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  1. Obviously not everyone would only play Mesa and Saryn, it's ironic that you tell me to stop being silly with statements like this. But their huge popularity is pretty telling. Both deal more than enough damage for 99% of the game's content while doing it in a faster, more efficient and more fun way than Ash.
  2. I'm with you. "But Bladestorm deals a lot of damage blah blah" yeah except it does it so slowly the enemies are more likely to die to another DPS warframe or even a weapon before you even finish marking them. Also the average player will never reach a point where Ash's damage outscales frames like Mesa and Saryn so there's no real reason to use him ever.
  3. Sure, but then you miss out on all the beautiful ability effects you can get by using complementary colors. We shouldn't have to choose between decent-looking emissives and nice ability effects.
  4. Right now the energy lights on most warframes end up looking like a mix of the primary and secondary colors, which not only looks terrible, but it also doesn't match the energy colors of armor, sigils and other attachments that use a single energy color. Here's my Volt for example. I had my energy colors set as blue and yellow. After the latest changes in Update 24.7 his emissives turned green, which doesn't match the armor's energy. Same with Chroma. Sometimes the energy colors aren't even consistent on the frames themselves. For example, Day and Night Equinox Prime have different energy colors, with the combined form having both. Finally, the energy effects on some frames got messed up. Valkyr lost the pulsating effect on her face. Revenant's flares look way too bright. No picture before the changes sadly, but it looked much better and the colors weren't getting mixed together like that. In my opinion all energy effects should be reverted back to what they were like in Update 24.6. The energy lights should be determined only by the primary color, with the secondary only affecting abilities and special energy effects like the ones on Revenant, Ember and Nezha deluxe.
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