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  1. This is about as woke as it gets. Well said, also i share your opinion. Failjack is a glorified space grind simulator, take the existing game, remove the planets and weapons and replace them with spaceship and space guns and you have empyrean. Its soo hilariously bad that they had to nerf already abandoned/neglected Archguns in order to make failjack look good.
  2. Here's an idea that is as old as Software Development. How about you actually Alpha, Beta and QA on your code BEFORE releasing to the public. Just mashing up garbage and throwing it out in the public and using them as your beta-tester is having 0 respect for your player base. I did not sign up to be you beta-tester. Nor am i going to pay you (by buying prime access or plats) for treating me as a beta tester, good luck with that. These constant hotfixes are EXTREMELY annoying and im getting sick and tired of it. JUST STOP for god sake. Fix your game BEFORE release!
  3. Huh? You are proving my point. Dethcube and Tekko BOTH were released with Atlas. And thus null and void your own statement. I'm not sure what your point is?
  4. When are you going to release the official drop table with RJ content?
  5. You can call bs all you want. No overlapping you say? I wonder what Neo T2 is then?
  6. Thats cute. Now where the relic part for Dethcube and Tekko? you do know that prime release comes with a frame and 2 weapons right? You did say expecting every part to be in its own relic is normal.
  7. Look harder. Of the latest (re)release Mesa, Mag, Nyx, Rhino, and Atlas are a few that i can think of that had shared parts. I have the data from Chroma prime onwards. I have no data before that. And clearly 5 is more than 0.
  8. Rubbish. Normally there are overlapping parts in relics. This is the first i have seen where EVERY part is in its own relic. To make matters worse. NONE of these relics are in the bounty rotation.
  9. Every.Part.Has.Its.Own.Relic....This is a new low for $. Surely you must be scraping the bottom by now.
  10. Limbo. Dump everything in the rift and sit down and have a nice cuppa tea while the grineer waste their ammo.
  11. over 1000 intrinsic to max level 1 tree....GG
  12. Actually you can. Here's an example: 100% chance to roll the table for 100% chance to drop. Nice try tho.
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