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  1. Lurking in a dark corner of our perception, A grineer soldier hears some kind of a "splash" sound. Opens the door to see what's looking like a leak inside. Entire worlds could be hiding. Turning back to inform about it, the soldier trips on the ground. He doesn't have the time to look at whatever blocked his way; this whatever quickly pulls him inside the room. With only a brief time to scream, he disappears with that same "splash" sound. To acknowledge their existence could shatter a mind... Slowly falling, maybe drifting away ? in a dark empty world, the grineer comes back to consciousness. Instinctively, he searchs for a light. Nothing in front, nothing behind or below. The feeling of emptiness, of loneliness, of vulnerability weigh more and more... No time to think, must not think... But, above, a well of light. The only thing that lights up this... place. Like a liquid-window of hope to that room, that stupid room. He knows immediatly that's what to reach to get out of here. ...With a single sight. As he tries to swim upward, an object hits him. It is a grineer mask. Cracked, ripped off a helmet... tainted. He stops moving. Takes out his trusty sheev. There is something here.He can breath thanks to his armor, but it won't last long. And so he observes. In this dark space, his senses are ringing every bells. He is being watched and it is a trap. They will come. This platform we made may be a mistake. They come closer. Forms are moving in the abyss. Multiple creatures. They're quick and moves like sharks around their prey. He catches a glimpse when one of them passes under the light.They looks like an unknown aquatic form. A bizarre mix between a crustacean and a squid. And quite big. As he braces for an imminent attack he sees the darkness in front moving.It is not big, it is gigantic. The grineer's blood freeze. Enormous, glowing, eyes illuminate the mere human. It is no tool, but a door. In that room, the water gathers to form slowly an individual. Walking as if nothing, Hydroid. The final mistake of our univers, Step by step in the corridor, the warframe's shadow is growing. He stops to slowly look behind. A tall, dark and cold vision fades away. It's when something will knock... - Hydroid I wanted to give something a bit more unique to Hydroid, and not simply somekind of "waterbending frame". I hope that you like it 🙂
  2. Answering in french --- Je viens de refaire le test avec Revenant / animation Wisp Noble (arc & fusil) : l'animation de Wisp est utilisée uniquement lorsque tu ne bouges pas; dès que tu te déplaces, que tu vises avec l'arme, l'animation de la warframe de base est utilisée. Par-contre: ici, c'est une section du forum " feedback ", et la partie internationale (english only), la question n'est donc pas posée au bon endroit 😕 La section francophone est ici : https://forums.warframe.com/forum/140-français/
  3. Hi ! After watching a video recently, I finaly built a Sepfahn Nikana based on some speed ( Sepfahn / Plague Akwin / Jai 2 ). I totaly forgot that I got a Riven for it, so instead of copying what I saw, I wanted to try things (even if it ended just in some tweaks here and there..). So I wanted your opinion on 2 builds : Exodia Triumph is there to gain quickly the combo-multiplier; The Riven "Visitor" is giving : +172% melee damage / +2 range. Which build seems better to you ? Maybe you would change a mod or two in (config A or C) to take it yourself ? Should I re-roll the Riven instead ?
  4. From what I'm understanding - the Kuva Liche is a Liche because of the "red ornement" you can see on them; I suppose it is where the liquid-Kuva is stored. The Parazon will break the red-thing like a needle to (1- choice to kill) Collect the Kuva - the immortal state being removed, you kill the host ending the Liche: (2- convert) Infuse some of your Void energy (considered as poison) which is supposed to "open the eye" of the Liche and make him an ally (for whatever reasons ? corruption by Wally ?) while keeping the immortal state. Warframe's ability are fueled by Void energy - so it must be some shenanigans / relationship between Kuva & Void. Let's say that: your specific ability will process with a very specific imprint the void energy ; when using it on (at least) a living organism, some of this imprint could remain. If the Kuva will regenerate the body, keeping it alive - it will probably make the flesh adapt to that specific imprint. Yes, from "being adapted to" to "being able to copy" there is some missing steps... but that's Kuva / Kuva-technology equivalent to the Void = Space Magic ~~
  5. Hi ! I know I may be too late for this, as DE probably worked a bit on the Infested Open World, but I wished to share my concept of it. The inspirations: the Breton's myth of the City of Ys (or Kêr-Is); the nordic culture & the buccaneers. Story: Q: What will bring this concept of Open World into warframe, compared to the Plains of Eidolon & Orb Vallis ? A: It will not be 1x open world, but actually 2x of them = (1) the orbit of Eris, where you will be able to play with your Railjack; (2) the "sea" of Eris, which could be both considered as a living-organism/ocean and a treacherous field to explore. In space, you will find very different missions (protection, relay capture, capital-ship sabotage, capital ship vs capital ship from the 3 main factions (grineer, corpus, infested), etc... ). On Eris, there will be 2x major variant, between the Buccaneer's quests (which involve the craft & modification of your own Erisian flying-ship) and the Adventurers' quest (which imply to explore more deeply Eris, the ancient City, and other surprises). On the difference for the surface: the Plains are... an ocean coast; the Orb Vallis are mountains in winter. The Sea of Eris would have a distorted paysage with different locations for points of interest - this paysage will be changed (a bit) randomly every end of a cycle (you will need to log-out and log-in back to see the change). Why this change ? At each end-cycle there will be an infested storm reaching the area. Dangerous things would happen (on foot, mobility decreased; on a vessel: aboarded by stronger enemy, maintenance required - giant creatures would appear). Of all things from the paysage, one thing will not change: a part of a giant tower emerging from the Sea with a giant-antic bell on top. All point of interest would be entirely made by RNG, to give the impression of a "moving on surface and underground" Q: If there are two open-worlds, how do you connect them ? A: 3 nodes; the home-station, orbit of Eris & transition-station to the surface. The last one is necessary as you will be asked what you wanted to do on Eris (quests, outside with or wiithout the vessel & it will show the current level of danger). But i'm still not sure. The Railjack (initialy) wouldn't fit for the Eris' surface. Q: Will it be an other isolated island of content ? A: The Erisians are lacking in many ressources, maybe they will have some needs that you could take care of. Plus... they are craftsmen, maybe they would be happy to experiment with ressources they never saw before ? Q: What will it bring to the common content of Warframe ? A: New weapons & cosmetics (for warframe & hoping for operators); new upgrades for the Railjack (a grapling-hook to aboard crewships, catch a prey ?); maybe it will help to introduce new enemies here and there (mostly in the late part of the star-chart). Q: Any new boss on the surface ? A: a Lephantis variant could appear in group; some zealots could also appear randomly; giant things would also try to wreck Erisian's vessels and have some weakness that the vessel's weapon could use. The idea is to put some idea of "Lost Planet" with vicious and big creatures spawning. Q: What would be the art-style of the People of Eris ? Ostrons are homeless beach-people; Fortuna has blue-mechanical people. A: Like the Ostron, these People wouldn't have bio-mechanical modifications; I see them have wearing somekind of a mixt outfit between Metro 2033 & Dead Space's armors - too look makeshift and protecting from the void of space. Hope I gave you a good view of my idea; don't hesitate to comment (I'm not even sure to be clear myself after all).
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