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  1. A few things... Changing melee stances to incorporate the highest damage/cc combos with dynamic inputs is acceptable and accomplishes the goal. You are NOT at a disadvantage in Warframe conceptually. We are in this together! You are at a disadvantage without an experienced player to guide you or being uninterested in learning, not by using a gun over melee. I am MR 30 and haven't been using melee despite it being OP because it's boring and less efficient than certain guns. #MESAPRIMEDISAGREES #KPSNOTDPS We want to kill MANY enemies in Warframe, not 1 or 2 at a time. W
  2. Yeah, but let's be completely honest - what if you got 2 great items per category? OR better, you got an item for every relevant category in the game? I mean between Ivara, Mesa and Inaros - that's the entire game you could complete. Between a rifle, shotgun, sniper and bow - that's every sortie you could attempt. There is a finite amount of necessary grind that exists and the rest is just optional fluff. I agree they're talking about engagement, but that's how we design mission mechanics, not entire events or enemies! That's so important! I want to be engaged with my objective, and challe
  3. Now I've got a Safi's Shatterspear Awakened 25, 2 piece Rag Brachy, 2 Golden lune & I switch Kulve, Furious Rag, Brachy greaves. Killed Alatreon and the only things I haven't gotten to are Brute Tigrex, Fatalis & scarred Yian Garuga. Hopped onto Warframe and got all that so I've just been deco farming so I'm not wasting my time with Fatalis. I'm not exactly in a rush lol I know once I 100% mhw there's pretty much no reason to revisit it without being prompted by friends. And unironically Fatalis gear isn't necessary for killing every available monster in-game. You definitely get th
  4. I'm so sad you're on PC 😪 glad you shared this, thank you! You're dope, gold star. High quality person
  5. Just talking about how to make Warframe better with the clan and imagining the million different ways having a deploy-able arsenal or access to the existing arsenal on the railjack would've saved our lives, made our lives easier or generally saved the day. If you're the type of person who loves to speculate on the next biggest innovations from [DE], support this idea by using this thread to recount times in Warframe when you could've used access to your arsenal without exiting your mission. BONUS *What I think their "We'll take care of you" in reference to clan dojo's means from previo
  6. Thanks to Kremo, and all those reporting the Camp Liberation "glitch" plaguing us since its release on console, This also occurs for PoE Bounty OBJ "Sabotage Supply Caches" Kremo made us realize these issues all have the same root, assuming enemy spawn rate is high enough to reach the same objectives as PC and in a few cases, enemies spawning far away from the player's purview. There are a variety of approaches that would appropriately address this issue, but I wanted to holistically bring it to your attention.
  7. We don't care about the weapons they drop and we only like 1 of their ephemera's (Which won't motivate anyone whose been off 60d+ to log back in). It's shaping up to be another content island that doesn't fully hone in on all the feedback derived from the grineer edition. For one the enemies should be much harder and more worth it as companions- they do no damage to level 50's even at rank 5. They appear during Spy missions which actually makes them not worth having converted. Our concern has always been that these new pieces of content are easily completed and offer no real changes to t
  8. Just to clear the air on the title- no this isn't about optic health and taking breaks between gaming sessions although you should totally do that if you don't already, this is about why any single Tenno would stop walking their path. More and more games, growing through life and gaining new perspective really highlighted what I used to believe was a positive when beginning Warframe- that still is positive in a sense, that's skewing the game's direction unintentionally. Grind. What a Free-To-Play game needs is content, plain & simple. Under promise, over deliver and reap the rewards
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