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  1. Is there a TLDR version of this? that wall of text is frightening.
  2. Is there a TLDR version of this? that wall of text is frightening.
  3. As another Tenno has already mentioned. This has been going on a lot longer than Arbitration. At this point, its not a bug. Its a feature. Remember to buy that Prime Access....
  4. I think you dont understand the reason for the DPS to go with Unairu as opposed to Madurai. The time consuming part of the hunt is 1) The time gated animatons. 2) The shields. Of the 2 limitations the players have the ability control 1 of them, and that is, breaking down the shields fast as possible. There are 2 focus nodes that grant damage to amps. They are Void Strike and Unairu Wisp. By choosing Madurai as opposed to Unairu, you basically gimped your team. Had you brought Unairu you would have provided more damage to the 3 shield-breakers. TLDR: Dont use Madurai as DPS.
  5. Congratulations. You have found the flaw of AI.
  6. 18k damage from a grenade. That Moa wasnt blown to bits. It was blown to Atoms! Seriously, the damage the enemies deals are soo out of whack. Which makes one question. Is weapon/damaging completely broken? I myself have reported similar cases via here and helpdesk. And everytime its been ignored. This has been going on since the inception of Arbitration. My advice is, dont hold your breath on a fix. Just know that this isnt a bug, its a feature. And yes, getting 1 shotted in arbi is quite normal and it will be normal until DE decides to fix it.
  7. Without going into too much details i think his skill synergy is really good. His battery management is crucial to a lot of his skills. If i have one issue with Gauss is, his Battery level is not loud enough. Would it be possible to change the colour of the meter from green (max charge) -> orange/yellow (half charge) -> red (low charge) -> blinking red + pulsing sound to indicate that the battery level is almost depleted. I have been caught many times with a battery level 0 in the heat of the battle.
  8. Don't like it? then Skip. Why do people pretend that skipping is not a valid option.
  9. Warframe is not stock market. Warframe is a game. And DE is most certainly not beholden to player centric market.
  10. A sign of a bad limbo player. Why are you in the bubble? Its the stupidest place for a Limbo to be in (unless you know how to prepare for the eventual pop). Also, small bubble for corpus missions ALWAYS. And stay in the rift OUTSIDE the bubble to avoid the above situation.
  11. You (and we all) will know when its released. Until then wait.
  12. Everytime i see a Virminsk i feel the need to punch a wall to feel manly again. I should make friends with my local carpenter.
  13. Is every element going to be reworked in the future? The proposed changes to cold/frozen status effect seems ok, if it works as advertised. You could go one step further and allow frozen enemies to be displaced. That way frames with displacement skills wont be hindered (eg Nidus's Larva, Mag's Pull).
  14. Excalibur, lesion and hek. Those weapons will carry you as you get better mods and rank up the mods. After that, Rhino. Followed by the long grind to rank MR
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