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  1. First we get the steam mandatory link to get certain skins, then we got Twitch, now we got discord... Where did the core of this game years ago where you either buy or don't buy stuff, instead of either buy, or buy or link, or use discord, or use twitch, or use steam, or don't. All fine you want to promote certain platforms for unique stuff, but at least put it on the normal ingame store later on also.
  2. So when will be the next one more Europe friendly stream? Midweeks close to midnight, easy to say just to leave your PC running while watching, but bit waste of energy is that.
  3. Getting kinda pointless doing missions in Vallis, either your mission 'voting' is stuck and u hardly see radar, or the radar is gone (with mission marker) entirely, or I get matched with someone on a freaking smoke-signal internetconnection. And even if everything works, its kinda dull. Very little 'visual markers' to navigate without keeping your map open, board is useless compared to flight-gear, the absolute random mob spawn (who seem to be able to shoot from distances that its just annoying), and the all white random snow effect makes it very hard to even look around normaly. They just jump over garuda's shields, they ignore Khora's 2, and they seem to pin-point accurate hit Titania in 4. PoE I quite enjoyed, landscape, day/night, different kind of missions. I could actualy fish there without getting shot pretty much every 10seconds by some random spawned mobs, I could mine without getting hit too much. And since it now interrupts your mining, makes little use to get materials. Oh and MOA are absoluut crap. It randomly just sits there not even firing, that 'hacking' stuff on 2 corpus moa's is useless (and the override doesn't even do anything), its damage is little to nothing (that's why u use a sentinel, as it has vacuum and it doesn't randomly wonder off), not to mention it just dies over and over. Going on the Elite onslaught its probably around round 6 he just gets 1 shotted (with pretty buffed out armor-frames), while my sentinel just follows me exactly and I dodge 90% of the damage. The crafted weapons, anything but the shotgun part is weak compared to any other weapon (ok, still shotty and auto-fire look stupid ugly), so its mostly just mastery stuff (if it even adds)
  4. There was some code at the final screen, was trying to start my screenshot software but now we get redirected to some guy streaming.
  5. Arbitration Drones are now exempt from Infested Ancient Healer Auras. Most fun was 3 of them, 3 drones, room full of mobs unkillable :D Edit, new bug: Titania 4th skill form cant damage drones.
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