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  1. The Demolyst are too tough at higher waves, I myself can barley get over 3k because they are that tanky, I can kill most things with my gram and kripath but I myself can’t see low MRs getting far
  2. It weird and tbh they could’ve come out with a syandana or armour set, but alt helm should we expect alt prime helms for every prime frame now and even so should they really by prime access we every other helm is obtainable
  3. I mean it was such a late add on and they make it prime accessories only, kinda disappoints me tbh, I got plat to buy her off the market but then they add this I would just bought prime access, bad time is all I have to say
  4. So wait will this be part of prime access as we have to buy it? Or will it be default in our inventory when we build Mesa prime?
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