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  1. I'm still having every time the issue with Valkyr again. UPDATE: last patch seems fixed the issue.
  2. My downstream just dropped to only a couple of kb/s... T_T
  3. Ok thanks, that one that I losted. Now I get the history anyway.
  4. Thanks to all, didn't know all those things about the story line! You mean at the end of assassination? Because i never seen this dialogue at the end. That's why. This is an old event, I lost it.
  5. I was wondering how can be possible that Alad V is still alive, since he got killed in mutalist form, in the assassination on Eris. Or maybe The Jovian Concord takes place in a previous chronological event?
  6. About Excalibur Umbra
  7. Same issue with Excalibur Umbra and his Exalted Blade
  8. Corpus walkers?? Pffft!!!
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