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  1. I am having matchmaking issues and am from Australia. I have tried changing servers, restarting router and unplugging, changing router setting (disable ipv6), restarting xbox and unplugging a number of times and I still cannot squad up with my friends and clanmates, this has been an ongoing issue since the Tempestarii update came to console. I'm on a xbox one x.
  2. My friends and I haven't been able to squad up since the update. Friends aren't showing on friends list Squad invites aren't delivering Can see them in the clan list, but cannot invite them through the list, or via private messaging them, or through the recent players list Can still trade with each other in the dojo Can still gift each other Normally we play Warframe every day and since the update we haven't really played at all, only to log in and see that we still can't play together.
  3. Also get this glitch on xbox with tekelu skin. http://imgur.com/gallery/UcyMDld
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