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  1. Still dont see why cryo is still the best, it has no range and not many have invested alot in heatcapacity, giving 2-3 shots before it needs to cool down again. Yes it does alot damage close range (its a shotty..), but i've been on other ships with other guns, they play just as nice.
  2. I would rather see a dedicated forward turret system like the 2 side turrets, but able to switch from normal gunner to 'heavy gunner'. A 4th person sometimes feels kinda obsolete if all gets destroyed by pilot and 2 gunners, would be nice the front gunner could do the same. I have mine equiped, on veil it takes 3 shots to take down a crew ship, slingshotting to it is far cheaper regarding forge and material usage.
  3. I luckely bailed out at 7, since i already noticed the rank9 one is just as bad. I wouldve expected the 'gunnery' be the side-gunner expert (like all others focus a goal), but 'drifting' to decrease heat and increase damage.. is a pilot thing. From my view taking full engineering, then just spawn them homing rockets and craft more is a far better job for a 'gunner'. And a long grind? Months is a joke, if you just roam the veil's all the time, i assume a week to get 1st done, month or so to get all to 10. But then again.. all the rank10s are kinda useless.
  4. If you bug out and get your normal warframe guns while having a archwing, its actualy really good. Damage is sooo much more then the puny archwing stuff, then you actualy got a chance to fight along the ship 🙂
  5. Sidenote, i hate blink, i want my afterburner back. Anyway, i got my ship pretty beefed, got nearly to 10 gunner, yet the very second i jump out of my ship into archwing, it feels like playing a rank1 45 armor versus a lvl100 battalion of mobs. Yes you can just dodge around and hope u blink into the back of the vessel (funny when u blink into the front and get instashot by their cannon), but once you get Saturn, even worse on Veil, archwing is absolute useless apart of dashing in a vessel, go crazy on your proper frame (that can stand against lvl100s), destroy core, out and pray u dont get shot while in the blackscreen. But its kinda stupid you run around with a frame thats build for tanking (2000+ armor), but the very second u put on a jetpack, you nothing more then some odd fodder. Weapons do little to no damage, melee.. well dont try cause it bugs the hell out of it. Railjack is fun to be different, but thats about it. Either it bugs the hell out of you (black void), weapons heat up so stupid fast, the regen when a crew vessel is active is stupid, all just go grind all the way to a rank10, to find out thats even more bugged (the gunner lvl10 lock on).
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