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  1. share...pizza? what kind of commie S#&$ is this.
  2. I'm gonna go with Echoes here, highly doubt that prime access giveaway plat is tradeable as people would flood streams with bots. Plat given by promotions is also not tradeable so it wouldnt be surprising that prime access giveaways and plat prizes from any of the streams are treated similarly. If you have the correct amount of plat listed in the top right of your screen in the escape menu or while looking in your inventory but have a different amount when youre trading then the "missing" plat is not tradeable and can only be used for market purchases.
  3. #1755707 Level hole in grineer tile, Kiste Ceres.
  4. As I pointed above when someone else suggested the same thing. The penta is not a suitable substitute for the javlok in this capacity as it staggers you if you fire it to close to you which the javlok does not do with its primary fire and the proc duration from the napalm cannot be increased with status duration mods. If I was to use the penta for this I would have to shoot myself more often meaning inflicting more damage to myself on an extremely fragile frame and I would also run a greater risk of accidentally staggering myself leaving me in said fragile frame exposed and vulnerable. ---- For those suggesting the Zarr its also a really bad alternative as well, even with a skew towards fire its going to proc blast a lot which means you spend loads of time shooting without getting the the heat proc which means tons of time spent shooting the ground and not getting energy. You would have to get a riven with no damage buff and a buff to SC which anyone who has rolled a riven a few times with specific stats in mind will know that it wont go well and even if you did manage to get one it would still be worse than the Javlok in this role. While not as bad as the penta with napalm grenades its still an awful suggestion. All this drives home the point that this specific change to the javlok should be reverted as the "alternatives" dont actually qualify as such.
  5. It is definitely a temporary solution but thats not always a bad thing. At least in my case it lets me use the frame as I have been using it rather than taking it out of my stable entirely.
  6. Which is more likely to happen sooner and is also easier to do, revert one change on the Javlok or rework Ember? I'm not saying that Ember shouldn't be reworked but its probably not on the todo soon list at DE. I'm obviously biased towards the option that lets me keep playing a frame that I like but is that a bad thing? Seems like a simple ask.
  7. The fire proc from the napalm grenades is not affected by status duration and is limited to 6 seconds. The javlok's procs are affected and can be slightly more than doubled with Continuous Misery and Hunter Track. A status duration increase is quite helpful as it means you dont have to shoot yourself as much. Additionally the Javlok does not stagger you with its primary fire while the penta does while also being more smooth to use as you dont need to switch from the javlok to your secondary you only need to throw it which is faster than switching. The penta is an inferior option in ever way.
  8. In my experience they are more awkward and I prefer to use my primary slot for this purpose so I can use my secondary for a triple element Mara Detron Condition overload combo or another secondary like the Hystrix. When not using it for energy I either fire off a few shots to proc enemies or throw the Javlok and use my secondary and melee for the duration its away. I was excited when reading some of these changes as ones like the Increased area of affect and clip reload while thrown would make this process much smoother as I would hit more enemies and not have to reload when I either pick it back up myself or wait for it to auto recall before throwing again. These would have been great additions to my playstyle with Ember but removing the self damage kills it and it cant trigger the passive anymore. I cant help but find it somewhat funny that DE introduced all these mods to encourage niche playstyles/loadouts but then killed another niche playstyle. I hope that they revert this change, I would hate to have to wait for them to rework Ember so I can play her again.
  9. I really like the Javlok, its one of my most used primaries not only as a normal weapon but as a trigger for Ember's passive with a cautious shot build. After the slight riven disposition buff recently I didnt expect it would get any more attention so the massive changes were quite a surprise to me but not an entirely good surprise. While overall they are good changes, however one of them is the worst thing that could have been done short of removing the weapon from the game entirely. Javlok Reduced zoom FOV. Adjusted Impact and radial Damage split from 230 Impact and 50 area-of-effect to 160 Impact and 120 area-of-effect. Increased area-of-effect radius from 1.6m to 2m. Increased projectile speed from 70 to 130. Removed self damage from Primary fire. Removed damage fall off from Primary fire area-of-effect. Auto recall timer reduced from 20 to 6 secs. The removal of self damage has 100% killed my Ember build as I used the Javlok to trigger the energy regen passive. I dont use kid mode for anything I dont like it and I dont want to use it and now this change has removed the primary(and only effective) source of energy generation outside of spamming energy pizza's. With this change I cant even see myself using Ember ever again which is a shame because I really like taking her into higher level content as being effective there with Ember is quite hard and busy work and I enjoyed the challenge. Please Revert this change DE
  10. Thats a pretty trash attitude you have there and bonus points for pulling out the tired old "premade party" crap like its an actual solution. Its hardly just my problem judging by the others here who share a similar opinion but I like how you try to spin it like that to try to dismiss what I'm trying to say. overall 3/10 mediocre post Yea a universal toggle would be a bad idea as it would shoot down buffs that I doubt anyone would turn down outside of a few select scenarios like renewal on a garuda trying to use her passive. So individual toggles would be the better idea of the two but theres also not many skills that I think would apply here, Volt Speed and Zephyr's Turbulence with its Jet Stream augment come to mind as the most disruptive though the latter is very rare cause who playes zephyr amirite lol *cries*. So buffs like damage/armor/health/etc wouldnt really need a toggle, the only other thing that comes to mind that some people might not want would be the melee speed boost from Valkyrs warcry but imo thats not really disruptive like a random speed boost is. As for being told off for asking volts to not boost or not spam speed I've been told off enough to make me debate leaving a game if I see a volt to avoid the whole situation entirely but that gets old and annoying fast and with host migrates being like they are I would prefer to avoid migrating people as much as possible if I'm hosting. Overall I can see that it seems like a silly issue when you take a few steps back but the problem is the lack of situational awareness and/or lack of care for others is what makes this a problem in the first place. As for introducing more bugs DE seems to do that at a pretty constant rate anyways so I dont see how it would be a change from the status quo(not bashing DE thats just how it is).
  11. It doesnt hurt octavia players to have them muted and it benefits those who dont want to hear what passes for "music" to most octavia players. I cant think of any way a volt player could be negatively affected by someone opting out of getting affected by speed.
  12. Because when I'm near the volt player they can still boost me? like at the start of the mission or at any point throughout which makes me have to stop to backflip to get rid of it, I can fly through the level at mach 10 if I choose but I dont constantly do it because the game just becomes a meaningless blur. I dont know when its going to happen so I could jump get a boost in mid air and either have to stop to get rid of it or potentially get hung up on something I wouldnt have if I hadn't been boosted. I also have no problems controlling my warframe as youre insinuating with the practice comment. Additionally volt speed isnt just sprint speed its movement speed so its affects aim glide speed which affects aim glide distance and drop which as I stated above can get me hung on up things I would have otherwise missed. Instead of having to ask every single volt player to not boost me, then have to deal with the likely occurrence of getting told off for "telling them how to play" it would be better for everyone involved if there was a toggle option for skills like speed that simply opted you out of it. That way people who dont want it dont have to waste time asking only to possibly be told off and then have to modify how they play to suit someone else's whims and volt players can spam as much as they like with no negative effect to them. A toggle is literally win win situation for everyone involved.
  13. because I like going exactly as fast as I want to go, which is usually faster than any volt player anyways.
  14. A simple toggle in the menu to disable certain frame buffs would be awesome, at no point in time do I ever ever ever want a volt speed boost and constantly having to backflip to cancel it kills any progress i can make in a mission when some asshat spams his speed S#&$. Surator syandana colors also bugged on the smaller boosters. Autoblocking ruined Guardian Derision which I use for my oberon build. DE pls fix
  15. Tard tokens are picked up by vacuum? #*!%ing really DE? #*!%ing really?
  16. Surator syandana does not have correct energy color for the smaller boosters in mission. Display correct color in orbiter/hubs but display as default color in mission.
  17. One good change that came from this was the ability to store the charge on the sydon and set it off with the channel button rather than having to potentially waste it or accidentally waste it. If we got manual block back that would be the icing on the cake for the sydon.
  18. I dont use Guardian Derision to "tank" but I do use it to force enemies to attack me for rage/hunter adrenaline for my oberon build, as it stands now its all but useless because if enemies are ignoring me I cant make them attack me due to autoblocking not triggering or triggering unreliably. It and Electromagnetic shielding can also be useful in a pinch for taking heat off of defense targets and teammates who are reviving. While I dont imagine that many people use such mods that doesnt mean that they should be made effectively useless to push an undercooked change to a core system. I think DE would have given is an option in the menu to retain manual block if it wasnt for consoles not having enough buttons. I like the changes for the most part, directional ground slam is a definite win, as is switching to melee quickly if you want to use combos but I think it was definitely rushed out because they were excited about it in house and because of the ever persistent demands for melee 3.0 to come out. Personally I would like to see a toggle for manual block, and additionally I would like there to be an option to require a doubletap of melee to deploy then swing. While it has no negative gameplay effect to actually have to attack to bring out melee I would prefer to be able to tap it once to equip melee then tap again to attack if needed when not doing a ground slam, it would look much better that way.
  19. These pickups need to be a manual "press x" to pickup thing, I do not want to get nerfed because some bad fresh out of the starchart died at 2 minutes.
  20. i dont get it, so many people complaining about him being hard to kill. just like...kill him, its not rocket surgery.
  21. Dual energy is awesome but it doesnt affect the Jattuk Mantle Tennogen jetpack or the Zephyr Grax Tennogen(specifically the little booster on the back of the head) Heres a picture of what I expected to happen with the jattuk mantle, demonstrated by the Surator syandana
  22. The lingering elemental FX on the venka wasnt fixed by update 24.5.0 despite listing it as fixed. Proof Its also a problem in missions as well
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