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  1. Your sacrifice will not be in vain, OP
  2. Congratulations on releasing Empyrean! ❤️ Kinda sad that half of the complaints about it are just people not reading the update notes, like how you can still level intrinsics without owning a railjack or how the omni-tool is instantly added to the gear wheel, anyways I have some feedback: 1) Improvements towards looting. As it stands looting is needlessly slow and irritating, mostly as a result of the loot being hard to see and often being very far away from the railjack. One of the better suggestions I've seen is some kind of radar ping that highlights loot out in space, this would need to be pretty far-reaching but it would solve loot being hard to find. Another good suggestion was an automated drone that picks up far-away loot and brings it back to the ship (not unlike a player in archwing flying out to find loot) Said drone can be a tactical avionic, a craftable munition like missiles, take your pick, the important part is that its an option for players to find far away loot during combat or to cut down on time flying around empty space trying to pick up all the loot. 2) Archwing combat is too dangerous. I will say I haven't leveled up any intrinsic enough to get the archwing buffs, but right now even the medium earth missions with fighter level 9-12 or so can easily two-shot archwings. If archwings are just supposed to be the transport method between your railjack and boarding an enemy crewship or another point of interest then fair enough but if players are supposed to utilize archwing to fight then I would suggest taking steps to prevent being killed so easily. Either reducing the damage archwings take or giving them a high chance to evade enemy bullets outright would go a long way to make archwings feel less risky out in open space. 3) Forge refinement trolling. I personally haven't been a victim to this yet but from what I read a few people are having issues with players refining resources mid-mission, effectively leaving the railjack without any means to replenish revolite/munitions/etc quickly, having to rely on finding more resources before a critical missions failure (and even then a player could just refine them again before someone has time to craft revolite). I second the suggestion of locking the refine option until the mission is complete or at the very least until the railjack is out of combat and no enemies are attacking. Another solution that could work would be spawning a sort of "grineer supply ship" when the railjack is on the critical hull breach countdown, that when killed instantly gives the crew a hefty amount of already-crafted revolite. While this suggestion does kind of fly in the face of effective resource management which is a core of the railjack experience I also feel like dying because RNG decided to not give you enough pustrels or your teammate refined all of it is a low blow to the player. Edit: after some more playing I'm noticing the lead indicator that you get from gunnery intrinsics doesn't actually seem to work, I have to shoot pretty far ahead of the indicator itself to actually hit the target unless it's coming straight at me. Aside from that, I'll mirror some of the complaints about damage and repairs. Your railjack's HP seems way too low even after upgrading it by 300% or so. Enemy damage just feels a bit higher than it should, which leads to constant needs for repairs. I remember Scott saying they didn't want players having to repair all the time but by the end of the Earth Proxima nodes that's about what I and other crew members had to do, which in turn leads to eating up all the revolite and not having enough pustrels to craft more, consequently dying... All in all the enemy damage, frequency of repair duties and the overall resilience of your railjack could do with some more fine tuning. That's all I have right now, will have to keep playing to get a better picture of upgrade economy and such. Overall in the short time I've been playing I've been liking Empyrean quite a lot, even playing solo, though it can get hectic at times and I've only gone halfway through earth. Good job on the update but please keep an open mind to the feedback being provided, we all want this update to be the best it can be.
  3. This is seriously brilliant. Reading the intel mission page gave me serious XCOM 2 vibes. Mad props to the author, I pray DE will take a look at this and see how they could improve the system.
  4. Ever since Destiny 2 came to Steam I've been thinking Warframe might seriously benefit from adding some form of PvEvP gamemode similar to Gambit.
  5. First of all, I'm extremely impressed with a lot of the reworks. Stances feel much better (with a few exceptions, notably Bullet Dance) and every single melee feels viable now. I can't remember the last time I took something other than my scythe zaw or Redeemer Prime into a mission and had this much fun, so congratulations on a job mostly well done. Now for feedback, I'll try to keep it brief but I'm warning you now I'm not very good at it: Heavy attacks are just bad, plain and simple. They are slow, the range doesn't compensate for that slowness and the damage isn't anything impressive (mostly as a result of melee overall just being stronger. In 100% of cases you're better off just using normal attacks since you'll kill whatever you need to kill before a heavy attack comes out) I had this suggestion since a few days ago and in fact I saw something very similar posted on this exact thread. Take out heavy attacks and replace them with a selectable or stance/weapon-specific buff or special "Blade art" for lack of a better terminology. Ideally they should be something that is universally useful for all frames and weapons and is an actual consideration against keeping your combo counter for blood rush. My suggestions would be that using these new heavy or "special attacks" would: 1) Give the player X% damage reduction for X seconds, scales with combo counter 2) Grants the player a second spectral melee weapon that hits twice after you attack for X amount of seconds (imagine Nero's devil trigger from DMC4, every melee swing gets a copy follow-up attack) 3) Unleashes a wide-ranging sweeping attack, Im talking like 35+ meters in a circle around the player, it needs huge. Or a void projectile, similar to that one plague star exodia, that explodes on impact (again, giving RANGE to melee is something desirable and would be worth considering when stacked up against blood rush) 4) Increases your melee range by something like 10 meters for X amount of seconds Lastly you could add a period of time after using these special attacks where all melee hits and blocks add +2 to combo counter instead of +1, which would give more incentive to use these abilities since building combo back would be even faster, allowing you to actually benefit from these special attacks without sacrificing your combo counter too much (either that or make them not consume all combo counter as default, maybe 50%) Again, kudos on the melee rework overall. I'm extremely excited to see what the last phase and the whole rage mechanic will be like, but please do consider changing your mindset about heavy attacks as they just don't quite fit the style of Warframe.
  6. Nikana Prime with the new combos and berserker is hilariously fast, but then I decided to use Gauss too...
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