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  1. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    The third place winners return for the crown! Clan Name: -Predators- Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PS4 Your Clan role: Warlord w/ Architect rights. Feature image: https://imgur.com/EgpvyUk Video Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTYE5AtlQ4c&t=87s
  2. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Synth mod set broken in simulacrum

    Sometimes it loads the primary when holstered, sometimes the secondary. But eventually none will work. I need to test in mission but this really sucks for a content creator.
  3. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    Love Fortuna. I think it's a hit and enjoyable. The alert system can ramp up difficulty a lot and was needed. With every new game mode there are always crashes. ESO had them, PoE had them and got ironed out. Fortuna has them currently. In my day and a half I have experienced about 10 crashes and sent crash reports with video. Not sure if these go to you or Sony. Half of them involved me trying to do complex tricks on the k drive, 1 was during host migration, and the others seemingly random. Also there is a bug when choosing a bounty on public, and entering the elevator. When a squad joins it then goes into the voting system for some reason. If I cancel the vote with triangle while in the elevator and loading, i disconnect and end up back in Fortuna. I hope this helps, because I will be spending some time out there I bet! Good work on delivering some difficulty for Vets at full alert mode. It's not the hardest content, but for Venus, it'll do.
  4. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Just read some of the other user posts and they are brilliant. I know you can adjust it with these ideas, DE.
  5. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    It's a fair offering. It doesn't skyrocket these to top tier in my opinion but will make them more enjoyable. Titania's lantern always had an issue with range. I hope that will be tweaked as well so I don't have to always cast 4 times and dump my energy to compensate. Also Nyx absorb change should accept squad damage as well like zephyr's tornados, because I don't know of enemies dealing corrosive or gas. It would be nice if our mind control target works the same exact way. We should be able to pump them up with damage types and not just their crappy form of damage, as that was always the problem with the scaling issue. puncture or tiny amounts of slash alone vs other high levels could never cut it. Please try and test this out as it would make your effort here worth the work you put into it.
  6. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Nyx rework suggestion?

    I'd love to see this: ability 1 Add element of melee weapon to controlled target. Even with the augment, damage has terrible scaling. Bullets that 1shot a frame, tickle other high level enemies. ability 2 Sends out psychic waves affected by range. Non-controlled targets grab their heads and are stunned while taking damage. Draining their health completely causes their head to explode. Hold down the ability to continuously pulse. Does true damage to health. ability 3 Psychic field. Hold to change modes like Khora's Vinari or Vauban mines. mode 1 - Chaos field classic mode but she is invisible to the controlled enemies. mode 2 - Enemies in range are mind controlled and spread out to the perimeter edge and gaurd the center mode 3 - Enemies in range go to sleep and are opened up to finishers. ability 4 fix bug when triggering ability during slide, the character cannot be taken out of a crouch stance. Otherwise keep as is.
  7. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Finally a single viper Nerf. I was running around, not able to get any kills cause all these kids spraying single viper and hogging the action. Thank you, Warframe.
  8. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    I just took a two week break from the game and came back to this patch. The voice audio keeps cutting out, companion loadouts blank when going to edit, sentients not spawning on lua, and worst of all my Warframe is now vulnerable while I'm in operator mode which makes kuva flood a nightmare! Multiple people telling me the same thing is happening to them. How does this get missed in both your testing and cert? This is sloppy and I'm taking another break now. I've nearly had it with DE laser focus on what's next and leaving things unfinished and broken. I spent over $200 on this game and It makes me sick. Not only the bugs but our veteran players have been speaking out lately and we are still not being listened to. Kuva survival still doesn't scale and fetch mod only being worked on years and years after requested because they are seeing their fan base slip! I have not been made to feel like my time is respected with these rewards for missions either. Endgame should not be fashion dolly dress up! It should be challenging and rewarding and fun content that matches player level and damage output! All three of those things. Listen to your community before they abandon you. Vets are bored and these arbitrations and ESO are not the answer. ESO needs spawn fixing on maps before it could ever replace trials. The feedback is there and you need to listen.
  9. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I'll agree to that. They have shown quite a bit of the new system so far and I think they are set on going forward with it. With that said, I wanted to offer suggestions since it still is not finished, according to the Devs. I think they said it is half way done so now is a great time for that. I'm pretty sure a riven stat would be a variable they could change to suit their new system. There should also be a way to make a rare mod like maiming strike, viable within DE's guidelines. They did mention a few times, their admiration for the new god of war combat system. I hope function is not lost in inspiration and that this doesn't becomes "God of Warframe". I believe they can come up with a way to make this original in their game so it feels right.
  10. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Spin to win is really hard on my carpal tunnel. At the same time I don't want maiming strike and my slide cc rivens to be useless or need to be re rolled. That would be a large time sink. Perhaps repurpose this stat with a relevant variable such as heavy attack has 90% chance to be a critical hit. I am also concerned about how the combo counter only being used to amplify heavy attack damage will affect Warframes like Ash who rely upon it to deal ability damage. I can see this affecting his useabality drastically.
  11. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    It would be nice to see melee 3.0 in the simulacrum versus level 155 corrupted heavy Gunner eximus to assure us that it will be viable and cause acceptable damage.
  12. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    With Melee 3.0, my clan leader who has been playing for 4 years is saying he's going to quit because spin attacks will not use the combo counter. Can you do something about this or make another viable type of attack? If players have the dexterity to pull off attacks that reward higher damage, is that really so bad? In regards to this, can you make it so slide cc in maiming strike and rivens is not useless and perhaps uses that other type of attack mentioned? I'm not really ok with draining the combo counter that takes so long to build up on some weapons to do a strike that has decent damage. It would be nice to see melee 3.0 in the simulacrum versus level 155 corrupted heavy Gunner eximus to assure us that it will be viable and cause acceptable damage.
  13. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    New Contest: Tenno's Best Friend!

    "Well done, Sunika. You have captured the target's heart. Move to extraction."
  14. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    Will Melee Riven mods with channeling stats be automatically replaced with something else?
  15. (PS4)Soul_o-O_Eater

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 (LIMBO PRIME + Hotfixes)

    Need an option to turn off the new cursor and allow us to quickly navigate with the old scheme or I am not investing anymore money in this game. My friends and clan mates are quiting and I have hardly anyone to do high level content with. Show console players you are listening to us by RESPECTING US!