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  1. That's not enough on the hotfix list. It's been 4 days since the last hotfix and over 80 issues have risen up via the megathread and all we get is an 8mb fix for menial things? I suggest checking on the megathread or having at least an unpaid intern go through it for you.
  2. The Polychrome is still broken in the Dojo!!! I decorated last night for 2 hours and thought that by later today I'd be able to color the room, but no... It's not working...
  3. You want descriptive bug reports? I'll give them to you. These have all happened after the last hotfix last evening before PrimeTime - which was only for a simple fix for the little roomba on the ship. Allow me to enlighten you what I've encountered with some clanmates. Bug update for Disruption & Ropalolyst fights: Disruption Bug 1: Various AI were randomly speeding up and running in weird directions even after the "Enemy Speed" Buff was gone and/or round had ended. It's kind of bad trying to go for multiple rounds farming Hexanon when the nullifiers are running at you randomly and at a high rate of speed like kamikaze soldiers on cocaine. Disruption Bug 1, cont: There is also an issue where the "Tenno Speed" Buff causes people to be forced into walls and off of the map/tileset at a high rate of speed for no reason. Disruption Bug 2: Random disconnects from the Host - no Host Migration shown - Squadmates just get thrown into the mission by themselves separate from the original host member. It forces the squad to extract and then regroup, only for it to happen again. This causes great frustration when farming for Hexanon and trying to get Guild rank up for the trophies. Disruption Bug 3: Getting knocked down by enemies and then not being able to fire weapons and/or use abilities, also not being able to move at all, i.e. seemingly glued to the floor in any of the Disruption missions, not just Ganymede. Cannot exit warframes during this and/or rez the person that it has happened to because the interact key is bugged for all parties in the mission. Dying seems to be the only option to fix it - this is an issue for people that bring Nekros Prime and/or Nidus because lack of minions/stacks is bothersome and frustrating late in the mission. Disruption Bug 4: Seemingly "Immortal" enemies that spawn after level 50 and are unable to be killed, i.e. Arctic Eximus that was level 70 and even with a Hildryn holding a 5 forma'd Strun Wraith with riven, Nekros Prime with a 4 forma'd Exergis & minions out and Mirage Prime with a riv'd 4 forma'd Catchmoon and Hall of Mirrors active all focusing the Arctic Eximus - it didn't die. There was also a Moa Amalgam that it happened to as well - I haven't seen any others like this (yet...) Disruption Bug 5: Terminals showing as "DEAD" even though they end up completed cause some very mild heart attacks because they act like they explode and die even though they don't die. Disruption Bug 6: Odd spiderweb like texture appears on all warframes, pets, operators on any map/tileset on Jupiter. I thought it was just Amalgams, but it's also on the Survival on Cameria as well. - Ropalolyst Bug 1: I'm sure getting grabbed by the Ropalolyst is a feature during the fight, but when it happens while holding an arch-gun and/or while in Operator Form (in the void, mind you), it bugs out and forces you to stand absolutely still. You cannot move. You cannot shoot. You get downed but cannot be rez'd. This tends to happen in the 3rd part of the boss fight. After Ropalolyst is dead, we can rez players, but they are stuck on the platform while everyone else runs to extract and the timer starts. They also can't interact with chat to /unstuck or anything within the game - they are just 'stuck'. Ropalolyst Bug 2: Random disconnects to where people get disconnected and lose out on the loot after the fight is over - they are stuck on the platform and not able to extract themselves. They are separated from the host and forced to alt-f4 to restart the game, while the host was able to extract. This has caused a lot of frustration. Ropalolyst Bug 3: Elevator to the boss fight is bugged with the UI where is ends up saying "Waiting for players - 4 of 4" when there's only 2 players on the platform waiting for the other two to make it there. When the other two make it - it updates to "Waiting for players - 4 of 6". Ropalolyst Bug 4: Speed runners have already broken the text speech running through the map ahead of others causing Natah to overlap speech. Maybe a skip fight intro would be in the works for the future for those of us that have run it multiple times and don't really want to hear about egg swallowing for the gold men. 🤢 Ropalolyst Bug 5: Forced to constantly reload weapons when grabbed by the Ropalolyst if grabbed while in a reload animation. - Various other bugs outside of Disruption and Ropalolyst: Bug 1: Kavats on the ships have started to t-pose when brought out of stasis, walking around and being in a very 'static' like state, like they are rolling around on skates instead of walking. Bug 2: Dojo decorations are not able to be contributed to - i.e. Polychrome has a failure to contribute error. Bug 2, cont: Could not contribute to Clan weapon building items even though I am the leader of the clan when trying to put the new weapons building, had to leave and come back multiple times. Bug 3: Various Warframes do not show the new emissives very well and there are blue/yellow energies showing up on different warframes that don't use them. Bug 4: UI for trading when viewing something in chat after it has been linked no longer shows if you own it. There is also an issue with the mastered mark not showing on various weapons. (Hope this was detailed enough. 🙂 )
  4. Trying to update the Dojo and currently getting this when trying to polychrome a room. Also getting placement errors when trying to place various items.
  5. I don't see a fix for Valkyr's Hysteric Assault Augment not being able to be used with middle mouse any longer due to that being the new channeling for melee... Any news on that? Also - Arca Plasmor still bounces off of Gara's Walls instead of going through them to hit enemies thus causing people to have to go outside the safety of the walls to kill and possibly get downed and lose objectives.
  6. Also - K-Drive bug where you cannot get off of it, you kinda T-Pose on it and cannot throw yourself off, nor access your gear wheel.
  7. You going to fix the issue with the hunting while in groups? While hunting a sawgaw, a friend of mine shot it with the tranq rifle and then he claimed it for us while I was in range. I got the perfect capture, (in picture 1), while he got a bad capture (picture 2) AND a different colored Sawgaw entirely, even though the information on the right shows the same bird.! Also - Arca Plasmor is still messed up with Gara's walls - the projectiles bounce off.
  8. Still no Arca Plasmor bug fix and where it and other projectile guns bounce off of Gara's walls
  9. Still no fix on Arca Plasmor projectiles bouncing off of Gara's walls. Basically - when I use Gara's 4 to put up the wall, then enemies are on the other side, I cannot shoot through the wall with Arca Plasmor, it bounces off backwards. I use everything else and all other weapons shoot through, but not Arca Plasmor.
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