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  1. DE Team - it might help allay suspicions and fears on this if the FAQ page is a bit more fleshed out, or more detail provided - and especially if its going to launch with it. For example, will 2FA trigger on a new IP login, a new PC (hardware imprint) login, or multiple other factors together in a sort of risk profile\matrix. I realise you can't the discuss specifics as that highlights the security methodology used for 2FA protection and lead to circumnavigation, however I believe there is more that could be said that what is on the FAQ now to fight some of the fear mongering. Can't please everyone, everywhere and sometimes - saying less is more ... but hey.. worth a 2nd look maybe.
  2. 2FA for trades and general game security - Hell yes! In this day and age, WTB 3FA! Any legit 'issues' with 2FA will get sorted out, imho far outweighs (minor) inconveniences of it.
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