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  1. As is clear with updates 27.0.8 and 27.0.9 DE now cares more about nerfing things than fixing the game. I would like to reinforce that I did not come up with the cryophon, so why you're taking the only 1 shot weapon and making it 3-4shot makes this weapon irrelevant until I can do that with something else. It hurts to see that getting locked from teleporting to my railjack, being teleported back to the entrance of points and infinite spawn loops, not being able to launch from orbiter, less than 1% drop rates, 2 choices of archguns, 1 choice of archwing, unnecessarily META, intrinsic grind that completely prevents affinity grind complete diversion from regular gameplay isn't being addressed before the fun we're having gets removed. We have all seen the drop in playtime. No Acolytes to be seen. No Donation events in sight. Not a gift of the Lotus in sight. Happy new whatever tenno, war is coming and it's gonna get nerfed. We think back to the days of DE when Chroma's sword dynasty skin glitched with Zenistar so they went "Oh wow that's cool af ngl, let's just keep it there." Today's DE made the Zenistar an unseen relic of a past time, because it's not relevant at all for anything anymore. We think back to the days of DE when inspiration would take over the decisions of controversial subjects. We think boosting railjack guns with warframe powers is COOL. That would be FUN to do. Give LIFE to the activity. There's a version of DE that said instead of nerfing blink, let's give all archwings blink no cooldown AND do the same for hoverboards. The hoverboards need a buff There's a version of DE that believes your warframe should matter when in archwing. A version that believes in what the Orokin envisioned. Poise. Power. Precision. This "Take-back" culture breeds mistrust. I fully expect anything that gets released to be trash and NOT feel like a more powerful gun "As progression would generally dictate". IF for some reason something is powerful, it'll be nerfed in some way after people start using it. I understand the desire for balanced usage, but that depends on the reward allocation distribution with the many already present activities in the game. I cite the best player we recognize in Xbox ONE, Static Rainn. He has 104 Hydrocaps. Some say wow that's a lot. Some say oh that's it? But it shows that the personal benefits of running that activity stop at a certain point. The motivations for the best tricappers I know, crazyhieu, stringhermix with upwards of 3,000 tricaps each admit they do so for platinum. I have 196HC myself and maxed every focus tree with several million in focus stored so it's not like 1000 is normal. There is a half-life to the content you release, thus the claims of Warframe "lacking" an endgame. The idea is that you can only chase balance in weapon usage as you chase balance in reward longevity. My Lanka sits 7 forma unused, because I use it for one thing that I'm pretty much done doing. Same with Amesha. and Cyngas, and the list really goes on. Bottom line is, we're bored. Nothing's worth doing once you buy a booster and clap it 20 times, then the rest of the things worth sweating over get nerfed until you hate doing it and play something more fun. And on the subject of rush repair drones, now I'm forced to go buy Ivara accessories to buy up all the drones before the next update because you brought them in for a month and now I need to buy enough to last MK.4 and MK.5 upgrades because I'm a person with a brain, obviously that's what we're doing. The current state of mistrust leaves players with this line of thinking- Railjack is out, but it's glitchy af and they're not fixing it, but they are nerfing everything that works so I'm just gonna not play and come back when they're done.
  2. Started our clan January sometime and was shocked to need so much for the Hema. I figured that legend I'd never read before now- someone clearly added one too many zeroes, but as you can expect it wasn't done for quite some time. Only after dropping a double resource weekend did I buy both boosters, grab a clanmate with several meta farming builds to finally complete it and I have less mutagen samples than Vitus Essence to this day. I wouldn't mind if they lower it now for newer clans, trust and believe they could use the help- I've seen some awful clans. There's no more guidance for clan leadership than basic Warframe gamplay in that regard. Railjack has us wandering the dojos of others, now the public can see the work that was or wasn't put in there and the logic or lack thereof to its architectural build. A recent video I watched did mention DE would never change the Hema values, though. I just wish the Hema felt more worth it if that's the case. All of this to say I agree, +1
  3. Those three jacked on kuva attacking me in a railjack could very well be my worst nightmare. Closest thing to "OK, this is just tew much >_>" we might get in Warframe. Imagine kuva siphon sorties where the last mission is an assassination against a kuva spiked grineer boss. True rank 5 lich grustrag three would simply be an overwhelming experience I'd like to see us tackle. AND they latch that thing on you if you die? Oof, talk about a real assassin.
  4. Like you said, this is your personal thinking path. I would not use those elements and consider myself taking the "optimal" path. At least you know you're asking for a lot. I am explicitly not asking for a lot, seeking short-medium term satisfaction.
  5. Well our mom is pulling up with a sentient army to kill us so, cut us some slack?
  6. As far as I'm concerned, this is where I started and stopped with Cyanex. Built, leveled and shelved. Never to be cared about again. Considered the CO exploit, but they swiftly nerfed CO to recognize 4, so the exploit was taken out at the same time. My clanmate wasn't even doing that with it, he just liked it for his undoubtedly misguided build and the results he got shooting it. They released it as is then went "oh you can put mods on that? pfft, nerf" like why? This is a story by which I'm not even personally impacted, but illustrates the frustration exists no matter what weapon you choose because every tenno is looking through a different lens.
  7. It's not that we use rivens as a purple bandaid, but that it becomes that after a disposition change. For example, I use a +multishot +status chance +fire riven on my Mara Detron to replace a gold status mod with a "better" gold status mod- being the addition of multishot. This enhances a traditionally tight build in an obscure, yet obviously beneficial way. If they nerfed the stats from like 60.3 and 60 to 59.7 and 59.2, the riven is now completely useless. I'm asserting that in the long term, an overhaul is necessary. In the short term, can we narrow the extremes on either side to maintain a sense of beneficial normalcy? Because rivens get lowered to a point of non-usefulness altogether right now at a rate frequent enough to significantly irk everybody all the time.
  8. I def exploit slash, not even gonna lie to ya And on this note, I killed the Wolf 100 times in a day because I happened to have had a particular build allowing me to kill him and extract sometimes in as little as 40s. I concede to the truth of your points. Everything with armor gets the corrosive slash viral treatment and it doesn't deviate at all almost. Rather than curtail that though, couldn't they just make more enemies weak to magnetic or blast? It doesn't make things harder, it makes build focus more intensive. The conversation just gets more complicated from there- really from the business perspective I can't imagine they'll take the year it's gonna take to unravel all of that and majorly disrupt the playerbase in the process, but you have convinced me that it may be worth the headache in the longrun. I hope you can see the value in rocking with what's been working, the new guys can get acclimated more smoothly and the veterans can expect these traditional routes to become ineffective for "endgame" content...whenever that comes out. Consistency is good for a game with almost no tutorials.
  9. This point, which we agree on- Mesa is a goddess, is part of a function the developers may choose to change. Generally speaking, we like some frames and not others based on preference. They may find her loop to be "out of balance" I mean it's effective and we're talking about their perpetual obsession with attacking the effective. The idea is that building the darn frame and investing exilus, potato, forma, research and arcanes would be rewarded with the ability to kill- not another cringey management minigame like Ember's rework. I like that you like it and have found the good in her changes, but she's not Mesa. So I'll bring Mesa. Which is why the Devs turn around and nerf the Mesa's of the world. To find true balance, Ember needs to regain her niche. She can do things kinda well that other frames can excel at and when you need to jump through all types of hoops and wait for unvaultings to get everything- you'll prioritize what you can currently get. I'm skillfully completing the task of using my warframe ability? Sounds like a prototype warframe.
  10. I can't really stand for your long-winded way of insulting this incredible game man. They have done an amazing job with what they already have. If they only held a creative vision for the way things currently work and manage their own scope of what's meant to be powerful for us then we'll be on even terms. With these forums and our help they are doing everything I expect them to and it's appreciated. All of what you're saying sounds like A LOT of work and no one's insinuating they can't do it, but an entire foundational overhaul of how we fight in the midst of railjack, the implications of projects like Eidolons and Profit Takers, soon to be Lich railjacks and more? It would be a move big enough to sabotage their own success and run Warframe into unplayable territory just in time to talk about budget cuts. Ouch. I'm not with ya man, appreciate your feedback.
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