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  1. I love how you're not at all concerned with the fact that we're effectively owning and trading slaves via the kuva lich system, but are concerned with the idea that after purchasing a new slave- they must be beaten into submission after the previous owner had already done so. Can't make this kinda stuff up, really.
  2. I'd rather they release new playable content all 2021 than get bullied into reworking 20 warframes all 2021, and if Helminth gives them that long-term peace of mind, it was a noteworthy addition. Now they have one less thing to backtrack to- now if they could just do something similar with the riven system. No amount of whining will make enough time in a day to make new things and address old ones at the same time.
  3. But to answer your question, the Stalker has never found his Operator and therefore cannot be killed. We would need to locate his Operator, which is probably a bad idea. Or it's us because DE released that player-controlled stalker system they never mentioned again. Either way, dropz. Now if you could address that Kuva lich node situation, though...
  4. Imma need you to get on this soapbox for kuva lichs bruh, give me a node! 😵
  5. They wouldn't pay more than 13p since you could just buy a 3-day booster for 40p. The only "new" booster is the damage one, but to the same point you could just login and sit at a relay until you're ready to play and essentially play that lottery. You're very likely to walk away with SOMETHING at least once in a week. Otherwise, you could always become an MR30 yourself. It's just not a major concern in my opinion- even if people pay, it wouldn't be for much and it wouldn't last very long. Similarly to people paying for carries. For those at MR30, it is a constant boost in the sense that you'd
  6. Gotta love a good satire. I literally have a rotation of games I login to for daily's. Never has that equated to actually gearing up in any of those games.
  7. Doesn't it just seem....SILLY that we get weapons & warframes with max capacity, but still have to level them up when using forma? Don't get me wrong, being this high rank obviously means I don't mind grinding for affinity for hours on end- but wouldn't it be OH-SO convenient to slap 4 forma into _____________ when it comes out after leveling it to 30 because you're MR30? That's all I wanted. Just to slap forma in stuff and skip that grind. Weapons that scale beyond level 30 are capped at 30 upon forma and must be leveled the remainder of cap. Daily Relay Blessing that includes: Credi
  8. Lots of words man, but you know what I hoped MR30 would bring deep down? Instant forma-ing. Haha, color me stupid. Fine with the OP daily booster
  9. I'm not so sure about this one... everyone in a relay receives the blessing, so theoretically it'd create a new "best practice" of logging in and sitting in a relay before you actually play and hope an MR30 swings by and blesses you. I'm 17k mastery from it and will do this myself, assuming I can carry multiple blessings. Paying for it would be foolish, like paying to be carried. At that point it's just intelligence and capitalism going at it. I'd find it more likely the community identifies its most active MR30's and singles them out before attempting to hit trade chat for one. If I'm act
  11. Youtubers always start off their videos with SIGNIFICANT propaganda. RED CRIT KHORA! SUPER OP MARKED FOR DEATH and maintain that sort-of message throughout. The thing is though, Warframe is an increasingly complicated game. The builds I used 2-3 years ago frequently need little reworks here and there to traverse the many battlefields the Starchart has to offer. That being said, we all agree that a Youtuber's build is generally impractical(Since any build constantly needs small changes to truly be optimal)- but what's far more pervasive and exceedingly precedes the genuine greatness of t
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