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  1. Has it been[DE]layed? Please i wanna play experience the new content
  2. I rather like this change stops lower lvels from running to the evac and forces you to evac when your group planned on doing 30 rounds.
  3. Nope its not, its a spolier on who it is actually, all i can say is plaay the new quest and fight ropaolyst to find out
  4. You already know kavats are immune to the infestation virus the wiki and the CODEX from in game explains it they eat infested so thus there bodies might just very damn well hold immunization gene that orgin system needs, and fact the only type of breed kavat that flourish in the derilicts<spelling sorry> are seen hunting and killing the infested is the moonless skin kavat,since by that notion its rather easy to jump to the conclusion that kavat are in fact immune,maybe de could bend the rules say that one rare version of the kavat gene species can be used if you get that type of kavat after raised it or maybe try and pray that your kavat has the defective gene that can let it be infested
  5. Wont happen due pc has alot more things than the consoles, and we do get Bp thru questing stop being lazy.
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