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  1. Horns on warframes... Well, horns were seen as "gods' feature" in their representation in different old religions; then christianism to avoid any pagan in its reach made the "horns" a devil's feature - making it symbolise both devilry & beastiality. Warframes were meant to be above-elite kind of warrior, a "one man army" & later with the Tenno we get the "void's demons" & "devil" nickname on top of that cherry. So if Warframe is set in a very far future, with still some of our current main culture (well, looking at the names only...): it is fair & pretty well played to have power-rangers with "horns" to add to the scariness of their silhouette (remember that we are still "rare" to see in lore; so we have to impress on first sight 😄 ).
  2. Really love the style ! I hope you will do more 🙂
  3. Do you think that Hydroid's puddle could become some sort of a... hot spring; if Nova talked that way about him ? 😄
  4. Little question : Would it be more worth it, if the Operator get buff due to the installed "Echo of Umbra" (permanent buff on Excalibur Umburu for obvious reason) ? 1) there is a buff (let say "in mobility") due to the warframe Aura; 2) there is an additional buff due to Umbral Mod equiped (linked Armor & Vitality ; additional Void-energy with Umbral Intensity / additional Crit-chance - damages with due to Umbral Melee mods). + maybe a refresh on Void damages, to make it without buff/debuff against all kind of health-armor-shield. With that; even if the Echoes are temporary, it will allow you to buff your operators when other kind of Warframe are being used (plus, it is still a specter which use YOUR loadout & in the future use the abilities).
  5. Suggestion: Make a 3 tiers item with the Echos of Umbra : 1st tiers "Echos of Umbra" - last 24h 2nd tiers "Memory of Umbra" - last 7 days 3rd tiers "Warframe's Awakening" - stay permanent In the 3rd tiers, the Helminth Room will allow to turn On/Off whenever you want. 1st tiers: need " 1x Lua/Kuva Fortress part "; 2nd tiers: needs " 5x Echoes "; 3rd tiers: needs " 5x Memories ". Like this, you will have to grind a bit for each warframe you want to awake. And it's weird that they couldn't use abilities, but I guess that's because they are using Excalibur Umbra's bot - the abilities would then appear later, as some upgrades in one/multiple futur patch.
  6. Pretty long to load the map + (solo) big 5 seconds of hard lags once in it + (group) 10 sec of hard lags once in it + freeze when many things happen (sometimes doors don't open too).
  7. As the original Mirage was said to have remembered who she was before, it's quite possible that the Original Limbo would be an "Umbra". And if it's the case, then it is even more worth to check if we could get him : if we look at the clue left behind, he should be stuck between planes/dimension and in a much slower environnement. (Ordis told us that the signal is "constant" - so existing without variations accross the time; as if, even after centuries, our Time, passing by, didn't have an effect). It would be a shock for him to get back, right now. Learning the end of the Orokin, the eternal war between Corpus & Grineer, the come back of the Sentients & about the Lotus... You are both wrong and right: Wrong - indeed he is using the Void; both by the power given to this warframe AND by using knowledge about the Void & study on Dimensions (he is using equations after all). Right - he is using the "Rift", but to quote Ordis once more from Limbo's Theorem: The "Rift" has its name because of Ordis, not because it's official. But a plane of existence is a Dimension ; Our plane & the Void are two independent DImensions - Limbo used his energy & knowledge to go in-between. If Our DImension is " 1 " - and the Void DImension is " 2 " - the Rift would be in "1.25" (because it's closer to Our dimension than to the Void). If he did a jump "too big", it means that he tried to go further, in a 3rd Dimension which should be independent from Ours & the Void, so somewhere in " 1.5 ". As the Tubificid was probably made to go back & forth in " 1 " and " 2 " : it must pass through the Dimension where Limbo is.
  8. The computer is freshly bought ; no modifications or additions on it so far. Model: HP Pavilian Gaming Desktop 690-00xx Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, with Radeon Vega Graphics (3,6GHz) Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb RAM installed: 8Go ; usable 5.91 I wonder how I will modify that... and if it's the main issue..
  9. Hi, Following a post I made to answer a question on my theory about the Duviri's Plain (this >>one<<), the Giant Orokin Space-Snake, aka " Tubificid " might (if not destroyed during the Duviri's Paradox) be able to ... maybe save the very first Limbo ? The Void is an strange, bizarre, dimension, causing various effects on various materials : on humans, it can make them mad; or create tenno / be poisonous for some kind of adaptative biomechanical creatures / create echoes of the past for places which stayed too long inside (Lua). And... the Orokin wanted to have better way to travel (notably to go to the Tau System) - as in Wh40k, the Void was thought to be used, just like the Warp. We could assume that after the Zariman Incident, the discovery of the Tenno, later of the Warframe, deep study of the Void were financialy well supported. And we could also assume that a special someone would be in the lead to understand & to manipulate the Void : Limbo. To quote Ordis " a magician of logic " (Limbo's Theorem). --it would be strange for a Warframe, supposed to obey & be overwatched by the Orokin, to go on such scientific study in his free-time afer all... Did Limbo "survived" ? With the Limbo's Theorem we learn at the end that he did a mistake " it's too big of a jump " (to quote Ordis once more); so he's supposed to be lost. If we think about this quest : to go deeper in the quest, you need to make every parts of the Warframe, but what is giving the blueprint ? Initialy you will need a signal: If there is no additionnal notes within the Warframe, then it is the last scientific note written by Limbo himself before experimenting : except scientific-coworker, no one could have such informations (and as it wasn't the initial objective of the Orokin leader, they probably didn't heard of them). As the Orokins disappeared, only Limbo himself could have send this signal - maybe as a way to seek help ? What came from the Orokin study with/without the help of Limbo ? If we look at the Void like the Warp, with tunnels to go faster to some locations then you have to create a way to use these tunnels & if it is needed... to dig these tunnels ! That's where the Tubificid appears: A giant space "mole" - navigating between spaces, our dimension, the Void & by so: passing through the Rift ! Using the Void's energy to work, and unnoticed or impossible to touch until (maybe) the Duviri; the Tubificid was able to work for the last centuries. We can see what could be its work two times: Here, with the different tunnels opening (the slighlty brighter part) : When in contact of the last of these "obstacles", the Operator reacted to it quite hardly. So, if we get a better understanding of the Void - how it is interacting with our Dimension; maybe using & analyzing directly the Tubificid - we could imagine to use/ride that Space Whale. Using the Signals from Limbo's Theorem, to locate Limbo, the Mole wouldn't try to go in the Void, or in our Dimension, be stay still in-between long enough to get the unlucky one. In these hard times, bringing a Magician wouldn't be a bad thing to us. Maybe he could help us in the New War by throwing half of the Sentient army to a different Rift, closer to the Void to still be poisonous in an epic cinematic; doing so while riding that (now tamed) Tubificid ! 😄 What do you think ? Yes, it is a bit early to imagine such stuff.
  10. @Aldrr it looks like you read only partially my posts to give your opinion on the subject. So I'll try to be short: 1) On board known crew & rooms are telling it was composed of all the basic elements needed to redo a civilisation & that the crew were waiting for the "jump", while all the childs "must have to know everything about Tau". + Military doesn't mean anything; the mission could be under the direct order of the Orokin leader & being claimed to be part of the military (which also bring a component of the Orokin's civilisation). 2) Additionnal terraforming equipment, because you can't really trust what was send before - if the drones send back a message when arrived; if the void didn't corrupted their program - new pieces of equipment, fresh & under the surveillance of competent engineers & crew is the best security guarantee. 3) How on hell did you came to that conclusion ? If you speak about the terraforming equipment inside the Zariman-class, then it will indeed interact with the void; 1) because the vessel is stuck in it - 2) because the Void will bring energy to the ship & the terraforming process -3) it will not "modify" the Void itself, but start to build within it, using materials inside the Zariman-class (only materials available to complete the objective). 4) It's not that problematic of a contradiction : The Terraforming drones are supposed to terraform (duh) but we could easily imagine other protocols as "ensure the safety of the crew during the process" (locking the biomes as exemple - misleaded by the Queen as "sabotage") & "repair damaged/destroyed Orokin installation if caused by the process" (here the Zariman-class automated system, working with the terraforming-drones repairing all damage done by the adult-crew after all the chaos they made). If the Terraforming-drones are that much advanced, then they would be intelligence & skilled enough to manipulate materials to play with the basic materials (oxigen, carbon, gold, ...) - so taking from the dead-crew personal belongings to repair the Ship isn't far fetched.
  11. That may be why my computer suddenly lost its performance some weeks again : Newly obtain, it has 8go of RAM and right now, I can see " 8Go (5,91Go usable) " ... I dropped all my graphic from high to low and Open-Wolrd performance didn't upgraded - I though I went crazy (more than usual). Will try to fix that...
  12. I-) If we use the logic of Our universe (time & space as we currently see them): The disappearance of the Zariman 10-0 lasted for many years: Quote from the Second Dream: And once the Children were recovered we don't have more information on what happened to the Zariman 10-0. 3 hypothesis: 1) it was destroyed by the Orokin (see "my opinion") ; 2) it is still intact somewhere in the Solar System (as the 10-0 is the only one of his Class to remain, it served as study, an example & was still under scientific study, in a secret area, when the Orokin Empire fell - but then, in centuries of cryosleep, the ship should have been discovered when the Grineer/Corpus are still looking for more ressource/profit - but if the Grineer found it, it could explain why the Grineer have void-technologies & void-resistant armor) ; In real life, the military are keeping sometime a specific unit from the line of production to be used as a training tool (exemple: in France we have the jet "Mirage" in service; a military base is keeping something called the "Mirage de cristal" (Crystal Mirage) which is the jet with its steel-fuselage changed to a transparent plastic) 3) the Orokin Empire decided to repeat the Zariman Incident, by sending the 10-0 once again in the void, with a new crew (we could see it as both a waste of opportunity, time & ressources, as the 10-0 was the unique vessel they got which came back from the Void + it tooks years before it came back & there was a War with the Sentients ...). But if they send it back into the Void... did it came back or was stuck for good ? My opinion: The (1) & (2) look fairly logic & possible; the (3) is pretty unlikely... But only in the (3) you get the 10-0 back into the Void. So, by using Our perception of Space & Time, seeing the Zariman 10-0, in the Void, centuries after its reappearance should be unlikely. But : if the Zariman 10-0 is part of a Colony-project for the Tau System, it would be more likely to have more (and maybe slightly different) Zariman-Class spacecraft. If then, there are different Zariman-Class units, it could explain: (1) the differences between the Vitruvian (Sacrifice quest) Schematic & the Duviri's Plain Spacecraft; (2) the presence in the Void of a Zariman-Class - only the 10-0 came back, while others remained stuck; (3) the progress of the Terraforming-process - creating a ground & cultivating plant-life, with so little ressources, would require a very long time. But if this Zariman-class was stuck there, for centuries, only being still active due to the Void-energy, it appears to be possible; (4) the existence of the Duviri - if there was different Zariman-class units, some getting a similar incident to the 10-0, the Children in it would grow & create a new kind of population. From the little informations of the Duviri we got (artworks & Fortuna's gossip) : they appear as direct heirs of the Orokin. Remember the presence of "teachers" on the 10-0; if the Children were high-rank childs, they would most likely become similar to the Orokins. + it would explain the potential powers of the Duviri, being born, and raised within the Void, they would get various abilities, as "full & free travel" within the void (such as the ability to create Paradox, within the Void only - which explain the sight of the Young Operator in front of the Old Operator), or more simply "vision" of the future within the void. II-) If we use the potential logic of the Void (space & time being different) : In this case, the Giant " Void-Snake " is taking a lot of place. We don't know anything about it yet, so what I could say is pure speculation : III-) If we use a scenaristic point of view (trying to tell a story) : It would make sense that it is the Zariman 10-0, as you could see the very specific "Ground Zero" of the Tenno. Such things was done by different authors in various stories; by exemple: Metal Gear Solid : the (1) is set in 2005 (Tenno going out of cryosleep) - the (2) is set in 2007, with a pretty big twist (Tenno going thought the 2nd dream, revealing their true nature) - the (3) seems to go back in 1964 (Tenno going back to the Zariman 10-0 incident). In this case, it is most likely the Zariman 10-0 - but to make things develop: the Duviri were made; and in this case (if there is only One Zariman 10-0 & all the adult Crew are dead due to madness): there is no "Our logic" explanation yet for the Duviri, but still room for the "Void logic" explanations. - I'm sure you didn't look for such an anwser 😄 To make a resume: "what is the chance that this Zariman-class is the original 10-0 from Our History ?": I- Our dimension logic: < 33% II-A) Void logic (only past/future are linked) : 100% II-B) Void logic (with other dimensions involved): < 25% (plot-twist involved we can't forget) III) Scenaristic logic : 75% (plot-twist still possible).
  13. /!\ A bit of spoiler, obviously, with post-Second Dream knowledge /!\ With the New Trailer for the Duviri's Paradox, we are introduced to a new area : somekind of a ground within the Void, where an Orokin Ship seems to be crashed. To make it easier, I wil call this area " the Plains of Duviri " (or Duviri's Plain). The following will try to explain, from the little we know, how this Plain is possible & why it is an Orokin product. About the Void : From what we know, and what people understood about the Void is that it is "empty" of physical materials - or physical material within our eyesight/perception of the world around us: Quote from the Second Dream: Quotes from the War Within: So, to find a ground, and grass inside the Void is a very interesting news. But if we focus a bit on details of the pictures taken... something is odd. First: it isn't a planet, a planetoid, an asteroid. This "Plain" seems to be a plateform drifting in the Void. Second: the Orokin ship isn't "crashed", or didn't land on these Plains. It looks like the Ground was coming FROM the Ship. Third: the ground doesn't look ... natural, but made. There are structures, sculptures, not only putted "on" the Plains (A), but also made by the ground itself (B). If time & physic could be special to the Void, such existence seems to be a consequence to an external factor, and we know only one other universe right now : Ours. Only a single element in all these pictures are showing is coming from our dimension/universe, the Orokin Ship. About the Orokin Ship : According to this next picture (using the Vitruvian from the Sacrifice Quest), the Orokin Ship is from the same class as the Zariman Ten-Zero: In civilized era, specific constructions are made with an intended purpose. From the Orokin, we already know the existence of a class of structure called "orokin tower" which appeared to be the main Orokin spacecraft, outside of the Void (the Orokin Derelicts) & inside of the Void (most the prestine Orokin towers we visit). The Zariman-class doesn't look like the Orokin Tower at all. The presence of the Tower inside the Void suggest that the Zariman-class wasn't intended to be the unique Orokin-ship able to go inside the Void. To add on this : the Zariman-class style is for now unique, with one construction confirmed (the Zariman 10-0) and one seen (in Duviri's trailer). Which let us tell that this class of ship is specialized in its mission. From what we know about the Zariman 10-0: Quote from the War Within: The presence of food-stock isn't original, as Spaceships probably have to travel hours, days, weeks or more - Plus, there was the Old War, food supplies could be difficult at this time for some areas. The presence of biomes is more important : 1) She doesn't speak about "atmosphere" or "life support system", a mechanism maintaining a livable area for the crew of the spacecraft; 2) we never saw any biome in Corpus & Grineer ship, why ? Because they are warship. The presence of such things would suggest: a) a civilian use (luxury), b) a scientific needs (as experimenting the Void effect with plants & faunas), c) an other need (such as a backup). Quotes from the Second Dream: The Crew of the Zariman was waiting for a travel to Tau, an other System targeted by the Orokin to be colonized; to make it easier for mankind, the Orokin made autonomous robots with the objective to terraform planets in this new system. The first references to the Zariman seem to appear "after" the launch of what will become the Sentients, and maybe after the start of the Old War. But within the crew of the Zariman Ten-Zero, we get : 1) families (father & mother are mentionned); 2) a teacher; 3) childrens. If traveling to Tau was something the Orokin were used to be, the Mother shouldn't have been "afraid" (even if she could have been for other reasons) & there would have been other mentionned elswhere. So the mission of the Zariman 10-0 is important, transporting citizens (families), representative of the public instructions (teachers) & natural ressources from the Solar-system (biomes) (so every componnents composing the contemporary civilization) through a possible long, or a one-way travel to the Tau-system. So we can conclude one thing: the Zariman Ten-Zero was a specialized ship, with the objective to Colonize the Tau-System. The Children (known today as "Tennos") were supposed to be the futur citizen of the Orokin Empire on the New System. About the controversy: The Ember's Codex is giving a bit of explanation too. In this codex, we learn from Kaleen, a military officer who was one of the first to aboard the Ten-Zero after the incident & who found the childs, that the Zariman 10-0 disappeared due to a mechanical issue & was officially a military ship: This Codex should be taken as truth, but from the point of view of the Orokin-Citizen. The Orokin-Empire looks like an oppressive government put in a loss-of-ressource situation; they tried to get out of this situation by bringing new ressources (physical & vital spaces to extend), but if the Colony-Project was made official there would have been competititons (the Corpus was existing already back-then) & possibily a mass uprising in specific cases. So the Orokin Leaders would have kept the Terraforming-robots & the Zariman 10-0 a secret. The missing of a military ship wouldn't create a massive impact on the Population, unlike a civilian-ship with children on board (think of the Titanic; or the RMS Lusitania, which had a role in the US entering World War 1). But is it a lie ? Not completely, the Zariman 10-0 could be under military flag, ordered directly by the Orokin leaders. One thing interesting for us in this codex is the following: It's not specific about the food stock, or all the massacre that happens on it, but the equipments were intact (as opposed by the "sabotage" expression used by the Queen). More on that later. About a missing part on this puzzle : If the Zariman 10-0 had the objective to colonize a new System; did the Orokin equiped the vessel with all the equipments needed to do so ? It is unknown if the future-Sentients were sent before/after the start of the construction; if there was any informations sent by the Sentients saying "arrived in perfect condition, starting procedure"; and even if such message would be communicated : their systems could have been corrupted by the Void (poison to their system; something maybe known by the Orokin). What to do to counter-balance such issue ? Sending more robots alone, and possibily destroying the work already done ? The most simple anwer would be : to take some terraforming-robots with the settlers themself ; as they will be able to reprogram/repair them if needed. With such equipment added to the inventory, you get the perfect Colony-ship : organization, crew, knowledge, materials, equipment & hope for a future. What happened in the Void ? It is still unknown if the Zariman-class vessel we see in the Duviri's plains is the Zariman 10-0 or not; but it doesn't matter here, to understand why is there a ground & grass in the Empty Void. We should consider simply that all possibily made Zariman-Class were equiped the same way; and multiple vessels seem more realistic than working on a single unit to terraform an entire Solar system. So, once arriving inside the Void, due to a miscalculated jump, an error, or an incident : the terraforming equipements would have been activated, maybe automaticaly (the vessel informing to be arrived at the destination, indicators showing a non-viable environnement & so activating the terraforming procedure), or manually (from what we understand of the 10-0's odyssey the adult were sane before degrading; so here we could assume the technicians started the terraforming procedure to fight the newly discovered "void-sickness" they endured, with the agreement of the medical crew willing to try anything). From nothing to a floating grass island ? With the terraforming process executing, that's where science become funky. To Terraform is "-form" (to transform) & "terra-" (a natural environment). For a machine, inside the Void & a Colony-ship, the current environment is the Ship - the wanted environnement is a ground to walk on. So what could the machine do ? Take part renewable materials from the Ship to make the ground; while letting the Ship intact at the end. How could it work ? Dirt is composed greatly by Carbon & organic matters. Organic compounds contains high levels of Carbon ; the Orokin Tower walls are made of flesh - as it is a living material it can grow & be cultivated. The 10-0 is said to have biomes. Plant-life has the ability to grow using energy. With the Zariman-class engines, the void-technology able to take the volatile energy and we saw in the Duviri's trailer that Water (or nutritious liquid) there shouldn't be any problem for a machine to do its work. The gravity field made by the Zariman-class could also be linked to the newly connected ground to get a gravity somewhat standardize. What about the crew ? We know that the crew started to get paranoïa on the 10-0; that's probably why the food-stock depleted (many stole to keep something for them only). The pseudo "sabotage of the biomes" being the machine working, but the information wasn't spread to all the crew, or it just adds an other pressure to everyone, reducing living-space on the vessel. Violence appeared and death happened. From the point of view of a machine, working with very strictly limited ressources... bloods on the floor and junks are perfect materials. A human dead body isn't an official member of a mission too, and could greatly benefit to the terraforming process. This explains the different quotes we get, about an "empty vessel", being intact (without traces of violence) : the roombas were just super-efficient. Now that we get the process, the materials, why is there only "grass" on that land ? The terraforming process could have different kind of objective, from only having a straight plain, or to copy a specific wanted environment (ex: Earth desert / occidental forest / tropic). If the objective isn't only the Plain, but something more like Cetus : then we get a scheme in 3 steps for the terraforming procedure - 1st step: get a pratical ground to work on (need: dirt, gravity, water); 2nd step: let the grass grow to collect an effective ammount of natural biomass on all the surface; 3rd step: start to seed the wanted areas with trees. We can clearly see the absence of grass of various location of the Duviri's Plains; allowing us to think the Duviri's Paradox happens during the completion of the 2nd step of the terraformation. Conclusion: With all this magnificent wall of text & pretty pictures, we can say the following: 1- the Zariman-class vessels are Colony-ship destined to the Tau-system ; 2- this class should be equiped with Terraforming-machines ; 3- the Duviri's Plains are a consequence to the Orokin project to Terraform Tau ; 4- if the Zariman 10-0 came back "intact but empty" that's because the roombas took over & recycle the corpses of the Crew. My advice ? Once on the Duviri's plains, take a deep breath, you could probably smell your biological Father & Mother's dust. It will make your tenno even more edgy. It was long, long to make & pretty sure long to read. Hope you enjoyed this theory.
  14. I wonder where you read the work "exalted" in my post ; I find that an ability that you could link to a martial art would have been better than the current 3rd ability. To put in simple words: I wanted something like Wyzen (Asura's wrath), or Smough the Executionner (Dark Souls), instead of Gluttony (FMA), or Kirby. -but now that's already done, we only have to wait & test it to see how well this warframe will insert itself in the solo/squad gameplay.
  15. Me too, I hoped for somekind of "Sumo ability" ; just like Atlas got the Box-punch & Baruuk the martial art. In his kit, only the " Kirby consumes" isn't my liking yet. About your hope of an other "fat warframe"; I only can think of somekind of a "blob monster", which would play around the absorbing ability (somekind of an uncontrolled Nidus). Here we got litteraly the Smought & Ornstein (from Dark Souls), with Gauss & Grendel : I hope for later something less... humanoid / foreseeable ?
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