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  1. I'll start this off by saying I know this will never happen, I just like imagining what could happen if de decided to go this way So my general idea depends on the duveri paradox, if u don't know what I'm referring to leave this thread I dont want to explain. So open world for tenno in what appears to be a space in a void rift or something like it, it would be safe to assume this is outside of the normal space time continuum. So why not have a tenno faction there, with multiple events that have the tenno (us) building a city there. This city could implement some of the features
  2. sorry I just watched the latest dev stream, Steve says its on the back burner. Which means they are still working on it. Ignore this thread from now on Only comment, take it off the back burner
  3. could we get some updates in the next prime time/devstream Or when ever possible On the state you guys have cross play in Such as what challenges your facing and what limitations you may need to enforce Ik you guys like to be secretive and all but this is something everyone wants and it honestly seems like you've dropped the idea, some reassuring would be nice
  4. They already skipped nezha for inaros, they aren't gonna skip twice. So yea... 1-2 more months
  5. Mot-void or argon crystals Wahiba-mars morphics Nekros, khora, booster and steel path for optimal outcomes They need to change the bile costs imo
  6. As a long time Nezha main, I only have 2 requests. Keep him feminine Have the accessories stay with the nezha theme Is that too much to ask?
  7. the grind was one of the more fun grinds I've been through. A lot of different things to do Equinox was more annoying, but thats cuz i did 6 hours with no breaks to get her.
  8. just a thought. Press to make warframe come to u Hold to go to warframe ?????
  9. I think people are taking from this that I'm moaning I don't have enough resources I have tons of resources What im on about is the investment needed to do one feed, none of it matches the availability of the resource in game You get 100 per excavator on base Capped at 400 per excavator if u have a booster and do steel path Compare that to picking up 10k nanospores in one go. Add steel path 20k Add booster 40k Add nekros and khora and it goes up tons There is no khora and nekros for cryotic There is no khora and nekros for railjack resources
  10. Nightwave only since update 27.3.6 But they did say they are looking for other places to give it away
  11. DE seem to have got everything right except one resource group Bile 3000 cryotic for 1 feed, example. I just did half an hour in excavation WITH A BOOSTER and got 3k Steel path 6k compare that to doing a half hour in most grineer survivals where u can get tons of resources easy due to stacking nekros and khora and boosters and even steel path if u want. 15k alloy plate? pft easy 20k salvage? Didn't even dent me 3k cryotic? hmm how about no chief. Lowing it to like 500 per feed would be more reasonable. 1k maybe But 3k Plz look into this
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