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  1. I'm like HugintheCrow here... Don't like it. If they want to "close" Warframe main-story I would prefer a twist that we didn't saw coming ; by example : The Sentients are starting the invasion of the Solar system ; With hard negociations we succeed to get the help of the Corpus and Grineers - we assemble a fleet, but Salad V is starting to get really annoying, so we are forced to focus on him a bit more & the Grineer are kinda loosing the small trust they got because Salad V is using MOA to sabotage the said fleet. The second we finaly catch Alad V, we receive an SOS from the Queens, the Kuva Fortress is being attacked : all Tennos are required there to protect all the stocked Kuva. Once arrived, finishing with multiple "survival/defense" missions; non-less than Hunhow appear to fight the Tennos - being all there we are trapped on a single place, our Liset unable to come near & the Railjack still with the main Fleet on Lua. We succeed to escape while destroying a good part of Hunhow; to rush to the Fleet : which was entirely destroyed by Grand-Mother. She makes fun of us, and show us a video where we see Lotus forced to give informations on us. G-M mock us saying we were just puppets, dolls, simple tools to get the entire system just like her. And the video ended seeing the Lotus heavily damaged by Sentient units and left to die in suffering. Big battle start on Lua's space and surface; we receive transmissions of our dying Lotus saying we can still win, asking for us to resist still. Mother-Base is now joined by Hunhow and the remaining sentient fleet from the Kuva-fortress; with all the ressources they wanted/needed (so the Queens are supposed to be completely dead). On the final touch : some of us, Tennos, have to face the abomination that became Ballas - mocked by Hunhow, literaly using him as a monstruous puppet. We finaly end Ballas, but weakened, tired, and without any ressources there is nowhere to go, while the fight must continue. Here, in a cut-scene, we look at Lotus/Natah, who from the start of our last battle, was finaly reaching the terminal she wanted. And in a last effort, she trigger the mechanism. In a blinding light, in few seconds, Lua is, once again, send to the Void. With all the remaining warframes, with all the Sentient invasion fleet, including Mother-Base and Hunhow. *start of the last cinematic* The Void's air is killing the Sentient, the corrupted appear with Vor in the front-line .. protecting the Tennos ? Consumed by the Void, Natah dies, free and as the mother she wanted to be; the Sentient, even if greatly damaged, are using the Kuva (but we're not witnessing the effect); and the Warframes all seem traped ... *the picture goes black* In the last seconds of the cinematic, we're going back to our Lisets, which remained hidden from the start... Our Operator still there, using the transference... the camera goes closer to the face.. The Operator suddenly awake, in a frightened expression, trying to catch his breath. *cut* Logo " Warframe " There: (1) you continue and end the Sentient invasion's story; (2) you left some mysteries to add multiples missions and quests that would be chronologically before that; (3) you are not totaly ending the serie as only the warframes seem trapped, the grineer seem finished, the corpus-head looks dead, the Sentients are trapped (but dead?) on Lua and Vor is able to end his speech without being cut in half. What do you think of that @HugintheCrow ?
  2. As a Mom said: And here you got a " maybe later " flavour of chocolate. There is nothing urgent, they are doing their best and it would be useless, or even an obstacle to them to rant about this.
  3. "the day we aim for" => " AIM FOR " But they aim as stormtroopers, you should know that already : one day the're those terrifying shock-troopers, an other one they're aiming like buket-head. And I watched the devstream too, I don't remember that they talked about a specific day, but about this specific week. Edit - just to say that Helen is underated; we should ask for a weekly battle between the DE-staff to see all of them moree often on various plateform.
  4. As most tennos won't do the sacrifice, despite creating chimeras on their destructive ways, killing potential allies :Where do I sign ? This is how it started... Captain Clem : Civil War But Mom will snape half of us midway in any case. ---- Release the big-patch early the next week if you need more time; we are impatient due to a thousand year hyper-sleep...
  5. Hello, It was by pure curiosity that I passed by this topic, and reading this, your, story is like a balm to the heart. To explain quickly: I was truly invested in an other community which doesn't have anything in common with Warframe (based on historical vehicles, air, ground an now sea). Like you, I ended as a Moderator and a Translator (for the french community), for a little time (6 months); and just like you I severed all ties, angry on how things came, on what has been done, knowing that I won't cherish this game like I used to... I'm happy for you, that you came back here and feel this game as a gem once again; still wide-eyed on the team that compose [DE], their love for this game AND its community, even if there is no perfection. I'm a nobody, MR18, 1 year and 5 months old, maybe still a stranger in this community, but I dare to say "Welcome back Tenno", and "Nice to meet you". Hopefully, we'll meet on the battlefield.
  6. Any idea when can we try the " Bunny-Wisp experience " ? :) What will be the drop today ? -Can't wait, see you tonight !
  7. I hope we could try Bunny Wisp this year ~~
  8. Hello, I suppose a vast majority of the players here did a "my though about Vauban's rework" - And I believe each time the idea was to redo the passive, or to install a turret, or to given an ammo/health dispenser in his kit... I think it will be more developer-friendly if we keep the initial abilities/skills and based on them we add something interesting. Vauban seems to be an "Old warframe", where each of his abilities are working independently - While other Frames are using combination (Mirage's eclipse with the clones; Nidus's meatball with his stomp; ...). Vauban is said to be an engineer (please don't go away now with a "oh dear, there we are again with the freaking lore..."); as such we could expect from a professional to think on different ways to make things working, for different kind of troubles. The idea is to create a synergy with the (1), (2), (3) et (4) - with the (3) and (4) being the catalyst (giving bonuses to the strength/effects due to the energy-comsuption). To spice things up, I only ask to remove the "charge" on the (1) which is too long to cast, not that useful & which avoid the ability to spam. + Note that I don't give numbers, but the damages/effects done by these combinations will be higher than the basic ability stats - to make them even more interesting to use. (1) Tesla with (3) Bastille - (2) Minelayer with (3) Bastille's energy-grid - (1) Tesla with (4) Vortex - The Tesla will immediatly explode inside the Vortex, dealing an initial Blast damage - followed by a continuous electrical damage (think of a perpetual Volt's discharge on a 1m radius) (2) Minelayer with (4) Vortex - The Mines will immediatly explode on contact with the Vortex, dealing an initial Blast damage - followed by a continuous Magnetic (Bounce) / Fire (Trip Laser) / Corrosive (Shred) / Radiation (Concuss) damage. => It can seriously be interesting with some melee mods. (4) Vortex applied to (3) Bastille - The Vortex will transfer its "attract" effect to the (3)'s energy-grid. Like this: *if Bastille isn't on its maximum capacity of contained units - it will catch the nearby units, moving them inside Bastille *if Bastille is on its maximum capacity of contained units - it will stick them on the energy-grid; which will be both incapacitated & suspended (1) Tesla on (3+4 combo) - The Tesla when entering the Bastille's affected area will immediatly discharge - creating the (1+3) effect [Volt's discarge inside the area] & creating a single wave of electricity on the energy-grid. (2) Minelayer on (3+4 combo) - When entering the Bastille's area, they will immediatly explode - creating a single pulse of Magnetic (Bounce) / Fire (Trip Laser) / Corrosive (Shred) / Radiation (Concuss) damage. The Bastille's energy-grid will retain the effect and continue to proc the status-effect + (if Shred used) reducing the enemy armor each time he passes through it. ---- On each of these combinations we are playing with all the 4 caracteristics (range, strength, efficiency, duration), which are balancing themself, and multiplying their potential at the same time. As an exemple: -Shred alone will have the ability to reduce the armor up to 16% -I think that today the Vortex will add a +x2 : so it's 32%, on a small area -with (2+3): the armor-reduction will be on an larger area (the Bastille's energy grid + for all its duration) -with (2+3+4): the armor-reduction will be of 32% due to the initial blast (on all Bastille's area + the few meters of the "attraction" field given by the Vortex to Bastille) + the effect will persist on the energy-grid. What do you think of this idea ?
  9. Hi ! Was trying to do the lvl-5 mission "find the artefact" on Cetus. Everything went smoothly, until the last phase : find all 3 caches ! 1st picture: the location I hear the sound of one cache, while the other mates found the 2 others... The sound has made me think it was underground, but searching the cave was in vain... I came back on the surface, following the sound and it was there; buried : 2nd picture: More specificaly here (n°4 waypoint): The scanner confirmed me that. But how should we dig ? Firing on the dirt ; firing on the digging-unit; firing at the sky did nothing - and there was no panels, nor icons on the minimap talking about an interactible computer ... How ? Please 😞
  10. The Kuaka are " wild creatures living underground ".. Well, the lore is proved to be right in-game ! The cave's view from the exterior: You can see the 3 Kuakas just above the water-level (low-right of the "target's distance" text) Inside the cave: They are just 1m above the cave's roof at the elevator.
  11. " in the grim darkness of a far future, there is only war " Each faction in this universe is pretty dark; why would anyone would come from nowhere and start "good things" without true purpose ? With her challenges, I got a weird vibe of " Simon says " (Die hard - with a vengeance style). Also, she said something about a loved one of her... and with her description, I believe she was talking about a warframe... (which may explain why she knows so much about us ! "dreamers", frequencies, etc...)
  12. Oh, yeah I forgot about that... Can I throw the unstrustful Nora out of my Liset and join Doomguy ? For once we could have a friend, which is strong and have a bit of lore behind... But, if it was only all about revenge, it would appear useless for them to appear outside Corpus territories; except if there is no hierarchy between the prisoners [wow, what a great surprise! Just like IRL] and we just trying to get informations from small groups coming from the same place. If we look at the strategy: if this "exception" is what's happening, then it's pretty smart from Doomguy - it means that letting all his prisoners going wild in the entire Solar System will make every factions too busy to track him and his specific group down (think of the movie " Die Hard with a vengeance " with Nora doing the "Simon says").
  13. Do a bit of role-play: You are a Grineer, born to kill, born to follow the Queens; everything which isn't a Grineer is an enemy, the Tennos are pure destruction, only the Grineer is a friend (except some not so little exceptions...). Something went wrong, you're send to jail for some weird experiences because you are judged as a traitor or something... Somehow, a random dude, result of these experiences, succeed to break the jail (think of "V for Vendetta" with n°5 going out). This dude reunite all the prisoners, promising a purpose (life/revenge/whatever) and a scheme to get it. You are a soldier, you get back to a thing similar to hierarchy you're used to follow. You've seen hell, you can go back there without issue & this time you won't be alone. And the Tennos ? The Doomguy got his freedom himself, they did nothing, nothing else than exterminating each place they visit. Like the Corpus, the Infestation or the Sentients, now the Grineer, the Tennos remain a death-threat. --What the Tennos are doing with their "captured" ? no idea. It looks like the same process with the Simaris' process -maybe we reduce their materials to data, to analyse all the datas on computers, without trying to torture a dude for hours. Maybe its a teleportation system? Who knows ! (our enemy looks at it as the end, similar to death). --What the Wolf is trying to do ? Well, we will find out sooner or later. But we could deduce that each prisoners don't know the bigger battleplan : if that was the case, "1x" prisoner wouldn't give only "+50" points ; and it would be useless to take back most of them (as each factions are going to kill them anyway). So each prisoners know little pieces, and only Nora (even if I don't like it) try to link all the pieces.
  14. But then, how do you think they get living-being to test weapons, drugs, or as someone said to see what could result if you shove some sentient parts on an actual body ? Try to imagine the recruitment sheet at the Grineer-College 😄 : " The well known Dr.Tengus needs healthy grineer soldiers for experimental purposes (not deadly!). Paycheck : 2 meals a day, 2h sleeping time guaranteed Location : a peaceful & beautiful place on Saturn. Will be accepted quicker if (1) male - (2) young (under 4 weeks after incubation) No professional experiences needed. Appoint here with your ID number. This post is sponsored by the Counselor Vay Heyk "
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