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  1. 1st ty DE .as an mr 25 fortuna gives the impression that warfarmer is a new 2018 game....for my questions -we need you to remove the old pet system switching.just make it simple like sentinel system. -pls can you put the price in "DUCATS" under the item when we open the relic "this will help us a lot for baroo trading". -cycle temperature in orb valley too short for warm weather (4mn every 22mn) .sometimes only 2 fish spwn. -i appreciate if the "watch weather" was under the mini map not every times checking it in the big map"?" -we have always a new frames(Khora-Revenant-Garuda..etc) but after a week no one use them...we need a special mission where those frame will be necessary. -and what is next open world as you can see "warfarmer feel a live with a new open world map" ty DE. space mom im waiting the day to kick your beautiful ass in "tau system"....XD
  2. -melee sound need a work,sometimes i feel like my melee weapon doesn't even touch the enemy...unlike the old one we feel every stroke better especially with slash weapon -ping is not stable since the las update ,my average was 100 ping but now its over 260 and not even stable even with 100 ping there is lag. -i like nezah delux skin but what you did to his 3rd (halo build) was bad....i like the old one it was very useful in "Defection mission". ty DE for your hard work ..(chimera prologue was nice)...and im waiting for the day to kick "space mum beautiful ass" in "tau system".........XDD.
  3. 1-we need an update for loadout option to save even school and operateur option and pet. 2-system switching betwin pet need an update exp from eidolon hunt to farming (put in staz adarza - remove smeeta from staz- pay 10k to accelere staz - equipe). 3-bug operateur in eidolon till you die * the hunt many time...need to be fixed. 4-system landing craft in the ship need an update sometimes we spend 1h to get the right position of display. and our ships is like our frames need more personalisation 5-why we cant upgrade mod in simularc? 6-we need a mission with 8 player ik its a very hard works but you are DE you can do it 8 frame in one mission ech one withe his special power like (eidolon hunt) will put warframer to the next step i hop we will see it in fortuna or at least riljack 7-story for the nice sacrifice quest.Ballas the hight Executor The genius this personality can't be consumed quickly like that....its like killed "thanos" from marvel from the first not even fight but shot i fell like even "cpt vor" is more powerful than him (should be the very hardest fight ever at several times with many weapon tactic archwing ...etc) than came Hanhuw than idk maybe natha than grand ma (nice to show her at the end) ty DE space mum we missed you
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