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  1. I like wisp’s deploybles. It's different, it's cool. Only change I’d like to see is to have a fear CC instead of an electric shock – there’s not many sources of fear. It’d be fun just to have it so the ability could stand out some more. Her 2 is too quick for me; it’s the same issue I have with Nezha’s ring. I’d love it if her decoy could hover (in the air) for just two / three seconds at the end, unaffected by duration, for a larger window. Hovering in the air would be a nice way to tie in her invisibility passive, should you teleport to it. Her 4 isn’t what I was expecting as DE was showing her off. With all the reservoirs, I expected more synergy with them. I expected something along the lines of the reservoirs each manifesting a wisp decoy that could pull /taunt enemies in closer – which would make her 3 even better. Recasting her 4 before the duration ended could cause the decoys to explode with the damage scaling on how much time was still left.. but nope – giant, solar-powered death ray.. idk, it just seems boring.
  2. The companion set mods are all really fun. I would like to use them more often but I have a hard time fitting most of them into my load-outs. I've used them for a bit, but I've quickly dropped them to return to my old configuration. It is especially hard to fit these set mods into slots on my warframe. Most of the time, these companion set mods have to directly compete with a slot that I save for ability augments. It's really not satisfying to make that trade off most of the time. I know there must be a limit to mods, but are the devs at least sympathetic to the limited spaces for mods once you take into account ability augment mods, a few defensive mods, quality of life mods (quick thinking, energy cap, efficiency etc.) and mods to actually shape your frame into the destructive ninja you want to play as? If the devs are sympathetic, would there be any hope to eventually see a re-imagining of ability augments and how they are applied to warframes? Could augment mods be applied to warframes in a similar way to arcane with their own indicated slots?
  3. Many infested tilesets use the current corpus tiles as a base. With the future Venus, gas-city update and the refreshed corupus tiles that comes with it, should we expect the infested tiles to be updated down the road as well? If I am in the mood, I actuactlly enjoy the Conclave but finding a group takes much too long and sometimes it's just one other person which is not very exciting and for Lunaro, it can make the daily challenges impossible: catch 6 passes from a teammate, but you have no teammate ! Is there any chance DE could make Teshin's mods and offerings cheaper in order to lower the barrier to entry for new players? Would DE consider adding events, just like plague star or the ghoul invasion, where special rewards are available: fashion, landing craft decor, guild hall statues, etc.? I think the biggest issue is people are assuming it's bad and not giving it a shot and not having an incentive to try - that's what happened with me and what too me so long to get into it.The glowing shoulder ribbons from Lunaro would attract some people to play I bet. I've been having a ton of fun recently with weapon augment mods, especially the ones from the Index and Kela de Thaym, I hope to see more, would DE consider adding more weapon augments? Not too long ago you asked for Nyx Suggestions from this Community, have there been any suggestions DE has liked and is considering?
  4. Whenever I use a weapon that mostly does impact damage, I feel like I am handicapping myself, since all it is good against is shields - while the other physical damage types can either proc an aggressive bleed (slash) or is stronger against armor specifically (puncture). In my experience, if you bring a slash or puncture weapon against corpus, you'll still be able to do respectable damage without noticing significant effects in your gameplay; on the other hand - again in my experience - if you bring an impact weapon to a grineer mission you'll notice the damage reduction instantly. A clear answer is to tailor my weapon choices but I rarely switch my gear for missions, insteading swtiching gear when I want to change it up - Sometimes I find myself going through a Melee Hammer phase. What is being done to incentivize impact-based weapons? This goes beyond melee weapons but the only impact-based weapons I ever use are melee weapons. I would love to see impact damage buffed in the coming changes to the point where it feels like it's on the same level as the other physical damage types.
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