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  1. Daggers are so worthless now with covert lethality nerfed to infinity and no finishers in combos. DE should balance this better. Give us a reason to use them compared to other melee that do it all better.
  2. Finishers on daggers in general, even with this mod, are now terrible. Compared to other weapons, there is little reason to use a dagger now at high level. That used to be the trade off. Low damage atk but 1 shot finishers. With a riven, this mod and elementals getting my damage up to the same values as my dragon nikana with finisher damage riven, the dagger does 1/10 the finisher damage. This was absolutely not tested and daggers got left behind in this update. It really needs to go back to the way it was.
  3. Farmed my first lich today. It was an incredible waste of time for too little reward. When are you going to learn at DE? I'm getting so tired of these bad decisions. I've been strung along the past year on ideas poorly executed and things I like being nerfed into obscurity until all that's left is a dinner table full of the same flavors. Nearing the end of my rope. Go back to your roots. They were funner. Being a super powerful frame is great. using our brains to break S#&$ and gain an advantage is fun. Being a nerfed frame with just a hundred more dumb enemies thrown at it is boring. I'm leaving this game for a while. Not sure when I'll come back.
  4. I'm surprised the melee lock is not being fixed in this. In order for the new melee to be successful you really should fix it. Doing a forward combo slips to the left or right of an enemy. I can't stay locked on and if I go past them and they are behind me, doing melee while pressing back does not do the forward combo. When I melee, the enemies aren't always directly in front of me. They are perhaps 60% of the time. Also, I saw no fixes to how weak Ash's bladestorm is now. It's bad enough that covert lethality was nerfed into the ground. You are going to have some lousy prime vault sales this time around if not fixed. It's good business sense to not nerf a product before trying to sell it. And for the love of God, remove Ember's chest bump animation of the 4 "ultimate" ability when the game is unable to Target any enemies. And please make her viable beyond just sortie level. Now that she is a slow frame, you at least need to make her more useful at real high levels. And remove that complete energy drain! Are you outa your minds?!! Lol at high level, the 4 isn't going to be killing anything, so a 15% chance of 0% chance to drop an energy orb = 0%. She used to have a place in void fissures and fast farming low levels. I have no idea what her place in this game is now, but she isn't fun to play anymore.
  5. Feedback: Ash doesn't feel right after this. Blade storm with Max combo counter is weaker than a previous version combo counter of 3x. Also teleport finishers don't seem to be working. Khora whipclaw feels nerfed as well. Inaros 1 ability allows finishers 10% of the time for me. Ember went from being irrelevant lv60+ to irrelevant lv120+. She still does not scale well and is somewhat a chore to play. I suggest not having her do the chest bump animation on her 4 when the game targets no enemies. The complete energy drain needs to go. Vauban rework is great. It feels like melee finishers within combos was removed 😞
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