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  1. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Finally a single viper Nerf. I was running around, not able to get any kills cause all these kids spraying single viper and hogging the action. Thank you, Warframe.
  2. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    I just took a two week break from the game and came back to this patch. The voice audio keeps cutting out, companion loadouts blank when going to edit, sentients not spawning on lua, and worst of all my Warframe is now vulnerable while I'm in operator mode which makes kuva flood a nightmare! Multiple people telling me the same thing is happening to them. How does this get missed in both your testing and cert? This is sloppy and I'm taking another break now. I've nearly had it with DE laser focus on what's next and leaving things unfinished and broken. I spent over $200 on this game and It makes me sick. Not only the bugs but our veteran players have been speaking out lately and we are still not being listened to. Kuva survival still doesn't scale and fetch mod only being worked on years and years after requested because they are seeing their fan base slip! I have not been made to feel like my time is respected with these rewards for missions either. Endgame should not be fashion dolly dress up! It should be challenging and rewarding and fun content that matches player level and damage output! All three of those things. Listen to your community before they abandon you. Vets are bored and these arbitrations and ESO are not the answer. ESO needs spawn fixing on maps before it could ever replace trials. The feedback is there and you need to listen.
  3. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    scaling rewards

    Bottom line, this game gets old after you get through the star chart and missions. I want my time to be rewarded and if it isn't I will play something else.
  4. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    I love Warframe, but here are the top 10 things I don't.

    I've had to limit my time with Warframe because of some of these. The awful kuva farm burnt me out, and at mr25 all I have to do otherwise is boring farms for dojo pigments polymer and plastids. They made the grind boring and I'm pretty sick of it. I have about 50 groll rivens that I only ever use in survival and ESO which are both broken. Getting leaderboard #1, which I have done, relies more upon knowing spawn locations on maps than it does your ability to kill fast. There are many game modes they leave unfinished and unrewarding because they are always pushing forward with low and mid level content. They know new players spend the most on plat and that leaves high ranking players dangling in the wind.
  5. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    My fellow newbies...

    I'll agree with most said except plains was never endgame. Ever. Rank lots of gear to get MR and do it in public defense missions on the highest level planet you have open. The real endgame is getting stronger through rivens and modding. Slapping a level 200+ in the face. Long Survivals for resources. If you are into asthetics, clan dojo design and fashion frame. The game doesn't really end. They just keep adding things. Every time I get bored of a grind, the devs add something new or bring something back.
  6. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I'll agree to that. They have shown quite a bit of the new system so far and I think they are set on going forward with it. With that said, I wanted to offer suggestions since it still is not finished, according to the Devs. I think they said it is half way done so now is a great time for that. I'm pretty sure a riven stat would be a variable they could change to suit their new system. There should also be a way to make a rare mod like maiming strike, viable within DE's guidelines. They did mention a few times, their admiration for the new god of war combat system. I hope function is not lost in inspiration and that this doesn't becomes "God of Warframe". I believe they can come up with a way to make this original in their game so it feels right.
  7. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Spin to win is really hard on my carpal tunnel. At the same time I don't want maiming strike and my slide cc rivens to be useless or need to be re rolled. That would be a large time sink. Perhaps repurpose this stat with a relevant variable such as heavy attack has 90% chance to be a critical hit. I am also concerned about how the combo counter only being used to amplify heavy attack damage will affect Warframes like Ash who rely upon it to deal ability damage. I can see this affecting his useabality drastically.
  8. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    It would be nice to see melee 3.0 in the simulacrum versus level 155 corrupted heavy Gunner eximus to assure us that it will be viable and cause acceptable damage.
  9. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    With Melee 3.0, my clan leader who has been playing for 4 years is saying he's going to quit because spin attacks will not use the combo counter. Can you do something about this or make another viable type of attack? If players have the dexterity to pull off attacks that reward higher damage, is that really so bad? In regards to this, can you make it so slide cc in maiming strike and rivens is not useless and perhaps uses that other type of attack mentioned? I'm not really ok with draining the combo counter that takes so long to build up on some weapons to do a strike that has decent damage. It would be nice to see melee 3.0 in the simulacrum versus level 155 corrupted heavy Gunner eximus to assure us that it will be viable and cause acceptable damage.
  10. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    New Contest: Tenno's Best Friend!

    "Well done, Sunika. You have captured the target's heart. Move to extraction."
  11. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    Will Melee Riven mods with channeling stats be automatically replaced with something else?
  12. Need an option to turn off the new cursor and allow us to quickly navigate with the old scheme or I am not investing anymore money in this game. My friends and clan mates are quiting and I have hardly anyone to do high level content with. Show console players you are listening to us by RESPECTING US!
  13. I love the new particle system and noticed an increased frame rate over the previous patch. I would like to offer my constructive feedback on the new UI system. I like that we can highlight names and links in chat to directly interact with them. Not having to use L3 is nice. I also noticed that scrolling mission rewards and stats while in the loading screen is now fixed. I feel that taking away the button hotkeys previously in place was a mistake. An example is when a gun was highlighted and you could press triangle to upgrade it or square to change apppearances. I also feel that dpad functionality and hotkey navigation should take priority over analogue stick navigation in menus. Modding takes a long time now as well with the "click and drag" method. Your new UI will be better for keyboard and mouse users, but the majority of your user base on console uses a controller. Forcing them to move a cursor around with an anologue stick will alienate them and make them feel as if they should be playing on PC. Yet, you offer no way to transfer a save from console to PC. Also if you did offer such a save transfer, from a business stand point, this would have a large impact on your revenue as PC players often wait until huge discounts to buy plat and console users get discounts rarely. The discounts we do see are up 45% off plat a few times a year and up to 50% off the market on only a very limited amount of items which most people will avoid. In summary, please keep in mind that most of your console users are on controller and you should not force a PC UI navigation scheme on them. I spent 6 hours with the new UI and while I can navigate proficiently, navigation has slowed down overall. Bring back button hotkeys that we previously had and continue to fix the bugs behind this UI release and i beleive you will reach your goal of seemless controller/Keyboard and mouse interation. It is just that one control scheme should not take away from the other, especially when the controls being crippled are what most of your console users are on. Consoles mostly plug into TVs, which sit in front of couches and do not work well with a keyboard and mouse.
  14. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    OOooo, or what about the crush ability stopping all incoming fire. If the enemies are stopping and floating, why wouldn't the projectiles as well?
  15. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    I see a lot of complaints about the Mag and Ember reworks. People are not really understanding what you said and or not understanding how to use the frames. With Mag's polarize shards scaling with enemies this means the tougher the enemy, the more effective the shards will be. Why did people ever think the use of the word "scaling" would mean the opposite of this? I think it is a great addition. Two more additions that could be added is to pull. I read an excellent suggestion to be able to hold the ability key to pull enemies toward the frame. It is a good idea. You could expand upon this by making a melee attack smash on the enemies close to her or continuing to hold the ability key will take that bundle of enemies and reverse magnetic polarity, causing the enemies to fly away from Mag and ragdoll them. Imagine being able to aim them and shoot them in an area of your choosing! An idea of mine that I had is to have Mag's pull hand glow when it detects an enemy in range could be killed by the pull ability. Why would this be a good idea? Well, because her viability in higher levels was an issue mentioned (a view which I do not necessarily share), but in higher levels coming across energy orbs is more of a problem. With her pull ability being able to pull energy orbs out of enemies if it is the killing blow, I think that detector would add to her scalibility. Currently, we have to guess and that can be hard to see in the higher level enemy's health bars. The complaints of Ember being even less effective in higher levels is also something I do not get. If you rely on WoF alone in high level areas you will be thoroughly disappointed. However, she becomes up to level 100 viable when you have her WoF knockdown augment. The way you use her in high level is with this and a strong finisher melee weapon so you can parkour up to a downed enemy and finish them off. You will be close range anyways so half the range shouldn't be a big deal. You are also getting double the damage from WoF. The double energy usage will take some time getting used to and a shifting of mods will need to take place to account for this double edged sword. I think with this cost we should be able to benefit from energy restoration packs while the ability is active. Currently you have to disable WoF to gain energy from these. I just crafted Zephyr and am actually going to wait to use it until the update because it sounds excellent. Before I was thinking this frame was going to be mastery fodder. I agree with Pablo that having to damage yourself as Chroma to get buffed is really dumb. Nothing in a real world combat scenario does this. Love that you will be mobile now with the first ability and new synergies.