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  1. ye tho just me usually i like to skip them with alt tab
  2. sad why would u lock yourself to the basement when there's an entire battleship war out there
  3. i find redeemer similar to kohm it require 5 slots without a riven to hit 100% sc
  4. @dota_Icarus what im saying is everyone gangsta till
  5. i still find co builds damn strong,breaking the 100%sc limiter will make them even stronger just u wait also if u have to guess which one is better
  6. best lich so far to give u a challenge is the one that teleports frequently and hit with rad
  7. just u wait for it i'm sure there would be other upgrades
  8. grinding for euphona prime receiver x4 formas 3 times in a row
  9. sustainable grind + (x5 rng) i'm out of there as soon as i get all weapons don't even care about bonus % anymore
  10. i was playing nova on getting my first lich and it gave me +elect wile on second one was using barukk so it makes sense + imp fml just give it a decent buff & let me pick the frame i want lol worst thing is i cant even get rid of it 😃
  11. when u get the Lich with the weapon u want but worst bonus there's 2 much rng into this ill be fine with the grind if weapons share same "good" bonus
  12. u wont stop me using a catchmoon even if the dispo get nerf to the ground but cyanex ?!!!
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