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  1. Banshee's kind of a mess. I only see or play banshee on Io when farming relics in order to nuke the room -- or in the Index for the sonar damage multiplier and enemy radar. Her skills don't have any kind of synergy as far as gameplay goes. I avoid using her in regular missions. If I were to solo with her, I'd probably go for a low range savage silence build -- low range because of how the stun works. I'd use the skiajati and Arcane trickery for a round-about way to access to invisibility. Trinity is still a great support and she's pretty tanky. I don't know if I've solo'ed with her, but I imagine she'd be fine for awhile depending how long you go in an endurance mission. When I want to play a supportive role though, I've been leaning more towards Ember since her rework since she can offer energy orbs, damage reduction, armor stripping, and bonus heat damage.
  2. I stopped playing ash regularly because he was too easy. I can't nuke a room with him in an instant but I can kill whatever I need to with him with barely any effort -- while taking very little damage thanks to invisibility. I see no reason to change him. He has his place in the game. I would be disappointed if he were reworked.
  3. I actually like Nyx's 1, 2, and 3 now. Her 1 scales, her two strips defenses, and her 3 was always good. Her 4th skill is where I have a problem and I think it's what's keeping her back. Her 4 requires the augment and even with the augment it's still fails to reliably protect her; while I have it on I don't ever actually feel safe and I never feel safe enough to turn it off. Once it's on, it's on for the rest of the mission. DE supposedly updated the damage math for her nullify, but it still feels really weak. Energy drain is an issue. Range is an issue. Mobility is a terrible issue. Her 4th skill needs more to it especially since that is really what's supposed to keep her alive while all the psychic chaos is going on around her. My suggestion would be to include the assimilate augment in the base ability, so then without the augment you could still slowly walk around at -50% speed. Consequently, her augment would then need to change. The augment should be: +50% movement speed, and the explosion damage is increased whenever a mind-controlled enemy dies, scaling off that enemy's health -- this helps endurance play-styles. The -50% range effect on the current augment should be removed. Lastly, the movement speed should not scale with power strength, but the damage should. If this ability can do a serious amount of burst damage, I might take the risk from time to time and turn it off just for that explosion.
  4. I disagree. Squishy frames have a future as long as they can avoid damage or as long as they can continue to mod for their survival. I honestly stopped using health, shield, and armor mods in exchange for rolling guard and I've been doing fine in all levels of missions. 3 seconds of invincibility is strong even with a cooldown -- plus now that I'm roll dodging more in order to proc the effect, I'm taking less damage in general. That's how I play my vauban and I don't die too often with him. CC-resistant and ability-resistant enemies do introduce problems but I'm not usually being flooded with those enemies. Other options like adaptation and quick thinking still also exist too. Now that more challenging content is being introduced, how we use defensive mods might need to change. When a squishy frame only has 300 shields and health to work with, +X% health or shields might not be the best option. I don't disagree with some frames needing reworks. I've participated in a few of those discussions on these forums, but I don't think all those frames on your list deserve to be on it. Mag's counter pulse augment can basically prevent enemies from attacking. Plus she has two ways to restore her shields. She isn't squishy. She has access to defense. Mirage's survivability comes from her 1 mostly, those clones distract a lot of bullets. her 2 is a great CC and her high damage nullifies a lot of threats. she's still squishy but that's the price of her damage output, but even still, she avoids a lot of damage. Her 4th skill is a mess and that deserves a tweak, but I wouldn't call one change a whole rework. Limbo is basically invulnerable until you choose to take a risk -- if you ever even take that risk. The radial banish from his rift surge can limit how often you need to leave the rift too. Excalibur isn't a rhino or a hildryn but he's still pretty solid. If you need blind everything and still have one CC immune enemy or lich attacking you, you shouldn't be quickly overwhelmed. Hydroid is needs some work, there's a thread about him right now; other players and I have been making suggestions for him. And yes, Banshee is in a terrible spot she has nothing really going for her. Lastly, I don't play volt enough to really weigh in. To be fair, I think tanky frames with lots of defensive options do have an easier time for some of this newer content, but squishy frames still have options to address their survivability.
  5. Ivara's strong and she's in a good place. I do all my arbitration with her, and only her. Most importantly, to me at least, Ivara is one of the few frames in the game that I consistently switch between builds, depending on how I'd like to play. For example, when I take my Vauban, gara, baruuk, or whoever, I really just stick to my one-size-fits-all build; but with Ivara, I've got a range of options. Unless it's a capture, exterminate, or other mobile mission, I always use my dashwires. I have no issues using them. They are great. Cloak and sleep arrows are also great. Ok, we agree on this. Noise is pretty much pointless. It needs a secondary effect -- maybe enemies could show up on the map like Banshee's sonar. I don't need a game-changing buff, but I need a reason to use it. In fact, I can't remember the last time I used noise arrow. Navigator is a mess. I don't like the skill, it really does have awful controls. I know it's the key to Eidolon hunts with Ivara, but in all other missions it's just too messy to use & the flight duration is a pain, especially since it takes me awhile to actually hit anything. And if I'm going to spend the time driving a projectile around, I need it to feel worth it. I need more than raw, pointless, over-kill damage. Prowl is a good skill. As long as you have energy, you can stay in stealth and energy isn't super difficult to keep up. The movement restrictions are unique and I actually like them -- playing Ivara and relying on smart jumping and roll dodging as made me a better player. I would be sad to have those movement restrictions lifted, I want them to stay. You mentioned the noise issue with prowl but now that we have weapon exilus slots, prowl was buffed; although even before these exilus slots, I wasn't struggling with this. Before, I just modded for silence or used a innately silent weapon. Energy being drained on movement, receiving damage, and melee kills never felt great. Those costs should definitely be removed. Lastly, given Ivara's diverse build choice, I don't think the steal chance shouldn't be tied to power strength. Her Artemis bow is fine. It's strong and I like the charge level determining the angle of the shot. My one note to give is that the other exalted weapons feel stronger. The augment for this on the other hand is terrible. Like @DatDarkOne said, you nailed it here. It's a bad mod. Sleep arrow can help with head shots since enemies won't be moving, but even that takes too long to set up. I just end up frustrated and wasting my time. I can kill enemies quicker without the mod. The augment should just be a guaranteed lenz-type shot without the lenz's delay. What are the chances that DE tweaks her just a little for her prime release?
  6. Yeah I like that idea. That would standardize his kit a little more.
  7. I completely agree. I think his one currently functions well. The only change I would support is that the corrosive procs from the augment should be included in the base ability, though only when it is fully charged. And consequently, the augment could then return the corrosive procs to normal, un-charged casts and maybe increase the rate at which armor is stripped.
  8. I'm glad you liked the suggestions and agree with the ones you listed. Damaging the kraken head, as I understood, would be included in the base ability and the pilfering swarm augment would stay the same. The tidal surge into the undertow suggestion might end up being clunky. When I play hydroid, there's times when I just want to use tidal surge and don't want to go into the puddle at all. It seems like your suggestion might always end up with me in a puddle -- and I see that limiting his mobility. so I would still prefer the tap to go into the puddle / hold to tidal surge -- this way you could hold 2 and dash forward without ever going into the puddle state if you choose. The tidal impunity and curative undertow augments could definitely be combined into one, exactly like vauban's repelling bastille and perpetual votex augments now being one. However, if by, "Combine the augments into one skill" you mean include it on the base skill -- I think that's too strong. If you just meant combine them into one augment though -- yeah, we're on the same page. His two would then become a great support skill. I would make room for that two-for-one augment. As far as the drowning on land CC ability goes, I'm not really sold on it becoming his new three. It sounds too similar to his one. His one uses raining missiles to knock enemies down and now his three will use bubbles to panic enemies -- and again only in a target area? I'm still open to suggestions for a three but I'm looking for something that can help keep him alive for those times when Hydroid needs to venture outside of all his CC'ed areas. Like really: Hydroid is not tanky, he relies on his CC to survive. I suggested the impact status buff so he could continue to CC no matter where he goes and those staggers might be impactful enough (Pun Intended) to keep himself alive but not provide too much security where the whole CC is no longer important. I would've suggested straight-up damage reduction, but that is so over-done and it doesn't really fit the CC or pirate theme -- plus that might outshine the rest of his skills, DR is no joke. If you're not feeling the impact buff, I'm sure you're not the only one haha. So care to add to it? Or happen to have a different solution to my concern: Hydroid needs a CC that travels with him for survivability?
  9. Yeah that makes sense. It's like how they made wukong's twin be a super aggressive version of equinox's augment. They didn't fix all the AI, they just tweaked one form of it. So, alright, if the tentacles were tweaked and they would consistently pick up multiple enemies, then no extra tentacles needed.
  10. Ok, yes, I agree with all this. I guess I wasn't thinking of the visual impact that more tentacles would bring. My screen is usually already filled with stuff, I guess there's no reason to add to that. The reach on the tentacles is important but even more importantly, if the tentacles would reliably pick up multiple enemies, then it'd help with my problem of this skill's CC inconsistency.
  11. Yeah, 1 should be buffed. I'm on the fence about the augment being included though. If it were to be included, then maybe that effect only kicks in when the ability is completely charged. Having CC, armor strip, and some decent damage at lower levels is a lot for his 1st skill. At least the additional energy drain might even it out. Instead, what would you all think about adding a combo window like ember now has (and like atlas has had)? It'd incentivize high efficiency builds where you can afford to cast it multiple times. Charging his 1 should pause the combo window so you can still be smart with your placement and you don't need to rush. The combo could really boost damage and duration affects the combo window which is a stat I think all hydroid builds build for. Speaking of stats, I agree that hydroid is stat-hungry. Some Extra base range might be enough to open some mod slots. But again, maybe the range should be tied to each fully charged ability just to require some effort. I know the charge mechanic isn't super popular but if the charged skills had greatly more noticeable effects, that might make them feel better to use. This might also reward experienced hydroid players who should know when they need to charge their abilities and when they don't need to waste their actual energy and time. I'd like to mention that while I don't want his 4 changed, I would like it buffed. The un-moddable 10-20 tentacles really isn't getting the job done. Being able to damage the kraken head will help with the damage portion of this ability, but its CC isn't consistent. For the amount of range that I have on my hydroid builds, especially when I charge his 4, there is not enough tentacles to reliably keep me safe. Enemies are still able to walk through what should be a locked down area. I would suggest tying the number of tentacles to power strength but that might ruin negative strength builds which I assume is a thing -- and given how stat-hungry he is, I don't blame them; I use negative efficiency, but negative strength for this mostly cc frame isn't outrageous. I would suggest giving pilfering swarm an additional effect that adds +10 tentacles and have this amount modified by power strength, but pilfering swarm is already a strong augment. Is increasing the base number of tentacles too much reward for no effort in exchange? I'm aiming for 15-35 tentacles. And I know his 1 can help with my current issues of enemies not being CC'ed but I want to cast my 1 outside where my 4 isn't supposed to reach, I don't want it to use it just for plugging holes in my 4, right? Thoughts?
  12. For the inevitable 1 million twitch followers, can the community create a warframe by voting? It could be like 20 questions that help gauge our interests in what we'd like, each question narrowing the scope down further. Maybe #1 gets semi fast tracked and the runner up is out by the end of 2020?
  13. what if it all just scaled with power strength? I like my mod choices to matter and I like having builds that play differently. The base could be 25% of our direct damage to the kraken applied to all enemies held by tentacles; allies could have 15%. so with 200% power strength, it could be 50% and 30%. If you really wanted to, 300% power strength would get you 75% and 45% You'd have to sacrifice a lot in your build for that, but it'd be doable, and it puts each player in control of how much they want to take advantage of this. Tbh since hydroid's so focused on CC, I mostly lean towards range, duration, and efficiency. This would get me to throw some power strength on though.
  14. Oh right. Yeah we talked about this in the thread I started. This change still works for me. It would help increase consistency with damage as everything flails around. When you say split the damage, let’s say I hit the kraken’s head for 1000 and 10 enemies are in the tentacles, each one would take 100 damage? Or 1000 damage to each enemy? Or is it a percentage of the original damage, like, idk, 30% of the original to each? I don’t play zephyr much, remind me, how does tornado work? glad you like our proposed changes!
  15. yeah, @WarRelic, that's what this thread kind of landed on too. Undertow should be combined with tidal surge: tap 2 to go into the puddle, hold 2 to dash forward. the energy cost to use tidal surge while using undertow should be halved too -- that's the standard arrangement now for abilities like that (zephyr & revenant). the new three I suggested should be the impact proc buff explained above in order to easily stagger enemies (therefore taking less damage) and that buff could have a secondary effect. @Prosodical likes the evasion / accuracy secondary effect. I like it too; I really like the comic haha.
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