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  1. Thanks for the constructive feed back I'll definitely take all this into account when I redo this rework in a year
  2. Wow, ur getting pretty mad at a forum post I made on a whim I dont care if it 'evens out' cuz the extra 0.4% is mitigated by his enormous health bar. Eventually he will be getting one shot. While these other tanks that can use shield gating won't. And toxin procs annoy inaros 2. But you know what annoys inaros more than toxin. Slash Slash skips all his damage reduction because its armour, not base damage reduction. And I like how u focus on one thing of this rework and blow it out of proportion 'mUh TaNk iS aLrEaDY TaNk' Well no, others beat him in this
  3. OK. With ur math inaros gets to 98.6% dmg reduction. When nezha can get to 99% with just adaptation and his ability warding halo When mesa can get to 99.5% with adaptation and shatter shield When gara can get to 99% with adaptation and splinter storm And, mesa, nezha and gara can abuse shield gating (shields give an extra 25% btw) since they all have a dump ability and can put pillage on themselves Inaros isn't tanky when compared to other tanks
  4. Ay, im missing my nekros and my oberon I was also missing my ash and vauban but I just got them
  5. Sorry, ik that is a tactic and I tried to put that, but I did kinda write this really quick and didn't think to put that. But as u just stated, its not really useful to the team if the team kills all the enemies. Why not allow for a wide range with multiple effects instead of small range minimal effects That was the general idea behind this
  6. Inaros may not seem like they need a rework to those who are using him right now, but if you look at the player base of inaros its majority early game players. This is because later game players see no insentive to use Inaros, why? well, there are a few reasons, but to answer that we need to go into why somoene would play a frame. Someone will play a warframe to fill a purpose. There are five purposes in this game: Buffing/Debuffing, Tanking, DPS, Healing, and Crowd Control. Most well designed warframes fill multiple of these roles in some way. Lets take some examples: Mesa
  7. I payed for the following prime unvautings this year: Ash Vauban Nekros Oberon Banshee Banshee was explained in the inbox message, I'll be getting her in 2021 But where are the rest? I only got ember, inaros, ivara, titania, and trinity prime noggles from the end of year holiday gift even though it states 'For each prime warframe purchased in 2020, through prime access or prime vault*, you have received the corresponding prime warframe noggle to put on display' Where are they DE This must be a bug
  8. I bought the following prime accesses. Ash prime Vauban prime Nekros prime Oberon prime Banshee prime Nezha prime And did not receive noggles for them In the inbox message where I received noggles it said banshee and nezha will be next year, but that doesn't explain the other missing noggles. Where would I go to report this? If its here could I get some support?
  9. Consecutive throws after an explosion aren't possible You just restart and go back to first throw Whats the point of the Consecutive throw animation if I cant use it
  10. This is probably a result of just porting over the glaive rework. But in order to expload the glaive you need to throw it by holding circle then press heavy attack with r3. A better design would be letting us throw with r3 I'm able to pull off glaive explosions by having my index finger on circle and pressing r3 with my thumb but thats super awkward to use. Please change this
  11. I'll start this off by saying I know this will never happen, I just like imagining what could happen if de decided to go this way So my general idea depends on the duveri paradox, if u don't know what I'm referring to leave this thread I dont want to explain. So open world for tenno in what appears to be a space in a void rift or something like it, it would be safe to assume this is outside of the normal space time continuum. So why not have a tenno faction there, with multiple events that have the tenno (us) building a city there. This city could implement some of the features
  12. sorry I just watched the latest dev stream, Steve says its on the back burner. Which means they are still working on it. Ignore this thread from now on Only comment, take it off the back burner
  13. could we get some updates in the next prime time/devstream Or when ever possible On the state you guys have cross play in Such as what challenges your facing and what limitations you may need to enforce Ik you guys like to be secretive and all but this is something everyone wants and it honestly seems like you've dropped the idea, some reassuring would be nice
  14. As a long time Nezha main, I only have 2 requests. Keep him feminine Have the accessories stay with the nezha theme Is that too much to ask?
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