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  1. I don't think that 45 seconds is enough to complete another set, even in the worse case scenario when you need to load in 3 times, just over 2 minutes. In case you might be interested, If you use a formatting tool to put your 'games' partition on the hard drive to the outermost part of the hard drive, the metal is technically spinning faster at the outside, so transfer speeds and seek rate are about 10 - 20% faster than closer to the center or 'beginning' of the drive. If you need the space, this might be something that's useful to you.
  2. I currently use and have been using a WD Black 7200 RPM 1TB hard disk drive. It still takes me only a few seconds to load into plains of eidolon. Similarly, I load in to most missions near instantly. The load times come from waiting for others' clients to communicate with the host and back, and for some people, internet latency is a serious problem. Having an SSD won't suddenly help you complete another set of fights, because you're still limited by DE's networking code and how the clients communicate with each other while loading. You probably don't realise how much stuff has to happen when connecting to a mission. It wouldn't make much logical sense for the eidolons to suddenly respawn, would it? At least with plaguestar, the big ass boil is always present, and it's makes more sense to want to inject even more toxin into the boil. Just sayin.
  3. Where's mah super saiyan frame at ?! come on de... the wait is killing me after the disappointment that was hildryn... My plats are ready to spend!~
  4. Redtext: also... RIP my internet. 3 hours of patching. gg. Wish there was a wild Wisp in this update, but i guess I'll just have to keep hoarding plat until she does come...
  5. I'mma jump in on this...... Shattering impact is the only thing that makes impact melee useful. Reducing it's effectiveness only makes impact damage worse... hope you got damage 3.0 coming soon, because theres lots of impact based weapons that are cool in concept but rather useless in practice.
  6. It's unnecessary. I regularly solo bounties, but when I have people with me, I couldn't care less if they went off to sit on a spire and do yoga. More players = more spawns. I still play warframe after these 6 years because I continue to enjoy killing things. Giving me more things to kill is a good thing. Also...I still think we need a kick option for squads in general. for squads size 3 and 4, get a majority vote to kick people... 2/3, 3/4. That would be far more effective.
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