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  1. Having played with the new Energy change, I 100% agree.. The point of having the Energy Attached to the Warframe was alright, but not really good.. It was bound to fail because not everyone want to have High energy frame. Just bring back the damn normal Flux cost like it was before. Or make it mixed with the Warframe Energy . Hull should've been part of railjack from the beginning. What you shouldn't have done is basically nerf every railjack's stats to push a new item. Spending hours on finding all the right parts for my ship a to NOT have an explosive decompression
  2. Fixed the Bane Mods applying the increased Damage twice NICE Hidden nerf.. Primed Bane Mods have litterally NO use now.. Thanks for wasting endo+credit for us Hyperstrike Old Max Drain: 13 New Max Drain: 15 Predator Old Max Drain: 8 New Max Drain: 11 Section Density Old Max Drain: 10 New Max Drain: 15 Forward Artillery Old Max Drain: 9 New Max Drain: 16 IS that a Joke.. Why do we have to waste ENDO + CREDITS + FORMA to make our ship the same as before ? Ah yeah.. Artif
  3. Ash and Oberon have been added to Railjack rewards! Oberon Component Blueprints can be found in Grineer Railjack Point of Interest and Skirmish Bonus reward tables, and Ash Component Blueprints can be found in Corpus Railjack Defense mission rewards. We’ve permanently removed Ash and Oberon Blueprints from Eximus and Manic drop tables respectively. We did this to connect Railjack to some more ‘core Warframe’ style rewards, and make their acquisition more straightforward for matchmaking purposes. REALLY? Why cant you understand that you DONT NEED to remove MULTIPLES WA
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