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  1. Will DE ever allow you to transfer your PS4 account to PC? I played for years on PS4, before I had a decent PC, and spent many days and money in Warframe. I do not want to start from scratch on PC, because of all the progression that I made on PS4 and it just puts me off of playing the game due to knowing that all my progression is locked on a console that I no longer use. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels like this and many people will greatly appreciate it knowing that they will not be locked in playing this great game in just one way. My idea is to transfer everything of your account and inventory to PC, wipe the current PC and PS4 account, and notify the user that the PS4 exclusive items may not carry over, or allow the items to be carried over to PC. I am aware that PC gets the updates first, but I do not understand why it is a problem, because it is not like transferring from PC to PS4 where you can possibly transfer a warframe to a version of the game that does not have it yet. I am sure that the Warframe community agrees with me and any effort to allow this in the near future will be greatly appreciated.
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