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  1. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Zaw build help. Non plague

    I like ... Thanks
  2. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Zaw build help. Non plague

    I recently found that "for me" Zephyr Prime is very easy to maneuver and do a jump with a slam attack. That being said I just found it really fun to use exodia epidemic on my zaw dagger (which I usually use with Inaros w/exodia contagion) So now I want to build a staff zaw to put it on . I Do Not have access to any plague parts so I want the next best thing for speed,SC and some damage. Any help is appreciated thx.
  3. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Excalibur and Excalibur Umbra

    buy legendary cores make sure you have 1 million credits..... and you're golden.
  4. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Need an Ivara Build and recomendation

    Duration/Range/Infiltrate = Spy mission complete... then choose other frame. lol
  5. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Do you mean to tell me.......

    And we need a transmuter to accomplish this task.... Couldnt just trade em in? Might as well sell them for 15 plat a piece and come away with something.
  6. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Do you mean to tell me.......

    I'll start over..... Do you mean to tell me..... That I have to get a drop called a "Riven Transmuter".. to combine FOUR rivens that I do not want.. into ONE riven that I more than likely Do not want? I love warframe, However this concept does not work for me at this moment. Thank you
  7. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Wukong deluxe

    Gonna Be so fun to play him for like 2 hours, and then realize ... Yep its just Wukong. Back on the shelf.
  8. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Best frame for Zenistar?

    Coming up on 300 Day reward. If I take Zenistar does it synergize well with a particular frame? Thx
  9. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Are the Inaros augments any good?

    Instead of Augment .. Slap on Adaptation
  10. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Whats holding me back from Ash

    I googled and noticed there are a lot of complaints and some videos that show how broken and the move is.
  11. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Whats holding me back from Ash

    So there are enemies that are immune to CL?
  12. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Whats holding me back from Ash

    This is actually my second post about this, I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem. I love playing ash. I love using daggers with covert lethality and I love using "Fatal Teleport".. NOW, That being said. When I get to the second sortie mission, While using a dagger and " Fatal Teleport" The enemy is dodging out of the way of The teleport. It is ineffective using a dagger. I can fatal teleport with my Gram and get the kill ,But not the dagger even with covert lethality. I dont know if its a range issue or what. Enemy seems to side step or back bend out of the way of my fatal teleport with dagger. So Annoyed. Any Insight? Thx
  13. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Arcane requires skin?

    Might be the beer goggles.. Ill check again thx
  14. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Arcane requires skin?

    To get zaw arcanes says requires skin? Can someone elaborate? Thx
  15. (PS4)Sixshotz6

    Fastest Melee Weapon Animation

    Add natural talent mod on Inaros to throw your pocket sand as fast as possible, Dagger with covert lethality, primed fury, gladiator vice and if you have a riven with attck speed for dagger. Can also build a pretty fast Zaw dagger if you got the time.