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  1. You pretty much just bought Rebb more JoJo statues for her office by buying prime access... And they won't do anything to fix a majority of the issues until days later, if at all. It's horrible. The ship still becomes invisible for clanmates or randoms that are just sitting on it, there are script errors and crashes from aiming at random enemies, host migration issues that kick people from your squad for no reason and force them onto a railjack of their own in the same mission SOLO... There's UI issues with the Omni, there's build issues with the stuff in the back of the ship where items disappear even if no one has used them or refined them. I refuse to buy plat until they do some stuff right. About 6 people in my clan agree this is Plains of Eidolon on Launch all over again... Too many bugs to even care for a few weeks.
  2. Okay - you get rid of the 2k Cred Caches on the Railjack, but what about the ones from the older missions that are level 30 and up? Or even as rewards when running for relics on places like Void, Sedna, etc? Spent nearly 40 minutes and got 4 2k cred caches and only 1 or 2 relics... That were both Neo, btw. Also - kinda a bummer when you're running for new relics (i.e. Ivara Prime relics), looking specifically for Axi A9 in the places that they say you can and get either Axi A8 or Axi A3 instead! That's just infuriating when the numbers are off by just a few. Change the relic system or how the RNG works. Some of us refuse to pay for you to get more JoJo Statues by paying for Prime Access...
  3. Alright - we still have some issues that haven't been addressed yet. -Crash when using the enhanced aiming at Kosma Cutters as pilot: I was piloting as host and aiming at the enemy when my game froze, crashed and my friend and two randos were forced to continue the mission with my ship. Even upon relaunch of my game, I couldn't rejoin. Objective hadn't been completed. They had my ship, but on my end, my ship was in the drydock. -Parts of the ship becoming invisible for people/clanmates that decide to join me for missions: The ship is becoming invisible in some segments for them and fires are not visible, the icons when the Omni is equipped are not showing as well. -Host migration issues!!: This is a major issue. Had a full squad last night with 3 clanmates plus me. We were 2/3rds into the mission, all was fine. Two clanmates went to pull out the Omnis to fix stuff and Host Migration in progress... They were fully booted from the ship for no reason whatsoever. One was sent back to the dry dock since she doesn't have her own ship yet and the other was thrown onto a random Railjack by himself in the same mission. We had it set to public at start and a rando tried to join but was automatically kicked. I had the option to reinvite my clanmates but when trying to accept, they got "Cannot join because session is full". There will be screenshots from them and myself below. Now, the other clanmate was with me. She and I worked hard to complete it and barely got out of there with the completed mission since it was a bit harder one at the top of Earth Proxima. There have also been instances where people have been kicked to open blackness or open blueness and cannot see any ships while out in archwing... There will be a screenshot of that as well. From clanmate number 1 : From Clanmate number 2 : From Clanmate number 1 when he got booted after pulling out the Omni. Proof that there is room for them to come back to session. Image from another clanmate that has encountered the Empty Blueness where they can't get back to the railjack...
  4. A few of questions in term of UI and gameplay overall: 1) Will there ever be a time that we won't have a need to purchase slots, i.e. Warframe/Weapon/Riven/etc slots? It's getting ridiculous to have to dole out money for those of us casual players that don't want to play the market to earn plat. I understand that you, the Devs, depend on us, the players, to purchase platinum to 'keep the game alive' to some point, but for some of us that are on disability and have to purchase necessities and food/meds/etc and want to play your game to help with our mental issues, it doesn't help that we get blocked from using the Sortie feature when we don't have enough Riven slots. Features should not be hidden behind plat purchases, especially if we don't want to get rid of the items that we've worked hard to get - heck, we've even sold warframes, weapons, sentinels to open up slots for new content because we cannot earn them. Sure, we can earn them in Nightwave, but repetitive content is another issue for veterans or people with over 2k hours on your game. 2) Will there ever be a feature to mute the liches or to turn them off all together, i.e. an Opt-Out feature? I did one lich and just cannot bring myself to kill the other one that I have up. It wore me out with the first one and the system is just overbearing for some of us. I ask for the Opt-Out feature or mute Lich feature because every time I log in, I'm getting tired of hearing "Snickety Snack, guess who's back" or "Did you forget me, Tennoooo?" Nooooo, Julaga Tahdimm, I didn't forget you.... Hush and go away... 3) Will you ever fix Revenant's bug with his neck breaking upon using his 4 or just standing idle? 4) Will there ever be an increase or a change to the drop rate of Argon? Also, since it takes forever to get the resource that disappears every day at Zero Hour GMT, maybe make it where it doesn't phase out of existence? I mean - there's a Pegmitite that sits as a decoration in Cetus behind the Miner, why doesn't that disappear daily? I only ask this because of the recent insane 15 argon farm for Railjack... After running for 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours with 2 farm frames, we only got 3 argon in 45 minutes, 8 in another 45 minutes, then the rest in the next few hours... It's silly, yes? 5) Will we see Empyrean & New War before next Tennocon? My clanmates and I are starting to get antsy. I've predicted that Empyrean will hit, the full experience, no later than March/April. That means New War will be after that. I see someone mentioned how New War is for Christmas 2019. I don't see that happening, to be honest. 6) Will there ever be an option for those of us that have cleared the Helminth Cyst off our frames to Opt-Out of that? Or will we see the Umbra program come out that was shown a few months ago? If we don't get the Umbra program (using the cyst to allow frames to move), then there are several of us waiting for new frames that are tired of the space-aids and them appearing on every... single... frame... If we do get the umbra program, let us make the cyst we use be permanent not just a 24 hour buff... There's a few other things, but they escape me at the moment. Thank you.
  5. I hate that I'm having to rearrange my dojo after having it ready for months, several thousand resources and a few hundred plat spent, a custom path for clanmates and everything. Even submitting the Dojo to the contest and now - with this update, having to mess with it and the game crashing while I'm editing it. It's not right.
  6. Clan Name: The Fur Sanctuary Clan Tier: Ghost Rank 9 Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord (Renamed to Clan Mooster) Image 1 of our Two-Tier Trading & Gathering Area called "Demon Fields and Trade" The red grass is shaded with the blood of our enemies, the trees dying from the lifelessness of the demonic cycle that the fields provide. The atmosphere of the room is collapsing in every corner. From the gravity wells, to the floating rocks from far off planets, to kinetic lightning. This room has it all. Including..... a trading post suspended above the floor, lost in time and held together by the harnessed void energy locked within the Orokin Ring that was salvaged by our architects. Image 2 of the same room - Upper View. Image 3: Our Founding Members names and hallway to Railjack. The atmospheric anomalies from the Demon Fields and Trade have lapsed over into this hallway. The plants are withering and dying, the boulders float on their own. Kinetic lightning flashes all around as this once peaceful Hall of Warriors is now coated in a shade of blood, leading you to the elevator for the 3rd floor where we would put our Railjack Drydock. Image 4: Our Nav and Arsenal - with Custom Platforms for each member. This area is still touched by the heavenly auras of the Bamboo Fields on the lower levels. Even though the platforms are showing signs of death and decay with the grasses perishing and trees withering, this is a place that if we have to go to a mission quick without regrouping on our ships, it is tranquil. Poetic. Below is a video under the 3 minute requirement that showcases the rooms above and some more. Thank you for your consideration in advance, D.E.
  7. Please refer to the below comment for the issue that I have posted on the last one. Still having this issue. I'm going to try to kill mine solo again, but it's really hard considering I don't have weapons or mods that would work against my specific Lich, so I have to bring in a friend or two from my clan to help and the bug is that when my allies go down to my Lich grabbing them thinking it's me, it messes it up and my Lich disappears thinking they have taken me down. Previous Hotfix Feedback Referring to Lich Bug with Allies
  8. Still having this issue where I can be attacking my Lich. I have the winning combo on my requiems and have my friend with me to help damage him because my Lich is at 106 or so...but if my friend gets downed, my Lich decides, "Hey, I'mma dip outta here" and goes invul then I have to start the hunt for him all over again on a different mission node. Got him down to 3/4 of the way dead, my Lich goes after my friend, knocks him down via finisher move and then poof - It's bye-bye Larigg until another time. This has to be a bug, because it also happens to my friend. I get downed and his Lich disappears as if he's gotten knocked down and is bleeding out. I'm not going to attempt to kill my Lich until there is a fix of some kind. Here's an image of my Lich if that helps? We've also run into Lichs' that are not ours. example: Agor Rok shows up on the right side of the screen, no image, nothing. Our Lichs' are Larigg Fevitt (mine) and Cugah Mok (my friend's). We know ours very well. I've even gone as far as calling mine Radical Larri because he's that annoying. Image for the second issue here.
  9. To RobWasHere and ixidron92 & anyone else saying the relics don't drop or not confirmed drops from Kuva Floods. I can confirm that the Kuva Floods DROP REQUIEM RELICS! I just ran one as of 8:43pm EST and it dropped from the Flood Survival. Funny enough - last night's flood was also a Survival. Perhaps they don't drop from anything but Survival? If that's the case, then there is a reason for them to check in on the code. I will be checking other Kuva Floods when they come up and I will post as an edit here. EDIT: It does give requiem relics on other than Survivals, just did the Exterminate Kuva Flood.
  10. That's why I post it in the bug report forum. Just 30 seconds ago finished another flood with no requiem. They said they fixed it (2 times already) but they didn't. I got one last night at around 1-2am EST today in a Kuva Flood that was on that new Alert system, then went to unlock it with the same friend that got screwed out of his Grendel Systems. So, I kinda know what I'm talking about. Unless all of this was before hand today, then I don't know. If it was after, I'll go check a flood here in a second. I have to go farm more vitus essence anyway for my friend to get the piece he got screwed out of.
  11. They said in the devstream and the prime time where they spent 2 hours showing us the new content that it was confirmed for the flood. Also - it's not ancient with my comment and the issue I've had. We've gotten items before when we die/lose all revives and teammates end up completing the mission. You don't need to be a pimple on Clem's behind with your responses. 😉 I'll wait for an official response from the Devs.
  12. It happened to my friend as well. I'm beginning to think it's a bug.
  13. My friend and I went into the Grendel Systems mission for 800 Cryotic. He died and had no revives left at around 603/800 cryotic. So I rushed with Trinity to continue the mission for the rest of what we needed. At extraction, he didn't get the piece, I did. Again - he didn't get it. So , this piece is supposed to be guaranteed and it didn't drop for my friend. After spending over an hour and a half in that mission doing the cryotic, it's hurting my hand. I'd have to go back to arbitrations, farm another 25 vitus, take my friend back in, hope to hell he doesn't die again and lose all revives, because even I was down to no revives so I was having to be extra careful. Pictures below are of my screen in number 1 end mission results and picture 2 are his. Picture 1 Picture 2 I'm hoping there are others this has happened to and that you, D.E. will fix this. This cannot have been an intended feature. After saying "Confirmed NO RNG" on each piece and us all suffering to get through this no modded mess with level 40+ enemies, our weapons that usually kill level 120+ enemies doing nothing after filling them with a full clip of Strun Wraith and no energy, it's... insane. I get it's supposed to be harder, but to not reward someone who goes through it and take away the ability after the host completes it with them in the party, that's stupid.
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