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  1. I like Protea, I'm having fun with her. Two things I would hope are addressed though: 1) Protea's turrets can't fire through volt's shields, which is a problem. It's wasted energy for me and I end up resenting the volt player, even though they're just using his power like I am. The Mutalist Quanta's secondary orb also blocks the turrets. Haven't seen what happens with Gara's wall or Frost's bubble but it'd be worth testing. The Blaze turrets should be able to shoot through these. 2) I'm finding Temporal Anchor off-putting. When I have to run through a level: to an interception point, to a excavation, to another part in fortuna, etc., it just doesn't fit into what I need. I think it's fun but I want it to better suit the fast-paced, always moving forward, playstyle that serves a purpose in of most of the mission types. So can we get a period after the rewind where we can hold four and then re-rewind? Or can we get an interaction like wisp where we can hold 3 and port to our dispensary, maybe this teleport is only available for a few seconds after rewinding? I'm sure there's plenty of options to address this, but the point is it's odd to rewind back 8+ seconds when the rest of the team is rushing forward. You end up falling behind.
  2. the augment mod changes awhile back were a good start, that was where you adjusted the mod for oberon’s 1 to affect him too for example. There’s still some other augment mods that need some touching up though. Can we expect a second round of augment mod changes? How’s the berserker mode going for melee? Is that the last piece to this melee 3.0 puzzle? Now that some frames are getting a second deluxe skin, has there been any effort going towards a frost skin? His prime is just a color remapping for his regular skin including those in-your-face icicle legs — also, his current deluxe is almost over the top silly. I tried to play him but I couldn’t get over how he looked. There was artwork by liger for a warfan not too long ago. Was that a gunsen skin or a separate weapon? I would like a second warfan. Was there supposed to be another kavat type being released? From the kavat contest, weren’t there two winners? Speaking of kavat, how are the statistics for vasca kavat usage? Will scarlet spear be introducing the command intrinsics? Grendle was the most recent Warframe released. I still don’t love him yet. But I could be in the minority. How are the statistics for him or is there anything in his kit you’re looking at? will corpus liches have a different gameplay loop to set them apart from the grineer liches? Will it be the same: kill a larvling, farm murmurs, farm the Parazon mods, guess the order? Or will it be different?
  3. I want a Warframe that directly plays with the downed mechanic. It wouldn’t be a master of death but instead it’d be a frame who refuses to die easily, a frame that loves life so much that it’d claw, rip, and steal the life straight from enemies if that’s what it takes to keep on living. Essentially, I want a desperate frame. I would also like it to wear a mask. The mask should be unnerving, almost playful but definitely creepy — off-putting. So majora’s mask vibes but Orokin styled. Once it’s downed, the mask should break to reveal the total desperation inside. While equinox can easily shift forms just with her 1 and baruuk can enter his rage mode by wearing down his restraint, this frame would shift forms by facing death (being downed). While downed, energy will be drained, if you’re still dead by the time you run out of energy, you actually die and must use one of your revives. Gaining energy shouldn’t be possible in this frame’s unique downed state. While alive, this frame’s abilities could be tailored around recovering from death, avoiding another death, and having a plan for when death knocks at its door next time. While downed, the abilities would be centered around putting the mask back together and getting back to the world of the living (reviving yourself, though this shouldn’t be as easy at toggling an ability on or off). The longer you survive, the stronger you’ll be once you’re finally downed - the better the chances are that you’ll manage to revive yourself. Also, if anyone has seen the remake of suspiria, that’s the level of duality I’m interested in. One moment, this frame is ignorantly living its best life, the next moment, its once-innocent actions become violent and torturous. If I’m totally honest, having unnatural looking animations inspired by parts of the suspiria dance scenes would be wicked cool; sign me up for those. If you don’t know what I mean, check it out on YouTube or something! Last thing, I’m picturing this frame being able to run and bullet dash as normal while downed. Being stuck to the floor doesn’t sound like fun gameplay.
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