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  1. Just putting my two cents but if a free to play game can give people upwards of a thousand hours of content before it starts being repetitive then that seems pretty worth it in my opinion. Any game will lose its shine eventually, it's only a matter of how long that takes. As for the community, it's the same as any other game since the dawn of time. There will always be a toxic vocal minority in any community, its important to remember that they're not the MAJORITY. I regularly go to region chat and end up wasting hours just talking with people about whatever the late night topic happens to be.
  2. Passing my time doing mostly doing tridolons. I started very recently after neglecting it for a long time and finally found a comfortable pace running Trinity on public tricaps, doing 2 or sometimes 3 per night if I get lucky. I finally managed to build one of every frame. I still have to replace banshee, nova and wukong with the prime variants (and atlas soon!) but it feels good to have a complete arsenal. Gauss is okay, a bit too much micromanagement for my taste. Acceltra is very fun but Akarius just feels slow and clunky to use. Feels lonely being a one-man clan for 6 years ;_; Outside Warframe I'm trying to continue reading Umineko, and started writing a little mystery novel of my own with a friend.
  3. It was beautiful. Complete enemy scaling and armor rework. Melee 3.0 came out and it was a total banger. Inaros prime came out with quadruple the base HP and Wisp prime's model was...well.. I won't go into detail. Railjack also came out and hit it out of the park, it truly blended the game together, it was the proverbial glue that stuck all of Warframe's different components into a cohesive whole. Raids came back and better than ever. Implemented railjack, archwing, open worlds, normal missions, squad-link and 8-player squads all at the same time seamlessly, you could have 50 players all working towards the same goal at the same time, it was magnificent! DE released mission command voice packs for every character including Vay Hek, Tyl Regor, Alad V, Little Duck and more! The New War gave us meaningful mechanical changes to the game, finally used the morality system that had long since been forgotten, had an incredible and richly detailed story and added tons of lore, and the BOSS FIGHTS. MY GOD THE BOSS FIGHTS (YES MORE THAN ONE EVEN!) and who could forget the introduction of the Tau system, a whole new starchart to play around in! And planes of Duviri, of course! Such a unique, completely different way to play the game, so unexpected, I couldn't really describe it even if i wanted to. Not to say that the newly released infested open world wasn't wonderful as well, because it absolutely was! Oh and DE reverted the universal medallions so we could use them for conclave (which also saw a huge rework and is now enjoying a healthy and active playerbase that isn't at toxic as Saryn wishes she could be) and also added the Komi minigame into the game. Yes. That update was truly amazing. I'm really glad it totally did happen and it wasn't just my imagination. Huh...? What do you mean I'm still dreaming?...Oh...
  4. Just letting you know right now OP that you're gonna get a lot of people telling you you're in the wrong, that's just how the community behaves when you bring up the leechers issue nowadays. I hope you know that there's a big amount of players who agree with you and we're all tired of leechers ruining this game for everyone, ESPECIALLY in regards to open world bounties and such. Before they're posted I'm gonna go ahead and shoot down the obvious defenses that leech-apologists are gonna drop on this thread 1) OP should not be forced to use recruiting chat to find a group, that's why public matchmaking exists 2) Yes, joining a bounty means that you SHOULD participate in said bounty. By joining any mission you are implicitly agreeing to participate in it along with the other players. Not participating in bounty (or any mission for that matter) is forcing other players to take on added burdens under the false pretense and assumption that you'll help. 3) If you're joining a bounty just to fish and you think other players shouldn't bother you because you happen to be the host and "it's my instance and they entered, so why should I bother helping them with a bounty" then don't go into public matchmaking and ruin the game for everyone else. EDIT: 4) No, OP didn't incite hostility by asking "why are you leeching". That question isn't an insult nor did OP kill the guy's dog, there is no reason to cuss at him for asking such a simple, and lets be honest, well deserved question. EDIT 2: 5) No, the leecher being a low MR does not excuse leeching. Not only is MR a non-indicator of playtime or skill (see: a 2000 hour veteran on an alt-account or someone who doesn't bother with MR fodder and stays at low MR), even with a low MR players will still engage with the objective and as was said further on the thread even the most support and unskilled player will end up with 2% damage and a few kills. As a side-not: No, I don't mind about having to constantly revive low MR players as long as they actually engage in the objective, I'd rather do that than deal with leechers and I will always revive them regardless of how many times they go down. You did absolutely nothing wrong, OP and if I were you I'd have reported them on the spot. Don't ever let anyone here tell you otherwise. Have a fantastic time. Cheers
  5. I kinda dig monochromatic Ordis tbh, gives him a little bit of extra snazz
  6. This sounds awesome honestly, I don't know if I'd use it as a normal mission however, this seems far better suited for a raid-like activity, given that trials are being reworked. After all, the trials were slightly modified versions of other mission types, but by and large they were just that, normal missions on a bigger scale. I second this idea, it seems great and it could take advantage of both archwing and railjack when it releases, adding objectives that take place outside the ship itself or using railjack as a means to enter the ship from outer space and begin the raid.
  7. Coffee for the coffee lords! I'm guessing the images about the exploiter event were images of Deck 12... But a part of my is kiiiiinda hoping to see Fortuna end up destroyed as part of the event, not just deck 12.... What? No, I'm not evil, I swear...
  8. 1) Are there any plans to talk about melee 3.0 during the devstream? 2) Now that Fortuna is out, what are some changes you want to port over to PoE? The conservation minigame and taking bounties in the landscape are some of the changes I think we'd all like to see implemented in PoE. 3) Because we all love charts and numbers, Have there been any big changes in companion usage statistics now that the Fetch mod and moa companions are out, or are sentinels still ruling the scoreboard?
  9. Yo but did anyone else see Garuda's new ability. It almost seems like they combined her 1 and 2 into one ability. I'm very excited now...OOOoooh the ANTICIPATION
  10. Great work on the game as always. My biggest question is: Can Pablo get a raise after his stellar work on literally everything he's touched? Now for the less important questions: With the implementation of the animal rescue system in the Vallis, are there any plans to integrate the system into PoE as well? Can we have a look at the K-drive's modding system and/or customization? Since we can take bounties without returning to the hub in Fortuna, this raises an interesting point. If the case were to happen where a bounty is finished and half the squad leaves, but the remaining players want to take more bounties, are there any systems in place to allow more people to enter the instance? Or will we eventually be forced to return to the hub to "restock" on teammates? And of course, because it bears repeating, any info on: -Melee 3.0 -Damage 2.5/3.0 -Companinon Rework -But mostly melee 3.0 Would be greatly appreciated
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