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  1. Excuse me.. but I wish this is only a typo... In the case which it wouldn't be such thing: Wat ?!
  2. Really liked it ! Hope the DE-Team will see that (and share it, pretty please?). Now the big question : Warframe Dark Sector, a 12 episode animated serie; when ?
  3. I have 2 main complains about the necramechs: 1-their sniper-bot targeting ability; able to 360° no-scope with a HMG - and when I solo (most of the time against them), they prefer to target me than any other kind of target (octavia's mallet, infested units or even the friendly liche coming as reinforcement) however close the 3rd party is to the Necra... 2-their shield (a) it reflects damages, so you can kill yourself (and Nekros' pawns would damage your warframe, but I'm too afraid to test that again & confirm it) - and you can't do a thing against it; + (b) it has a rhino's armor effe
  4. Aaaah ! That's why I got so many insta-death : necramechs' damage reflection ... Okay, I must be d*mb but why it isn't really explained in-game ? (yeah, we got an explanation when you are using Snake-Mecha, but it's a perk "when your using the mechs" not "that you could possibly face & what consequences that could be - as a side note, the "defensive perk" we got on Snake is supposed to create electric damage in contact, but I didn't noticed such damages when facing necramechs). And just to be noted, maybe that's a bug : when facing Necra with Vauban (300hp, no health-mods)), I died
  5. And I thank you very much for that; I put plenty of time just to try to give "everything possible around that theme" - so by your conclusion, and I can only agree with you: I went overboard. I try to answer you question first: 1-) In my head, the ability was creating some sort of a constant air current following every move of the target - making the move easier. But yeah, the reload speed is too much (we already get a mobility boost, an additionnal attack boost would be too strong; mostly when if you look at Wisp getting similar buff: the ability itself is locked by her "space
  6. Hello everyone, I got a bit inspired while reading Victor Hugo's book « L'Homme qui rit » (the Laughing Man)... okay, that's giving me too much credit : it's pretty much a translation of Hugo's storms description in the Warframe universe. About the name : Ekaitz is a basque name meaning storm / thunderstorm / tormented. From what I saw, Ekaitz is a male pronoun ; the female variant would be Ekaitza (but it's warframe and I don't really care about gender things for golem / bio-mecanical weapons...). The warframe in short : A natural spirit similar in its use to Equ
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