. This could al
  4. Currently building my Necramech after the quest. First of all I want to congratulate everyone involved with the animations, sound and visual design for the mech because they did an incredible job. The biggest pieces of feedback I can give and I think this is shared with most of the community: 1) ALLOW NECRAMECHS TO BE USED IN ALL MISSIONS (As a side note, you should allow arch-guns and Necramechs to be used in ESO, separate from the gear restrictions on energy pizzas) 2) ALLOW NECRAMECHS TO USE ARCH-MELEE (and do a general buff for arch-melee to along with it) 3) ALLOW NECR
  5. Like many others I'm more bordering on cautious optimism than hype. I just want more medium/small updates that get good reception rather than another Old Blood situation. I pray to every single god out there that the Helminth system will spark a revisit to most Warframe powers and get most of them tweaked and buffed. Nerfing Roar and the like will do literally nothing to stop people from choosing those abilities. Even after the nerfs Roar is still a better choice than, say, Air burst or Terrify. Hopefully we'll get Warframe Revised part 2 soon.
  6. I usually rush even when there isn't a timer. If the rest of the team is staying behind to kill enemies I stay and help, but in my opinion rushing is simply more effective if you're just trying to get the mission done Now if there's a timer there is absolutely no reason at all for NOT rushing, and I don't feel guilty at all if my teammates are left behind, they should be rushing as well.
  7. I really like the Karak and I think its a pretty good rifle even without any mods. If you mod it correctly it can be a beast So when are we getting that Wraith version? I need my Karak with sexy red & black paint
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