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  1. I've been playing warframe for about 2-3 years or so now and have worked up to around 1000 hours on XBOX and recently have gotten into PC warframe. of course naturally some oen would like ot have all their existing progress available to them but in this case console players have never had the chance to forwards their progress. I myself have go to the warframe support page to try and resolve this issue but they say it is impossible and no such thing is planned to ever happen. I would assume for the reason it is impossible is because of warframes update schedule but i doubt it wouldn't be hard for on that rare-ish occasion where all platforms are up to date with each other to allow those few players with existing progress to forward it. It wouldn't be out of the question that their are some PC players who wish to forward their progress as well. Some people may say it wouldnt be all that bad to go through warframe all over again but spending another 1000 hours to get to the same place as you were on another platform is ludicrous. allow players to forward their progress now would most likely help in warframes issue in keeping players
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